These days most online casino gamers play on Instant Play here at Everygame Casino and elsewhere online.  This saves space on their computer's hard drive. Some players say that an online casino’s downloadable casino games give a clearer picture than playing on Instant Play.

This may have been true in the past but computer software has improved to the extent that there is no observable difference between online casino downloads and a game being played on Instant Play.

Also keep in mind that all mobile casinos including Everygame Casino are free download casinos.

The Downloadable Games to the Everygame Casino Mobile App are Both Classic and Modern

There is a Very Important Type of Download that Makes Gaming Better

Here we are talking about downloading a casino app to a mobile device! This kind of download has become the most popular way to play online casino games! Playing on a mobile device gives gamers great convenience and flexibility.

In every aspect of online casino gaming, mobile in today's gaming world, is the best way to play!

What Games Can a Gamer Download to His or Her Mobile Device?

The entire casino is available on the mobile app. Most gamers say that slot games play as well on mobile as they do on a desktop even though the mobile screen is much smaller. The graphics in slots are simply far better than they were even a single decade ago!

In fact, all of the casino games we offer here at Everygame Casino on the desktop platform are available on the mobile platform. Our games include slots, table games, specialty games, video poker, and progressive games.

When a Gamer Downloads our Mobile App they Connect to All of the Desktop Features

We have one account for all of the data you accumulate at either the desktop or the mobile casino. There is always a lot of data to keep track of and we have a huge bank of computers that do this important work!

Gamers Start with the Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus at Everygame is actually four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus to top it off. The Welcome Bonus is worth up to $5555!

With any bonus a gamer takes online, there is a wagering requirement which is a factor of the bonus. Gamers have to complete the wagering requirement before they can withdraw any winnings.

Our gigantic computing capability keeps track of the progress of your wagering requirement whether you play on the desktop or on the mobile platform!

How do Land-based Casinos Keep Track of the Wagering Requirement?

To put it simply, they don't!

Very few players at a land-based casino could complete a wagering requirement of 30x for a bonus of, say, $5000 in a long weekend. So, land-based casinos simply do not offer deposit bonuses!

We Also Keep Track of Your Promotions

Everygame Casino offers a wide range of bonus offers as promotions. These promotions quite often also include free spins. As deposit bonuses, they also have a wagering requirement and we keep track of your progress there as well.

Online Casinos and Land-based Casinos Share One Promotion

This promotion goes by several different names but they are all basically the same. We call the promotion Comp Points.

Whenever a gamer plays a game at Everygame, we credit them with comp points. There is a formula for how the comp points are credited and how gamers can redeem them. Land-based casinos have a similar promotion.


Are These Promotions All the Same?

They are and they're not!

The difference between this promotion at a land-based casino and an online casino is that on land, the data is kept on the player's card. Players have to remember to bring their player's card with them when they come back to the casino.

These days, more and more gamers are discovering the many benefits of gaming online, benefits that include being able to download the games to a mobile app. This means that a lot of players will seriously reduce their visits to a land-based casino or will forego land-based casino gaming altogether!

How many comp points are sitting right now on players' cards that will never be redeemed?

Online Gaming Provides Great Flexibility and Control

The gaming venue that provides the least control is a land-based casino. People travel to these casinos for a day or a long weekend. At a land-based casino, it is next to impossible to control the length of time the player will dedicate to gaming and it is also next to impossible to control how much money a player will budget for gaming.

Desktop gaming gives players the flexibility of being able to come back to the casino the next day, a few days later, or whenever it is suitable to do so. Very few people can return to a land-based casino the next day unless they live in the same town where the casino is located.

Given that gamers can schedule short sessions at frequent intervals, it follows that gamers can more easily budget reasonable amounts of money to play with.

Mobile Gaming is the Most Flexible and Controllable of All

Gaming flexibility is increased exponentially when a gamer downloads our mobile gaming app! When a gamer goes away for a "real" vacation, they can play on their mobile for as little as a couple of spins or a few hands of blackjack or video poker.

What Does Everygame Casino Offer on Our Mobile Gaming Platform?

Our mobile platform has grown in size since we first introduced it. Today it carries all of the top casino games including about 200 slot games. Our slots haver bonus rounds where gamers can win free spins.

Modern slots all have fun features that make each one unique and special. For example, in a bonus round, the wild symbol might expand its power so that gamers can enjoy the game itself while hoping to win big!

We also offer the basic set of table games such as baccarat, craps, roulette, and especially blackjack.

Play Progressive Games on Mobile

Mobile gaming give players the chance to start playing even with a small gaming window such as when they are waiting in line somewhere. Progressive slots, because they are usually very volatile, are very well suited to a few spins on mobile.

To win the big progressive jackpot a player has to make the max bet. This makes it financially challenging to some bankrolls so the quick, short play of a mobile game works well here.

One Final Ironic Word about Mobile Casino Gaming

Mobile gaming has become so popular, as many as 80% of games are played on a casino's mobile platform, that some land-based casinos have started to offer their customers a mobile platform to use in their rooms!

This is ironic in the extreme as gamers can simply stay at home and play on Everygame Casino's mobile app without spending all that money, and time, travelling to a land-based casino!

Mobile represents the present and the future in ways we cannot imagine!

For all of the reasons we have given here and many more: