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How Can a Gamer Evaluate a Casino? Look at its Promotions

Since land-based casinos are finally reopening after the long corona virus lockdowns, we felt that it was appropriate to talk about one aspect of gaming at Everygame Casino that some gamers may have overlooked in their enthusiasm to go back to their favorite land-based casinos, namely, our large selection of Everygame Casino promotions.

Online Promotions are Different than Land-based Promotions

On the home page, we have an easy link to our list of promotions.  The first promotion tells you a lot about Everygame Casino.  It is the “Slot of the Month” promotion.  This month’s Slot of the Month is Wild Hog Luau.

You can get a 100% deposit bonus for up to $500 and 50 free spins on Wild Hog Luau.  In addition, you receive double the comp points until August 31 when you play Wild Hog Luau.

At Everygame Casino, millions of gamers can play the Slot of the Month at the same time.  That could never happen at any land-based casino.  In fact, we would be surprised if five players could play the Slot of the Month at the same time at any land-based casino.

This means that the fifty free spins are way more easily available to online gamers here at Everygame Casino over the availability of free spins in a land-based casino promotion.

This is just one way that the promotions at Everygame are superior in important ways to the promotions at land-based casinos.

What are Comp Points?

Whenever you place a bet at Everygame Casino, we credit your comp points account with points based on the size of the bet and the game you were playing.  These points add up quickly.  Eventually, you can trade in your comp points for casino credits.

In this way, comp points amount to a kind of no deposit bonus!  Now, land-based casinos also have a comp points type of promotion.  They may have different names for the promotion but they amount to the same idea.  At a land-based casino, you have to apply for a player’s card and then use the card when you play to get the comp points that are coming to you.

There are three very significant differences between the comp points promotion at Everygame and the similar promotion at a land-based casino.

    1. At Everygame, every player is automatically welcomed into the comp points promotion.  Your comp points are calculated and entered into your account automatically.
    2. At a land-based casino, you have to ask for a player’s card and you have to use it to get the comp points that are coming to you.
    3. You can’t lose your “card” at Everygame since you don’t have a card but you could lose or forget your card at a land-based casino.
    4. At Everygame, you can play as often as you wish.  Some players play for a short time every day while others play possibly once or twice a week.  At Everygame, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get the comp points up to the level where you can exchange them for casino credits.  We hold your points until you are able to use them!
    5. At a land-based casino, you might have three days to play before you go back home.  So, even though land-based casinos have promotions like our comp points promotion, their promotions are less practical while ours are immensely practical.


What are Hogs Doing at a Luau?

This is not technically part of the promotion but it also tells you a lot about Everygame Casino.  Our exclusive game provider, Real Time Gaming or RTG, works diligently to bring us a new slot every month!  Slots have many themes and within every theme there are sub-themes.

We can carry a very large selection of the best slots from RTG because we have unlimited space here in cyberspace.  Every land-based casino is limited by its walls!  So, we have a lot more game flexibility than any land-based casino has.

The hogs at the luau are there because RTG thought that it would be a hoot to have hogs vacationing in Hawaii!  Based on the game’s popularity, our gamers all feel the same way!

New Play Bonus Package

We value new players so much that we run four deposit bonuses together in the Welcome Package for all new gamers.  Naturally, you don’t have to take all four deposit bonuses but if you do, you could enjoy gaming with $5500 of our money!  After you take the four deposit bonuses, we add a little maraschino cherry on top to the tune of a $55 no deposit bonus so the total of all five bonuses comes to $5555!

Mobile Gamers’ Awards

This is a simple promotion that delivers up to $100 as an award to some mobile gamers every week.  All you have to do is deposit $50 and wager $500 on our excellent mobile platform.  We make the mobile awards every Wednesday!

The Wheel of Fortune

Every day, twenty lucky gamers get a $50 award through our Wheel of Fortune promotion.  There is so little you have you do to qualify for this award: just play any of the more than 300 games we have on offer here at Everygame Casino Red and you’re eligible for the award!

Summer Dreams

This promotion will last throughout the summer and we will ultimately give away $270,000!   Every week we are giving away $30,000 on Monday when we reward the leaderboard leaders and on Thursday when we reward gamers who played on Monday through Wednesday.

And when this promo ends in early September, watch for another "big number" promo to come your way.

The Value of Promotions at Everygame Casino

There really is little point in a land-based casino running a weekly or a monthly promotion since most players will play for only three days give or take.  Online casinos like Everygame can run long promotions because the nature of online gaming is that it is always there for you!

We have a strong commitment to do everything we can to make gaming fun and exciting for everyone.  That includes having a wide range of promotions, a great Welcome Package, and much more!  We offer over 300 games!  Our game provider, Real Time Gaming, is one of the most respected names in game development and for good reason. 

RTG comes out with a new game every month.  These games go through a rigorous creative process followed by a rigorous testing protocol.  We and all the other online casinos that use RTG games want only the best for our gamers! 

The same applies to the games in the other categories: table games, video poker, and specialty games.

Sometimes we think of the promotions as the cherry on top of the gaming sundae!  Come to Everygame Casino for the best games and the most exciting promotions!