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What are the Best High Variance Slots at Everygame Casino?

Everygame Casino has been around for over twenty years!  In that time, we have become known for the great variety of our online casino promotions starting with the Welcome Package for new gamers.  This package can be worth as much as $5555!

Everygame Casino features over 300 online casino games.  The largest selection is in slots.  Our game provider RealTime Gaming comes out with a new slots game every month.  In keeping with our reputation for great online casino promotions, we often run a month-long promo for the release of the new slot!

Variance in Slots

One of the terms we hear lees often than graphics, jackpots, wild and scatter symbols, and expanding reels is the simple, yet very important, idea of variance.  In this article, we will talk about five of the top high and medium variance slots we offer here at Everygame Casino.

What is Variance?

We prefer the term variance because the alternative term, volatility, just sounds too harsh for us!  We like variance because it points to flexibility in the games we offer and in the gaming experience you can have at Everygame.

Variance is the term that describes how often gamers win a spin in slots.  It is very different than the term return to player rate.  The return to player rate can be the same for a game of high variance and for a game of low variance.  The difference is that in slots with high variance, a few lucky gamers win a lot of money while, in slots with low variance, many gamers win a lot of small wins at the slot.

Fun is the Key Word in Online Casino Gaming

All of the slots we offer are fun to play.  The high variance slots are often games with big jackpots.  Some, but not all of these games, are progressive jackpot games. 

Setting a Budget that is to Thine Own Self True

We tell our gamers again and again that online casino gaming should be fun above all other considerations.  To that end, we encourage everyone to set a reasonable time and money budget for gaming.  In this way, gamers see gaming as an entertainment.

We set budgets in almost everything we do from dining out, to the cost of travel, attending concerts and sporting events, and buying clothes.  In fact, the list of areas in which we set budgets is as endless as the list of things we do is!

Playing high and medium variance slots is fine as long as the games fit your budget. As we said, all of the slots are great fun to play so you can add even a high variance slot to your gaming repertoire as long as you stay within your budget.

So, here are five great high and medium variance slots we have on offer at Everygame Casino.


Enchanted Garden

This slot proved to be so popular that it begat a follow-up slot.  Enchanted Garden takes you on a fun-filled trip to a truly enchanted garden where the figures and characters are all ready to help you enjoy your stay.

The garden has many jewels, flitting butterflies, a flowering bush, succulent berries, a frog with a crown atop its head, mushrooms, treasure chest, the gardeners’ book of magic, and the mythological creature, the unicorn.  The garden also features a beautiful Princess.

The colors that infuse the garden are so brilliant and the berries are so perfectly drawn that they whet gamers’ appetite for juicy, bright red strawberries!

Enchanted Garden II

Here is the follow-up to the original Enchanted Garden slot.  RealTime Gaming, our exclusive game provider, came out with Enchanted Garden II on the tenth anniversary of the release of Enchanted Garden.  The follow-up slot shows how much casino graphics had improved in the ten years between Enchanted Gardens.

As amazing as the graphics are in the original Enchanted Garden, you will simply love the new age graphics, animation, and sound quality in the modern garden!  Enchanted Garden II, in keeping with its name, has two bonus features! 


Thus ought to be one of the slots people talk about around the office coffee machine.  It features phenomenal graphics depicting the “wildlife” within an aquarium!  In other words, it’s an exotic aquarium lover’s perfect way to relax and score some big wins.  This slot has 50 paylines so you can play for as little as 50 cents. 

Even the biggest high rollers, the kind of gamers who like to go for the progressive jackpots and can easily afford to do so, love Megaquarium because the game play is so much fun!

Megaquarium takes modern graphics to new heights but it is actually the awesome animation that is the biggest draw in this game.  Since we are in an aquarium and moving all around us are the denizens of the deep fish tank, only great animation could keep gamer’s attention.  The animation entertains for hours every time you play Megaquarium!

I, Zombie

We go from the other-worldly joy of watching small fish swim around us to the even more other-worldly zombie motif!

Zombies have been with us in the popular culture since at least the 1950’s which we realize might as well be the 950’s to Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z!   By the way, Gen Z is not Generation Zombies!   Thought you’d like to know!

I, Zombie is nothing like the scary-butt zombies of the silver screen and the streaming sites!  These zombies are there to entertain you with great graphics and especially animation.

Just as in Megaquarium the animation was the key to the slot’s entertainment value, so it is in I, Zombie.  The medium variance in I, Zombie means that you can play until you think that you really are a zombie and you’ll either be ahead of the casino a bit or behind a bit.  With I, Zombie, you’ll always be ahead in the fun department!

Witch’s Brew

We’ll end this article with another Halloween-themed slot, Witch’s Brew.  This slot is different than I, Zombie because we all know that zombies don’t really exist.  However, we all know that witches do exist and they have magical powers to turn us into frogs or something.

So, beware of Witch’s Brew, especially around Halloween or any other time!  Oh, my, there’s a candle half burned.  What will happen to us when the candle gets down to the melted wax?  There’s a jar filled with what sure as shootin’ look like eyeballs.  Shiver me timbers!  Will the witch brew up some eyeball nectar?  Will she tell me to drink it?

There’s a mortar and pestle which I never see any more except in witches’ covens!  What is she grinding? 

The caldron is boiling, there’s even a black cat!  If I cover my eyes will the witch not notice me or will she think that I’m playing peek-a-boo?

My goodness!  Witch’s Brew is one of those slots that you play for the thrill of being scared!  The game play, graphics, animation, and sound are so good that you’ll probably play this great game often!  Once you get over the initial shock, that is!

Great Slots at Everygame Casino Red

So, here we spoke about five great games with high to medium variance.  Whenever you are looking for fun games to play, you’ll find lots of them at Everygame Casinoi Red.