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How to Turn Negative Admonitions into Positive Advice

There is a tendency among the people who write articles about online or land-based gaming to tell gamers all the things NOT TO DO!   So, here at Everygame EU, we decided to write a self-help article for gamers telling you what you SHOULD DO!

Earmark a Set Sum for Gaming

Most articles will exhort gamers this way: Don’t play with money earmarked for another purpose.  Well, pu-huh!  This one, is or at least should be, very obvious.  The flip side to this negative piece of advice is to actively set out a budget for gaming.

We suggest that you should set out a budget based on your financial means and the things you like to do most of all for everything from grocery shopping to streaming services to vacations.  This will naturally include gaming.

If $100 a month is the most realistic budget you can come up with for online gaming, we support you!  We support you if the monthly gaming budget is even less and we support you if a reasonable gaming budget is higher!  The key is to be realistic and to play within your budget!

Accept Winning and Losing Magnanimously

A famous coach in American football, who was known for his fiery temper, lost the league’s championship game.  He met up with his wife and young daughter after the game and the little lass was crying.  He bent down to whisper in her ear: “You can’t win them all.”

This is the perfect attitude for gaming.  You will have good days and you will have unlucky days.  Accepting the wins and the losses with equanimity is the hallmark of the garner who doesn’t throw good money after bad, who doesn’t chase losses, and who doesn’t say “I’ll quit as soon as I get even.”

Accept Reality

This is a far flung piece of advice.  It refers to believing in the statistical analyses that have been done on video poker and blackjack; it refers to accepting the reality of the random number generator; it refers to a true approach to gambling systems; it refers to all kinds of fallacies many gamers still believe in; and it also, perhaps most importantly, refers to accepting the reality of the human body!

Accept Statistics in Video Poker and Blackjack

Before the advent of high speed calculating devices, aka computers, we didn’t have a complete picture of how to proceed in some hands in video poker or blackjack.  Now we know!

Still, there are many gamers who don’t like to use the charts that are so readily available online for both video poker and blackjack in all their variations.  We urge everyone to accept statistics in gaming; it will make you a better gamer and will add to the fun you have “at the casino”.


Accept the Random Number Generator

This refers to every game at an online casino and every game with a terminal at a land-based casino.  The random number generator is software that is designed to make all of the decisions for the game!  It does not make your decisions!

That means that in the games of chance, where you have very few decisions to make, the random number generator actually controls the game.  There are no hot slots or cold slots or slots that are “due”.  There are no myths, superstitions; or guaranteed systems that can override the random number generator over time.

All superstitions fly out the window (we assume that you are home where there are windows instead of at a land-based casino where there aren’t any windows) when gamers accept the reality of the random number generator.

Accept the Rules of the Game

Many players like to play games that they don’t fully understand.  We have the opposite approach.  We want all of our gamers to know every game they play before they play for real money.  That’s why we can and do offer unlimited free play unlike land-based casinos that can’t do so.

The main purpose of unlimited free play is so that every gamer might know every game he or she plays as well as can be.  It also helps gamers maintain their gaming budget by allowing them free spins and free hands.

You can’t win any money when you play in free play mode but you don’t lose any money either and that leads to playing for fun, which is the ultimate goal in the long run in any case.

Accept that Gambling Systems Do Not Accord with Reality

Accepting reality means not following any gambling system.  There is a good reason why casinos stay in business despite all the “guaranteed to make you rich” systems out there.  The systems don’t work—that is an insight from reality—and the only people the systems make rich are the people who sell them!

Accept Your Body

Our bodies are our temples!  But we need to do everything we can to maintain our temples!  This includes regular exercise and a healthy diet.  It also means accepting that drinking alcohol will likely cost you some money in erroneous bets down the road.

Land-based casinos know this and offer gamblers as many free drinks as they want before they become unruly.  We suggest that all of our gamers accept that the only things to drink while playing are water, soda, or juice.  The whisky and beer can follow the gaming session.

The same approach applies to sleep.  Land-based casinos do everting they can to “help” gamers forget what time it is by having no clocks and no windows.  The gamblers at these casinos often forget that it is night and that it is actually time for them to go to sleep.

We know that online casinos are online all the time.  You don’t have to travel to an online casino unless you consider “travelling” from your bedroom to your living room to be “travel”!  Since online casinos are available all the time, there is no reason to continue playing if you are tired!  Get some well-earned rest and come back refreshed!

Giving Positive Spin to Advice

Do you see how much nicer all of this advice has been without the schoolmarmish “Don’t do this” and “Don’t do that” approach?  The advice we have given here is very good and it certainly goes down better when it is expressed in a positive manner.

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