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How to Laugh So Hard You Cry

The two most under-rated games here at Everygame Casino may be our two specialty games: Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  We, therefore, decided to devote an article to extol the virtues of these great games!

We call them casual games because they really don’t fit into any other game category.  They aren’t slots!  They aren’t even kissing cousins to blackjack, not that they would kiss in these days of face masks and social distancing!  They aren’t Caribbean games although Fish Catch may actually take place in the Caribbean Sea! 

We sometimes call them our casual games because gamers feel at their most relaxed and casual while playing them!  So, let’s get into the chewy and toffee-like nuts and bolts of the casual games at Everygame Casino.

Fish Catch

This is an online casino game like no other!  It represents the epitome of casino graphics as the screen depicts an undersea paradise bursting with color and brilliantly defined sea creatures. Among the seafaring creatures are squid and swordfish for the deep sea fisherperson in you and an undefined fish that some reviewers call a clown fish.  Our reaction was: “Huh”?

So we looked up clown fish.  You have to know the following information to play Fish Catch!  A clown fish is a species of fish that doesn’t even look like a clown!  Its scientific name is Amphiprioninae; its class is Actinopterigil; and its phylum is choradata.  The first 10,000 times you play Catch Fish they will allow you to play even though you don’t have these names at the tip of your tongue!

There is also a mermaid floating about and some fish bones to add a little goriness to the game.  The game also features six different types of guns that you8 can use to shoot the fish.

Four people can play Fish Catch at the same time.  That means that you will probably playing against gamers from exotic places around the world or maybe your neighbor down the street! 

Each player chooses their weapon of choice.  Each weapon has different range and firepower and carries a different multiplier as well.  The fish also have different values.  To shoot one of the really lucrative fish, you’ll need more than one shot.

Fish Catch also has a special feature called Mermaid’s Luck.  The game randomly triggers this feature.  A new screen opens up with a roulette wheel of sorts and you can win extra money this way.

All in all, Fish Catch is a different kind of online casino game.  Although you wager like in all of the other games, the game play is unique and since you can play with people from all over the world, there is a sense of the diversity of the world above the seas even as we know well that the world beneath the waves is extraordinarily diverse.

Real Time Gaming reminds all gamers to “avoid the green ones.  They aren’t ripe yet!”


Banana Jones

Our good pal Banana Jones is the roliest poliest hero we have every come across in real or virtual life.  He’s a great companion for an intrepid and at times scary pursuit: the capture of the crystal banana and the sequestering of it in an internationally famous museum where other people—the roly poly ones, the lanky ones, and all of those billions of in between ones—can line up to see it.

The Banana Jones game has a top prize of 2565x the bet so it can pay well but it’s not nearly as volatile as a progressive jackpot game.  In fact, Banana Jones himself insisted that the game be amenable to all gamers!  After all, he needs everyone’s help to find the crystal banana and take it to a museum!

The opening credits are a sight to see!  Banana Junes is flying his propeller plane over the dense jungle when he runs out of petrol!  He lands in the heart of the jungle which is okay because that’s where he wanted to be anyway!  He knows that the crystal banana is in the Temple.  Now he needs to make his way through the jungle to the Temple all the while making sure to keep a safe distance from Leopold the Leopard!  The jungle can be scary and sinister.  We wouldn’t be surprised at all if you said out loud, “we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

But Banana Jones is ready for the Grand Quest.  So let’s get going!  Along the way to the castle, you’ll meet up with those nasty snakes and those delightful vines.  We have to slide down the slimy snakes but we get to shimmy up the vines.  Needless to say, it’s a lot better to shimmy than to slide!

There are also a few other spots on the trail that are worth landing on.  These are the gem stone spots. At the end of the game, you’ll get a prize that takes into account the number count in the counter at the left of the screen.  You want the count to be as high as possible so try landing on the gems stones if you can’t land at the base of a vine!

When you get to the castle, you’ll see sixteen treasure chests.  You get to open each chest as you wish, one by one until you reveal the crystal banana.  Then you’ll get your reward for being so brave in the face of all those snakes and the scary leopard and helping Banana Jones bring the crystal banana to a museum.

And lo and behold, after the crystal banana finds its way to a museum, it will be back in the temple waiting for you and Banana Jones to get it back to the museum!

Two Unbelievably Fun Games to Play

You might prefer blackjack, you might prefer video poker, and you might even prefer slots, but give Fish Catch and Banana Jones a try.  We’re sure that even if you are still in Kansas, you’ll have a great time catching those fish and helping Banana Jones!

We at Everygame Casino Red invite everyone who is not yet a member of our team to join NOW!  We offer a great Welcome Bonus worth up to $5555 plus Fish Catch and Banana Jones and over 300 other great games!