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How to Enjoy Gaming to the Utmost Degree

One of the happiest aspects of gaming at Everygame Casino is that we are an online casino.  Gaming online has many advantages over gaming at a land-based casino.  One of the most important advantages is often overlooked.  It is the chance to play a wide variety of casino games, from slots to blackjack and on to Banana Jones, in the same session and without feeling that you can’t get back to your favorite game!

Can Slots Players Also Enjoy Blackjack?

Of course, they can!  In the several months since land-based casinos were shut down and many gamers had their first online casino experiences, many gamers have discovered the exquisite benefit of spreading their gaming wings to include many games that they never played when they were exclusively land-based casino gamers!

Some players always thought that a slots player was a slots player by personality and a blackjack player was a blackjack player by personality.  In fact, to some extent that is true!  But that doesn’t mean that a slots player can’t have a great time playing blackjack or a blackjack player can’t have a great time playing the slots.

One key to a broad range of casino fun is playing at Everygame Online Casino.  The other key is to embrace the personality traits of diverse gamers and then to embrace the games each type of gamer prefers!  That is the theme of this article: to show the different personality traits of gamers and to encourage everyone to embrace traits that they have to a lesser degree.

Curiosity Enlivens Casino Gaming

Slots players and blackjack players both have a world of curiosity.  Slots players tend to be curious about ancient cultures, high adventure, and colorful story lines while blackjack players tend to be curious about esoterica.  Blackjack players like the play of the game while slots players like the flow of the story line.

Online casino gaming gives gamers the chance to satisfy their curious nature by offering easy access to games like slots and blackjack or video poker, the players of which share  similar traits with blackjack players.

Desire to Improve in Everything They Do

Blackjack is a game of skill so, in order to get very good at it, players need to be dedicated to self-improvement.  Slots are a game of chance.  Many slots players become devoted to self-improvement through the simple mechanism of switching, even for a short time, to games of skill such as blackjack and video poker.

Similarly, the players of games of skill benefit greatly by switching for a time, however short, to games of chance like slots, roulette, and craps.  The games of chance give players a new perspective on gaming in general and relieves some of the built-up tension that grows during playing games of skill.


Who Doesn’t Believe in Luck?

Slots players love to call on Lady Luck!  Blackjack players like to claim that their game is a game of pure skill.  In fact, luck plays a large part in gamers’ ultimate success in blackjack.

This is true of all the games of skill.  Poker may be the game of skill par excellence and we all know that some hands end up as a bad beat!  This is the side that luck plays in games of skill.

Playing slots can help blackjack players appreciate luck and even to embrace it while playing blackjack gives gamers the chance to develop gaming skill.  In the modern world, where gamification is prominent in many erstwhile non-gamin g situations, developing an appreciation of skill can have wide and highly positive effects on the professional lives of many gamers!

Willingness to Try Out New Things

Slots players have hundreds of slots to choose from!  Online gaming gives slots lovers the chance to experience the widest range of slots in a single session.  This is almost impossible to do at a land-based casino since the terminal for a slot you might want to check out might be occupied for hours!

Nothing is ever occupied at all at Everygame Casino!  We have room for as many gamers as want to play any game!  So, our gamers develop a willingness to try out anything new or old!

Blackjack has the reputation for being a stodgy game.  You try to get to 21 without going over!  How varied is that?  Not very varied at all!  So, blackjack players do need a chance to let their hair down a bit and online gaming provides that opportunity all the time!

In the same vein, slots players do need to play some games that require close attention to detail, intense concentration, dedication to learning more, and the appreciation of the vale of being consistent.

Appreciating the Value of Money

This is a desirable character trait of all types of gamers.   It is not exclusive to slots players or to blackjack players.  However, there are some instances where gamers can get out of line financially.

  1. Gamers should never follow any betting system that calls for them to increase their bet after they lose.  These systems do not work in the long run.
  2. Gamers should always understand that there is a tradeoff between playing for a progressive jackpot and playing for a long time.  Betting the maximum on a progressive game might decrease the time you have top play in general.
  3. Gamers should always keep their bets in the most responsible range for their financial means.
  4. Responsible gaming has to be at the forefront of all casino gaming, be it on land or online.
  5. Players should stay down to Earth and not expect windfall wins.  Blackjack players are less inclined to fall into this trap so slots players should play other games too in order to fully experience gaming in its broadest sense and to avoid fantasizing about very elusive gigantic wins.

Blackjack Players Have to Maintain an Even Disposition

This is true even more so for poker players!  Gamers need to be patient.  That way they can play for fun above all and have fun gaming!

Blackjack Players Tend Not to Fantasize

If there ever was a good reason for blackjack players to play slots this is it!  Blackjack players need to experience the swings of fantasy—as they are expressed in the story line, not in the hopes of winning big— that slots players take for granted!

Blackjack Players Can Stay Focused for Long Periods of Time

This is a skill that everyone in our modern world should learn.  Slots are great fun but they don’t require deep and long term focus.  So slots players should try their hand at blackjack as often as they can!

A corollary of this idea is that blackjack players concentrate so hard that they tend to not get distracted.  This is a very good reason to play at Everygame Casino Red where there are no scantily-clad women to distract us.  Online gaming is good for slots players as well, as they tend to play too long when they are at land-based casinos, drink too much, and bet too high!

Play for Fun

Above all gamers need to develop the ability to play for fun!  Slots players have a lot to learn from the games of skill and people who generally prefer the games of skill have a lot to learn from slots.  The key is that each game can be and should be played strictly for fun!