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How to Identify a Slot Myth

Gamers at Everygame Casino love slots more than any of the many other games we offer.  There are a lot of myths surrounding slots that many purveyors of these myths present as facts.  In this article, we have two goals.  The first is to dispel as many slots myths as we can.  By dispelling myths we feel that we will allow our gamers to play slots for fun without extra expectations which simply are not realistic.

The second goal for this article is to talk about what it is about slots that so many gamers find so much fun.  What is the overriding attraction of slots?

Myth #1:  Some Slots are Designed to Pay More

It is true that Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider, and Everygame Casino, calibrate the random number generator to pay out at a given rate.  We will return to the random number generator a bit later.  For now, you need to know that the RNG determines all of the outcomes of every spin.

If the slot has been calibrated to pay out 97% of all bets back to players, it will do so over time.  There will be a period of time when the return to player rate is 100% give or take a few pennies or closer to 95%.  The reason is that the RNG can’t be calibrated to create a win or loss on any given spin.  The brilliance of the RNG is that it works over the long run and the casino has no way to affect it once it has been calibrated.

The myth in the heading of this section usually applies to land-based casinos and it has spread to online casinos as so many gamers have come to online casinos during the casino lockdown on land.

This myth has it that new games pay out more than established games.  This is not true at land-based casinos and it is not true at online casinos.  It is a slot myth that has endured for many years.

Myth #2: It is a Winning Slots Strategy to Raise and Lower Bets Based on Previous Spins.

This is similar to all of the talk about betting systems.  Every betting system has been shown to be flawed whether it is a system for a game of chance like slots or a game of skill like blackjack.

Raising and lowering one’s bets has absolutely nothing to do with helping you win at slots.  If you get lucky after you raise your bet you will win more but the cause of your good luck is simply good luck. 

There are many, many YouTube clips that try to sell gamers a strategy for winning at slots.  All of these strategies are false.  They are all based on some incorrect approach to slots.  In short, slots are a pure game of chance, period.

Myth #3: Slot Machines Will Let You Win when You are Close to the End of Your Bankroll.

This is another myth that players at land-based casinos believe but is impossible to transfer to online casinos.  There are so many land-based casino players who believe this myth that when they moved to online casinos during the lockdown, they complained that they weren’t getting a big hit just before they ran out of money for that session!

The fact is that this so-called big win at the end phenomenon is total nonsense!  There are far more slots players who finish a session without a last second win as those who finish a session with a big win.  The random number generator determines all outcomes even when gamers are close to the end of their bankroll!

Myth #4: Winning Streaks are Real

It is true that luck runs in uneven patterns.  Sometimes, one of those patterns can be described as a winning streak and sometimes a pattern can be described as a losing streak.  The reason this is a myth is that no one can determine in advance when a winning streak will end or when a winning streak will start.

Some players believe that they can win a lot more by betting the maximum when they are a lot ahead for the session.  This strategy may end up giving them a big windfall for the session or it can have the opposite effect and deplete their bankroll fast.

Depleting one’s bankroll fast has an ancillary cost: it reduces, to the point of eliminating, all of the fun slots are supposed to bring to gaming!  The lesson is that no one should expect to ride a winning streak.  The reason once again is the random number generator.


Why are Slots so Attractive?

After we have punctured the balloons of a few myths, we might wonder why people play them if they can’t “game” the system.  There are two main reasons why people like slots.  The first is that slots are a pure game of chance.  Players can play them with no pressure to make the correct decision.  The goal is to play the game and have fun.

A very astute observer of society in the 1950’s and 1960’s called Marshall McLuhan is famous for having said that “the medium is the message”.  Even he would be surprised at how correct he was in regard to healthy slots play.  When we let the medium, meaning the slots game or games themselves, be the message, meaning the source of our enjoyment, we arrive at a point where slots are just fun.

We do a lot of things just for fun.  We go to restaurants, on vacations, to sports events, theater, movies, concerts, and so much more just for the fun of it.  The same is true of slots in their purest form.

The second reason that slots are so popular is that modern video slots all have a theme.  It is possible to play slots with any number of themes over the course of a session.  Gamers love to go from historical themes to futuristic themes to summer fun or winter wonderland themes and every other possible them.  Slots are a great way to let our imaginations soar!

No one needs to bet more than they can safely bet on any spin.  You can play for many hours by betting the minimum.  You can play slots with low or medium variance which will give you a lot of relatively small wins.  You can even play for free when you play at Everygame Casino Red!  

The Random Number Generator

We said that we would come back to this all important software.  The RNG as we said determines every outcome.  It is the single most important dispeller of slots myths.  When gamers fully understand and accept the Random Number Generator they become freed to fully enjoy the game for itself and not for a pie in the sky way to “game” the game and win.

A lot of players do win at slots.  On any given day of gaming at any casino, there will be a lot of players who win!  Some players don’t win.  If they have had fun playing, they can say that they had fun anyway.  If they think that they “should have” won, they won’t say that they had fun!

Fun is the single most important aspect of slots.  We urge all gamers to pursue fun above all and have a great time playing!