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How to Use Gamification to Improve Online Casino Gaming

It is time to return to the concept of gamification and how online casinos such as Everygame Casino have been using this concept long before it was even developed and widely used.  Everygame Casino promotions are a perfect example of the art of gamification.  One of the promotions that is enjoyed widely but is not seen as a form of gamification is the online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win promotion.

So, let’s start this happy conversation there.

Gamification is Meant to Attract Users

Although the widest application of gamification is in the internal affairs of businesses both large and small, it is also used these days to attract users or customers.  One excellent way to do so is through promotions.

In order for a promotion to fall under the heading of gamification, there has to be some element of game play at work.  So, advertising a big sale in a clothing store or supermarket is not an aspect of gamification.  But saying that you can win a big prize if you are the 100th customer to sample a product—by tasting it, buying it, or trying it on—that by itself produces the gaming element needed to bring it into the gamification mold.

Why is this Important?

It is important because people have responded to games for many millennia.  It seems that humans are hard wired to play games and to respond to gaming elements.

Games make us competitive.  When we play games we try to keep score.  This is natural among all people playing games.  Even small children show an innate desire to keep score.

The British actor, Robert Morley, once tried to get people to play ball games without balls.  He famously had a croquet game set up in his yard and he would run around knocking the phantom ball through the openings.  It didn’t catch on!

Our offer of a no deposit bonus at the end of our massive set of deposit bonuses—which together are worth $5000—is a major attraction for new gamers.  This is the case even though the no deposit bonus is out of necessity very modest.

It is the gamification of Welcome Bonuses and it attracts new users—the people we refer to as gamers.

Loyalty Points are another Way of Keeping Score

When this promotion was first proposed, the casino managers—not ours, we might add—were opposed because it amounted to “giving away the store” in their eyes.  This promotion is now almost universal at online casinos and most land-based casinos have some form of it as well.

It works much better at online casinos as gamers have as much time as they need to accumulate the points they need to have to be able to convert them into casino credits, which basically makes the Loyalty Points a way of earning a no deposit bonus.

Players at land-based casinos usually don’t have enough time at the casino to really accumulate enough points to receive casino credits.  That’s why land-based casinos offer other types of promotions such as free meals and alcohol plus sometimes free transportation and free hotel rooms.

Slots Tournaments are the Epitome of Gamification

Online casinos often offer slots tournaments.  These competitions are not extreme competitions at all.  Players pay a very modest buy in fee and the prize money is also very modest.  But even though gamers are not competing for big money, they are competing to see their handle on the Leaderboard! 

The competition is very friendly but the nature of people to keep score kicks in and gamers vie for a place on the Leaderboard.

Slots tournaments are such a good game that they generate gaming outside of the tournament framework.

Tournaments work for both the gamers and the casino! 


Competing with Oneself

There is also a good deal of competitive spirit in the games of skill.  However, the competition is almost always between the gamer and himself or herself.  It is the challenge to pay close attention at all times and to make the best decision on every hand.

We now know that the games of skill especially raise gamers’ self-confidence!

Bonuses and Free Spins

Online casinos love to offer free spins on selected slots.  They might call these their Slot of the Week (or day or month!).  Gamers like to spin 50 or so free spins on these slots.  Free spins are a kind of kissing cousin to no deposit bonuses; the effect is virtually the same.

Online casinos are also better at giving deposit bonuses than are land based casinos.  The reason for this is simple.  Every deposit bonus comes with a wagering requirement.  In the case of very small bonuses, there might not be a wagering requirement but in larger bonuses there has to be.

You see, in the past some gamers took their deposits bonus and immediately cashed out!  So, out of necessity, casinos have to impose the wagering requirement.  Players at land-based casinos usually don’t have enough time at the casino to work off the wagering requirement so they wouldn’t be able to cash out winnings.

At an online casino like Everygame Casino Red gamers have “all the time in the world” to work off the wagering requirement!  One of the most important pieces of advice that we give gamers is to withdraw winnings after they have completed the wagering requirement and then apply for another deposit bonus!  In this way, gamers never bet with winnings; they bet mostly with the casino’s money!

Free Play

We have found that by offering unlimited free play, our gamers are more likely to play a wider range of games.  That’s because they can learn the games for free!  They can try out a game for free!  Many gamers have “discovered” a game that they grow to love simply by playing it in free play mode.

Social Networking

In a company with many employees, gamification is used to establish a kind of in house social network.  Business managers feel that this kind of social network increases productivity.

Casinos try to get gamers to see the social side of casino gaming.  Once again, online casinos are much better at this than are land-based casinos.  Even when friends go to a land-based casino together, they generally play the games alone.  That’s because they don’t want their friends to see them lose!

Online casino gaming is mostly done alone but we have found and we have told our gamers often that online gaming is a great way to interact in a game-like setting with your significant other!

Casino Games Can Generate Interest in Further Study

This is one of the least-appreciated side aspects of online gaming.  The list of subjects that slots alone can generate interest in is staggeringly long!  Here are just a few:

  1. Humor
  2. History
  3. Ancient civilizations
  4. Space travel
  5. Modern day myths such as Santa Claus
  6. Dinosaurs

Advice, Tips, and Encouragement

The very fact that you have read this article all the way to the end is a testament to the success we at Everygame Casino Red have had in helping gamers get the most out of gaming at our casino.

We encourage everyone to go through the many pages of articles and read all of the good advice and tips we regularly give our gamers.  Doing this helps us generate interest in our games and it helps gamers win more and have a lot more fun at the casino!

So, here is to the idea of gamification: an idea that Everygame Casino has been using successfully for twenty years and one that we will continue to use going forward!

In the end, our success is also your success.  That is the essential lesson of gamification!