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How to Enjoy Slots: Play the New Ones and Play the Classics

Okay, you’ve put in your Everygame login and now it’s time to get down!  Let’s play!  But what should we play?  This is actually a fairly serious question since gamers at Everygame Casino can choose from among over 300 games!  This is a classic Oh, Monty Monty moment!

Speaking about classics, as an online casino that introduces a new slot every month—we are always amazed at the ability of Real Time Gaming to develop at least one new slot every month—we sometimes feel that the classics that we still have on offer may not get as much attention as they deserve.

So, in this article, we will pay homage to a few classic slots!  Hold on; you might be in for quite a ride!


This is the classic dinosaur slot!  The top jackpot is as massive as the dinosaurs themselves: 50,000x the basic win!  We don’t know if people actually walked the planet Earth with the dinosaurs but you can certainly walk with the dinosaurs in this ultimate slot for vicarious pleasure.

Let your imagination soar! 

Pre-history was a time of great flux in our planet.  Not only were the giant dinosaurs out and about, but the volcanoes that erupted during this time formed the many island chains that we love to visit!  The Hawaiian Islands alone draw millions of visitors every year and you can walk on crusted lava beds!

T-Rex has a volcano blowing its top as one of the main symbols.  You can also win extra money by choosing the dinosaur egg and getting free spins.

We believe that playing T-Rex will inspire many gamers to visit a dinosaur museum, the dinosaur display at the local Museum of Natural History, or a park devoted to commemorating where hundreds of dinosaur bones were discovered.  There are dinosaur exhibits or museums in many countries around the world!  Many people are inspired by T-Rex and other dinosaur slots to actually find out more about the reptiles that once roamed the Earth!


Jumping Beans

This happy and bouncy slot is a throwback to the days when all slots were three reel games.  Jumping Beans has three reels and only five paylines but it packs a world of fun features in those three reels!  With Jumping Jacks, you will find how far slots have evolved even in the three reel format from the time, not so long ago, when every slot was a three reel game but with very few features.

First of all, Jumping Beans is far from a standard old fashioned three reel slot.  They were all the same!  Jumping Beans, in contrast, is wholly within the modern approach to slots which is that one size most definitely does not fit all!  This classic slot remains one of the most entertaining slots around for a very good reason.

Mr. and Mrs. Bean welcome you to their desert home.  They live in the desert with only cacti growing in their vast “back yard”.   Mr. Bean is the wild symbol and the resourceful Mrs. Bean is the scatter symbol which is no reflection whatsoever on her brainpower! 

There you will be joined by Bandido Bean, maracas, a guitar for playing Mexican Mariachi music, a rose,  and a taco to eat while sitting under the happy, smiling sun.

The Mr. Bean wild symbol has a 2x multiplier to add to your winnings.  The Auto Nudge Feature helps bring down any wild or scatter symbols that were hiding at the top of the reels.  In this way, every win portends further big wins.

Jumping Beans has two progressive jackpots called ironically the major and the minor jackpots!  These beans are so clever! 

If you get three Mrs. Bean scatter symbols after an Auto Nudge, you immediately enter the free spin zone with ten free spins.  During these free spins, a Bonus Bean Counter appears at the left of the screen.  Every time a Mr. Bean, Mrs. Bean, or Bandido Bean symbol appears on any reel, the Bonus Bean Counter records them.  These are the multiplier you will receive when your free spins are over and you can take your winnings times the multiplier.

The multiplier can get as high as 100x the regular winnings during the free spin bonus round.  You can also retrigger the free spins once so get lucky and enjoy a massive win with your huge multiplier!

Small Fortune

This great slot is about the size of the creatures that help you win a fortune, not the size of the fortune itself!  Where T-Rex is all about the giant dinosaurs, Small Fortune is all about the tiny little ants that do their utmost to make sure you end up with a fortune in money and fun! 

It’s summertime and even with all of the remaining restrictions as we fight the spread of the coronavirus, we can still go out to an open area and have a picnic!  Summer is the season for picnics and Small Fortune brings all of the special food and drink items that any self-respecting picnic will have.

We have ice cold lemonade sweetened just enough to retain the tartness of the lemons and a fresh veggie salad to accompany that tall glass of lemonade!  Your repast isn’t over will salad and lemonade.  Next are a selection of excellent picnic cheeses and a bottle of the finest wine to go along with them!  We expect that you didn’t drive to this picnic!

Now you’re almost full but you still want dessert so we bring you a hefty cold slice of watermelon and a pie.  You aren’t going to eat the entire pie are you?  Of course not!  That’s why you invited some of your best pals to picnic with you!

If you get five pies in a winning payline, the multiplier for the win will be 1250x!  That amount of money alone can fund many more picnics with top of the line cheeses and wine!

One of your guests is a girl.  She serves as the scatter symbol for this classic game.  The wild symbol is naturally an ant!  Ants are known to be super-strong for their size so it’s no wonder that Real Time Gaming made the ant symbol the most powerful symbol in the game!

The ant wild symbol may appear on more than one reel at a time.  Don’t fret: the ants won’t disturb you e picnic repast.  They will help you win and along with the random small and large jackpots, Small Fortune may be your ticket to a very large fortune indeed!

Three of Hundreds

We covered only three great classic slots that we always have on offer at Everygame Casino Red.  As you already are aware, when a land-based casino brings in a new slot, it has to take out an old slot.  Therefore, there are a lot fewer classic slots available to players at land-based casinos.

When we get a new slot from Real Time Gaming we simply make room for it!  We keep all of the older slots that gamers have been enjoying for months on up to decades!  And since you can play any slot at ant time, we urge all gamers to enjoy the new slots a lot and to savor the older slots as well.

All of our slots bring much needed entertainment and relaxation to our many gamers.  Join Everygame Casino today if you aren’t yet a member.  The Welcome Package is worth up to $5555 so get started now!