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How to Become an Amateur Historian? Play Online Casino Games!

Many of our gamers have some idea of the history of some of our games.  We suspect that no one really knows the history of all the games we have on offer here at Casino Red.  So, in this article, we will give a short overview of the games we carry.  You might be fascinated!

When Did Gambling Start?

This is a really good question!  We know that many societies supported or tolerated gambling millennia ago.  What we do know is that casinos developed as place to organize gambling for people to be together. 

The first casinos were on land, of course.  Only in the last twenty five years have casinos such as Everygame Casino come online.  So, our games do owe a great deal of gratitude to their forerunners in the foggy past or in relatively recent times.

The gambling business is worth hundreds of billions of dollars every year!  It seems that every land-based casino has a blackjack table—often several.  Every casino offers craps and roulette where the rowdiest gamers congregate.  Every casino these days offers video poker and slots.

Online casinos have all of these games and, because we have unlimited space, we can also offer many other games that land-based casinos cannot offer.  For example, a popular slots game has to have many terminals at a land-based casino because of the broad demand of gamers to play that specific slot. 

As a result, land-based casinos offer fewer slots than online casinos can offer!  The same applies to blackjack.  We can accommodate all of the blackjack players in the world while land-based casinos that have five tables may be able to accommodate 35 blackjack players at a time!


Where Did Slots Come From?

An auto mechanic named Charles Frey invented the slot machine in 1895.  As creative and inventive as Charles Fret no doubt was, he and no one else could have visualized the growth and development of slots over the years!  For decades slots were mechanical games where the player had to pull the arm down to set the three reels spinning.

Slots were all alike with cherries and lemons and bars, oh my!

The digital revolution came to slots quickly.  By the 1980’s there was already a well-established gambling culture in many cultures.  The small country of Monaco relies on its casino for most of its income.  Las Vegas became a city of casinos and is still famous primarily for its casinos and the heat!.

In fact, Las Vegas is often just called Vegas!  No one calls Los Angeles just Angeles!  We might say that slots were the main attraction that caused the growth of Las Vegas casinos but poker was not far behind.


The first thing we have to understand is that playing cards are very old but the standard 52 card deck is very young!  Poker developed out of games played in ancient China and Persia; then the game was further developed in Europe. 

When the port city of New Orleans (never called just Orleans!) was owned by France, and the long Mississippi River was also French territory, trading boats that travelled up the river carried poker with them as it was played by deck hands who had learned the game from trade ship sailors who had landed at New Orleans!

Poker then travelled west as there was war to the east.  Poker became formalized in the mid-19th century with five card draw the primary game.  There is an apocryphal story about how five card stud was invented.  The story involves a horse that a gambler used as his bet in a hot hand.

Once stud poker was invented and gained popularity, other poker variations with open cards came along.  The first was seven card stud.  It took a few decades for a new version of poker with open cards to develop in Texas.  This variation uses open cards that every player can use to improve his or her hand.

The most famous of these games is now called Texas Holdem and the open cards are called the community cards.

Video Poker for the Poker Lover Who Prefers a Game without Bluffing

Yes, bluffing is one of the main features of all poker variations.  In draw poker, a player might bluff with nothing of value in his hand but since no one saw any other cards, the opponents could never be sure if the player was bluffing or really did have a powerful hand.

There are some players who love poker but do not love bluffing.  The great game of video poker was developed with these players in mind.  Video poker is now one of the most popular games at both online and land-based casinos.  The return to player rate is very high—almost 100%—so players can play poker, the game they love, with relatively little risk.

Where Did Blackjack Begin?

There is still some debate as to the origins of blackjack but we do know that in the 7th century in France they played a game called 21.  Blackjack came to North America on the same French trading ships that brought poker to American shores.  While poker moved up the Mississippi River and then ventured west, blackjack stayed in New Orleans during the early 19th century.

We believe that the rules of blackjack have also evolved as the dealer originally did have some decisions to make and options to improve his chances of winning the hand.  By now, all the options belong to the players.  Still, the options do vary from game to game so all blackjack players are encouraged to find blackjack games with the most options in their play.

Spinning Wheel Got to Go Round

Some historians believe that roulette actually started in ancient China.  We know that the Chinese had a game that involved 37 numbers which corresponds to the European roulette variation.  According to this theory, Christian Monks who were in China studying that culture and spreading the Good Word of Christianity were fascinated by the game and brought it back to Europe.

By assigning a French name to the game, France has been able to take credit for inventing roulette since about the 17th century.  American roulette added an extra 0 so there are 0 and 00 in American roulette but only 0 in European roulade.  In the 19th century, the French roulette rules that pertain to even money bets developed and today French roulette has the lowest house edge if the player only makes even money bets.

Caribbean Poker

We offer two Caribbean poker games.  These are variations on poker in which the player has to decide if his or her hand is strong enough to warrant doubling their bet and staying in the hand or folding and giving the win to the dealer.  Many poker players find the Caribbean poker versions to be the most exciting particularly since they can indulge in side bets that return a lot of money to lucky gamers.


This game is a form of bingo but players choose the numbers they hope will come up so Keno also resembles lotteries.  Players can choose from one to ten, fifteen, or twenty numbers out of the eighty numbers in the bin.  The numbers are then drawn as in bingo.

It is very hard to score even five numbers out of 80 so most keno players choose only four numbers.

Fish Catch and Banana Jones

We call these our specialty games and they are the creations of the fine teams at Real Time Gaming.  In that way, they are truly 21st century inventions with one proviso.

Fish Catch is a fishing expedition game.  You can play alone or against players from around the world.  Banana Jones is a variation of the time honored children’s’ game Chutes and Ladders.  It also is a tongue in cheek take off on the Indiana Jones movies.  In Banana Jones, our intrepid Mr. Banana is in search of the elusive Crystal Banana because it is hidden away in the castle where no one can see it but it belongs in a museum where everyone can see it!

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