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How to View Gaming as a Healthy and Responsible Pastime

We have spoken often about the advantage of playing casino online games instead of travelling to a land-based casino to play.  In this article, we will look at gaming from a somewhat different point of view.  In this perspective, it is much easier to play responsibly if you play at Everygame Casino or at almost any other online casino.  It is harder to play responsibly at a land-based casino.

A Commitment to Responsible Gaming

We at Everygame Casino are fully dedicated to responsible gaming.  We support many organizations that help to educate the public about responsible gaming.  We also allow our gamers to opt for self-control measures in their gaming.  This gives gamers more opportunities to play our online casino games for fun rather than for any get rich quick purpose.

The Purpose of Gaming

Responsible gaming begins with a healthy understanding of the purpose of gaming.  People have been playing games for millennia.  Games occupy our time and take our minds off of our daily concerns.  At their best, games are a pastime, a way literally to pass the time.

Affluence Begets More Free Time

One of the reasons that gaming is so much more a part of everyone’s lives these days is because most of us have a lot more free time on our hands.  As a way to pass the time, online gaming differs greatly from land-based gaming in two vital areas.

The first is that online gaming is always seen as just one of many ways to pass the time while gaming at a land-based casino is an activity in and of itself.  People who go to land-based casinos usually go for a couple of days or a long weekend and the single purpose they have for that time is to gamble at the casino.

When we play online, we can multi-task and do many other things that we need to do or want to do at the same time that we are gaming.  That is possible because of the nature of online casinos in which there is room for everyone, no one has to guard his or her seat, and players can go from game to game at their leisure.

The second massive difference between gaming online and gambling at a land-based casino is that online casinos offer unlimited free play, something that no land-based casino can afford to do.  The capacity of any land-based casino has always been limited by its walls unlike online casinos which have no walls! 

In the corona virus era, which may still be with us for another many months (we sincerely hope not), land-based casinos have reopened but are even more severely limited in their capacity for gamers.  Online casinos are never limited!  That allows online casino operators to offer free play without the fear that it will impact them in any negative way.


How Online Gaming Supports Responsible Gaming

We encourage our gamers to see gaming as a pastime.  By doing so, gamers will naturally play for shorter sessions.  We encourage gamers to set up reasonable budgets for both money and time.  A financial budget is a lot more obvious than a time budget but setting up a time budget actually makes the gaming more fun since you know that you will go on to do other enjoyable or necessary things after the gaming session is over.

Setting up both a monetary budget and a time budget are the first and second most important steps you can take to make sure that you will play responsibly.  These budgets focus the mind on gaming as a pastime rather than as a way to win money or become rich.

Gaming should not be the pursuit of great luck; it should always be the pursuit of great fun.

How Land-Based Gambling Encourages Irresponsible Gaming

People at land-based casinos are profoundly single minded.  They may also look forward to a free meal at the buffet or free alcoholic drinks but their main goal is always one more hand or one more spin of the slots reels or the roulette wheel.  Gaming becomes gambling at land-based casinos because there is little else to do there.  

Gambling as an obsession is the definition of not gaming responsibly and land-based casinos, by the nature of the gambling atmosphere that prevails there, tends to further an obsession with gambling instead of the joy of gaming which is our goal here at Everygame Casino Red and at all responsible online casinos.

Things You Can Do while You are Gambling at a Land-based Casino

  1. You can gamble.
  2. You can get drunk on free whisky.
  3. You can ogle women.
  4. You can swear that you’ll quit as soon as you get even.

Things You Can Do While You are Gaming at an Online Casino

  1. You can put together a meal from a recipe.
  2. You can put in a load of laundry.
  3. You can fold a load of laundry from the dryer.
  4. You can go to the bathroom without any concern for your “seat”.
  5. You can go from game to game easily.
  6. You can call up friends or family and set up to meet “in about a half an hour”.
  7. You can enjoy the games for their own sake rather than for a get rich quick sake.
  8. You can take a break.
  9. This is a very short list!  It is long enough to demonstrate the essential difference between land-based casino gambling and online casino gaming.

How Can I Put Together a Meal?

Follow the recipe.  Most recipes tell the amount of preparation time needed to make a dish.  At an online casino, even if you take a couple of minutes break to feed the bread maker, “everyone” will wait for you patiently!

If you take a couple of minutes to grate some cheese, mix in the ingredients for a quiche, put cabbage through the food processor for cole slaw, or any of a thousand other kitchen activities that don’t take a lot of time, “everyone” will wait for you!

The Importance of Taking a Break

We all know about the importance of taking a stretch break while flying.  We know that it’s important to stand and walk around at least every half an hour while working at our desk.  Even in a short gaming session at Everygame Casino, it is a good idea to take at last one short break.

It is important to stretch one’s legs but, in terms of the theme of this article, it is even more important to remove every possible obsession driving activity from our gaming.  Gamers at land-based casinos don’t take breaks and that leads to obsessive gambling.

We encourage all of our gamers to take breaks.  Taking breaks redirects our thoughts from gaming to all sorts of other thoughts.  It places gaming in exactly the correct place: as one of many healthy pastimes!

Everygame Casino offers over 300 great games for leisurely gaming.  We run many promotions designed to make gaming even more fun.  The Welcome Package at Everygame can reach as high as $5555 and that’s just the start!  Surely, we can fairly say that online gaming at Everygame Casino Red is a healthy part of a healthy approach to free time activities!