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High Rollers are Really Like Everyone Else

The next time you spin trying to win a progressive slots jackpot at Everygame Casino, the top casino online, you might think about how winning the big jackpot might affect you and how it might affect a high roller.  We usually think of online casino high rollers as being like oil chieftains, giving thousand dollar tips like homeowners give away candy on Halloween.

The truth is that high rollers are in many ways just like the rest of us.  They may be more of one thing or another but everything evens out in the end, sort of.  So, here are a few ways that those high rollers, who can also use a million dollar windfall at slots, are just like average people but in different ways!

Restaurant Menus and Prices

High rollers might not have to look at prices on menus.  There is a famous American cliché that originated from a patron asking the waitress how much something cost: “Honey, if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it.”

It was wrong then and it’s wrong now.  Actually, the playing field has been leveled with regard to restaurant costs for a couple of reasons.  First, average people have a lot more disposable income than any generation before now.  So, average people can afford a slightly pricey menu item.

A high roller may be able to afford a very pricey menu item.  Ironically, there are fewer and fewer very pricey menu items because competition has brought prices down across the board. 

Another reason why more people can afford pricey menu items even if they want to know the price before they order the item is that most high roller types worked hard to achieve that level of income and wealth.  They appreciate the struggle to get ahead financially and often think like a person with a lot less money than they actually have.

So, the next time you ask how much something costs at a restaurant, be assured that even high rollers do it, too!

Who Wants Dessert?

The playing field has been thoroughly levelled with regard to what we eat regardless of cost.  Even high rollers have to watch what they eat!

On the Subject of Prices…

It is true that high rollers don’t have to look at prices s much as average people do.  That often means that high rollers simply buy things they can easily afford but don’t need!  Do you have 50 shirts in your closet?  A high roller might.

This also often applies to many other things high rollers have that they don’t need.  When you drink coffee, do you have a favorite mug?  Most people have one or two go to coffee mugs.  High rollers are the same except they buy a mug to commemorate every place they have ever been to!

High rollers, perhaps more so than average people, need a strong decluttering campaign once every two or three years!


In A DeLorean?

Marty was shocked that the mad scientist had used a DeLorean to perform his time transporting experiment.  Okay, high rollers can afford to drive more expensive cars than the average person can afford.  But there are a lot of these expensive cars on the roads especially in North America and Europe.

That means that there must be a lot of people who are actual or borderline high rollers around.

Even though a high roller can afford a higher priced car, they still have to know how to change a tire!  When you get a flat tire, you can wait until someone comes along to change the tire for you or you can simply change it for yourself.  High rollers might be able to afford to wait but they usually change the tire themselves so they can on with it!

The Nancy Pelosi Lesson

Nancy Pelosi is an American politician in a very high position who made a major faux pas recently when she spoke disparagingly about some people while she stood in front of her way expensive freezer holding some of the many pints of expensive designer ice cream she ”always” has on hand for when she just has to have a scoop.

So, high rollers can afford to stock up on expensive ice cream.  But high rollers have learned the hard way that ice cream, whether expensive or not, if eaten a lot relocates to one’s butt and hips!

And the Beat Goes On…

Here are a few examples of how the high rollers have it good but that they are also just like the rest of us:

  1. High rollers may have several credit cards but that means extra hassles if they lose their wallet or it is stolen.
  2. The more credit cards you have the more likely you are to use shopping as a getaway activity.
  3. High rollers can afford expensive work on their teeth which simply means that they, like us, have to take care of their teeth.
  4. High rollers can afford to have other people do many things for them.  When a high roller does do something for herself, she might refer to it as a hobby.
  5. High rollers might be able to afford a live-in cook but almost everyone these days can afford to have someone else cook dinner for them.  For average people it’s called eating out or eating a prepared dinner from the supermarket.  Ultimately, food is just food.
  6. Average people might walk a mile or two instead of taking a taxi.  A high roller might take that taxi and then he or she will spend an hour on the treadmill!
  7. Whether high roller or not, many people discovered the existential value in living in a large extended family household during the corona virus pandemic!
  8. In the late 1960’s Karl Hess, a figure in American politics, gave a long interview to Playboy Magazine.  One sentence he said in that interview resonates here.  He said that when an average person needs help, he asks his neighbors.  High rollers may live on such large estates that they don’t even know their neighbors!

We would rather not use politicians as examples of how high rollers are essentially no different than average people, so we saved this final example for the end of the article.

John Kerry Moves His Yacht

John Kerry married into vast wealth.  He and his wife bought a yacht for several million dollars.  Although the Kerrys lived in Massachusetts, they decided to dock the yacht in neighboring Rhode Island in order to save $437,500 in a one-time Massachusetts tax for mooring the yacht there. matter how wealthy they are, people are just people and will do whatever they can to save a buck.

Gaming is Still Gaming

Whether you can bet like a high roller or like an average roller, we say that gaming is always just gaming.  People are essentially alike and what goes around comes around for everyone.

So, when we at Everygame Casino Red wish everyone good luck in your gaming and in everything else you do, we mean the same sentiment for everyone!