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How to Balance Gaming, Sports, and Poker

Everygame Casino is somewhat unique in the world of online gaming in that we offer the three top gambling options: casino, poker, and sports betting.  These articles cover casino gaming generally but in this article we at Casino Red have decided to talk about how to balance casino gaming with poker and sports betting.

Each Option is a Separate Option

This is a very important point.  We talk very often about the need to set a budget for all of your online gaming.  A good gaming budget would take into account the following four parameters:

  1. The realistic number of times per week that you would curl up to play our online casino games.
  2. The length of time you would likely play for.
  3. The games you prefer playing.
  4. A very realistic assessment of the amount of money you can budget toward gaming.

We also talk about online gaming as a fun activity when it’s done in moderation and when gamers follow a sound monetary and time budget.

Poker and Sports Betting

Whatever you budget for online casino gaming cannot be budgeted for poker or sports betting.  If you want to include these options you need to be able to budget more money.

The Nuts and Bolts of an Online Gaming Budget

We digressed for just a moment and now we would like to return to the discussion of how to budget for online gaming. 


How Often Will You Play?

If you think that you will play almost every day, you will budget for about 20-30 sessions per month.  You can budget more per session if you paly fewer times or less per session for a larger number of sessions.

In this context, it’s a very good idea to determine what your motivation for playing is.  We say this aside from the desire to have some fun time at home.  Some people play slots to unwind or relax.  Some like the vicarious thrill of travelling to many distant lands and through time!  In fact, slots are so varied that they are the medium itself in the terms of Marshall McLuhan that the medium is the message.

Some people prefer to play games of skill such as video poker or blackjack.  They like the challenge of “getting it right” on every hand.  Of course, getting it right means making the correct decisions.  After you have done that, the luck factor takes over.

So, the first step to making a sound gaming budget is to decide how often you’ll play and why.  If you thought you would play a few times a week but you prefer to play for a longer period of time at each session, then a sound budget might allow gaming only twice or three times a week.

The rest of the time, you might need to find a hobby!  This, to us, is a very good thing!  We always say that online casino gaming should be one pastime among many that gamers enjoy doing.

The Length of Gaming Sessions

We have already touched upon this.  We can add here that we always encourage gamers to play when they are feeling good.  If you are tired or hungry or have something else very much on your mind, you should be dealing with those issues.  We see online gaming as a form of escape but only in the sense that any entertainment is a form of escape.  We never look at online casino gaming as a way to avoid dealing with other important matters.

So, it is best to be as realistic as possible in determining the length of an average gaming session.

Which Games Do You Prefer?

Here we are at a point of nexus with sports betting and poker.  In all three areas, you have to decide which games you prefer.  In casino gaming, most players start out with slots.  Some play only slots.  We encourage our gamers to try out every game we have on offer.  After all, you never have to give up a place in an online casino to go to a different game!

It is true that the more games you play, the larger your budget ought to be.  One way to reduce the budget and still play a lot of different games is to play in our free play mode.  Sports bettors and poker players don’t have a free play mode.  So they have to be extra careful in choosing the games they want to play or bet on.

It is always important to get familiar and comfortable with the games you play.  The rules and nuances of casino games are a lot less tricky than the rules and nuances in poker and sports.  For this reason, and because sports betting and poker don’t offer free play, it is important to be very careful about setting a realistic budget for any excursion you might make in these areas.

How Much Money Can You Put Toward Gaming?

If you include poker and sports betting, you might find that a realistic assessment of your budget for these activities might mean that you have to give up on a few other activities that you like. 

The key to not having to give up any other activities that you like and still play at Everygame Casino, place bets on sports, and play poker is to minimalize your bets.  Make the safest bets you can make.  See your first entries into sports betting and poker as the start of a long learning curve.  Bet small and bet safe and learn as much as you can about the poker you play and the sports you bet on.

Become Proficient in Excel

This is a very useful tool for making analyses.  When you learn to use Excel well, you can plot your gaming, poker play, and sports betting to see how you can improve in each area.  This is really the only way to keep all three betting options in balance.  You need to see each as both separate betting options and also as part of a wide-ranging betting system that takes all of the parameters we have covered here into account.

One Budget Does Not Fit All

It is very likely that the optimum budget in terms of time and money will be different for each betting option.   As long as the final budgets are also realistic to their core and don’t interfere with other fun activities, we say happy gaming, sports betting, and poker playing!