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How to Best Keep My Money Safe in the Digital World

Whenever you come to Everygame Casino to play our more than 300 games, you will need to use your Everygame login to access your account and get started.  Using a login has become so old hat to most computer users that many gamers have become complacent about assigning login numbers, names, or passwords.

So, in this article we will give you a few pointers on how to safeguard your identity even when you are using your online casino login but even more so when you login to your bank, health service, or any other enterprise that requires a login or password.

Protect Your Privacy

A login is simply the ‘key” to your account’s “door”.   Everything you do online is virtual.  It is totally different than going to a store and paying for something with cash. 

Way back in the 1960’s there was a popular American film actor named Charles Bronson.  Although he earned very large salaries and could pay for almost anything with a check or a credit card, he always paid in cash!  His feeling then was that he didn’t trust any payment method other than pure cash.

Very few people today use only cash for purchases!  As a result, the situation is difficult today as many very sophisticated hackers look all the time for leaks in the software that companies of all sorts, including online casinos, use to protect your privacy and your money.

What are Leaks in the Software?

Many companies urge users to apply updates to apps or other virtual information.  Many of these updates are designed to close small cracks in the system of encryption that everyone who does business online uses.

So, when you are told to add updates to apps, your computer, your telephone, or any other digital and mobile device, you should do so.

However, there is also a downside to this advice.  Many hackers have learned how to mimic headings for messages and email and send out advice or request that are simply fake.  When people innocently open these, they may suffer the loss of identity or they may take in a worm or virus.

Every week or so a viral message goes out not to open specific emails or messages.  Later on many of these viral warnings are recalled.   This makes people even less likely to be careful about what they open.  A good rule of thumb is to never open anything that looks suspicious in any way.  Some of these suspicious messages might address you by your first name.  If you don’t know the person or organization that sent you the message, don’t open it.

Password is not a Good Password

This might come as a surprise to some but many people use the word “password” as their password.  A lot of people use a known family name or nickname as a password.  When these people add numbers after the familiar term they are using as the password, they often add 1, 2, 3 or 1, 2, 3, 4!

You really should have a different password for every online account you have.  Even if the online account doesn’t involve money per se, you should not repeat passwords.  Hackers love finding people who use the same password for many accounts.  Once they have such a person, they can try to follow the money until they have accessed the person’s private bank account.


How Can I Remember All these Passwords?

You can’t.  Therefore, you should have a small book in which you write down all of your usernames and passwords.  Since you are not trying to memorize all of your usernames and passwords, you can make them as difficult to crack as possible.  Use capital letters and lower case letters in odd places in the password.  Use odd number combinations.  Never use birthdays, anniversaries, kids’ names, or anything else that a hacker might be able to find out about you.

Never keep this list on your computer!  That’s the first place a hacker will look for it.  Hackers are both very patient and very impatient.

Hackers may go for long stretches without finding a person with weak enough personal security so they can access money accounts.  This is the patient side of hacking.  The impatient side is that hackers give up easily if a quick perusal of your usernames and passwords doesn’t turn up something they can use.

Hackers are used to going on to the next victim.

So, you put all of your usernames and passwords in a book.  Now you have to put the book in the very last place a person might look who has actually broken into your house!  Remember, people who break into your house are looking primarily for cash and jewelry.  They only use computer secrets if they find them.

Avoid Upgrading Your Computer

If you live in an area with a lot of home break-ins, we recommend delaying upgrading your desktop or laptop computers.  It would be better to take off some apps or sites that you don’t use a lot in order to open up some space rather than upgrade to a fancy new computer that will attract the attention of a burglar.

But I Thought that My Money Was Encrypted at the Casino

We use the best encryption software available in the online business world.  We are writing this article to show you the importance of both your login and for you to do everything you can to keep hackers away from your accounts at your bank or anywhere else you keep money.

The encryption software we use represents us doing our part to protect you.  The login is part of the overall effort we make to keep your privacy and money safe.  You have to keep any private information out of the hands of the many hackers out there who are looking for weak links.

One of the most sensitive aspects of online casino gaming is the extra proof we require when you ask to withdraw money from your account.  We do this because we feel that it is our responsibility to protect your money in all ways!  We can’t know for sure that your computer wasn’t hacked.  So we ask you to send some proof that you are in fact you!  Then we are happy to send you the money you won at our great casino!

Now You Can Have Fun Gaming!

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