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Travel Back to the Golden Age of Greek Mythology with Achilles Deluxe

How do you say “lots of fun” in Greek?  We don’t know either!  But if you play Achilles Deluxe, the newest game here at Everygame Casino, you will have a lot of fun and you might win one, or both, of the two random progressive jackpots or score big in one, or both, of the two free spins bonus rounds!

Games are Us

Gamers at Everygame Casino are used to being able to play many of our 300+ games in a session.  Online gaming is exceptionally convenient and lends itself to a perfect combination of the new, in this case the newest slot at Everygame Casino, and the old, namely ancient Greek mythology!

Who are the Most Famous People from Greek History?

We bet you said Zorba!  He is certainly one of the great characters of Greek literature.  We could suggest Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle but they were dry philosophers.  Achilles Deluxe chronicles the fierce warrior side of Achilles and also his softer side, the side that saw the great beauty in Helen and sought to free her from Paris the King of Troy who had “eloped” with her to Troy.

Achilles was the prominent hero of the Trojan Wars.  Greek soldiers learned how to fight with great bravery from him and also how to weep at a beautiful poem or song!

Achilles Deluxe Has Two Progressive Jackpots

These jackpots grow with each wager any gamer makes anywhere in the world.  You don’t have to be Greek to win one!  You don’t need to like souvlaki to win one although who doesn’t love souvlaki?  If you win one of these random progressive jackpots, you will be able to raise a shot of Ouzo to the gods of Greek mythology!


Who Joins Achilles in this Great, New Slot?

Helen is here of course as is her suitor, Paris.  Agamemnon, the King of Mycenae is also here.  By the way, Mycenae was an historical place and is the site of a long-term archaeological excavation!

The Wild Can Also Scatter

What does that mean?  Well, in Achilles Deluxe, there are two free spins bonus rounds.  One is triggered by the scatter symbol.  This is normal, you say.  This free spins bonus round gives you 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier.  Lucky gamers will retrigger this bonus round by getting three scatters again.

Three wild symbols acting like scatters and appearing anywhere on the five reels also send you to a free spins bonus round!  Until you get the three wild symbols, they act as all wild symbols do—giving you a lot of wins by taking over for all of the other symbols except the scatter.

When you get three wild symbols, you go to this additional bonus round.  First you have to choose an icon that hides the exact number of free spins you will get.  You can get 10, 15, or 25 free spins.  Now, all scatters become wild symbols in this bonus round and the multiplier is 3x!  No wonder Achilles Deluxe is becoming a classic even in its first month!

The Greek Temple is an Architectural Wonder

Millennia after the Golden Age of Greek culture and society, people flock to the islands and awe at the wondrous architecture!  The background in Achilles Deluxe captures a small portion of the grandness of Greek architecture.  It features a Greek Temple with the ornate columns and extravagance that was the aesthetic hallmark of Greece.

Twenty Paylines

Achilles Deluxe has twenty fixed paylines and a betting structure that makes it amenable to both gamers on a limited budget and gamers who can go for it all.  The lowest bet is one cent per line and the top bet is five dollars per line.  You can win either the minor progressive jackpot or the major jackpot with the minimum bet because these jackpots are random and go to lucky gamers, not to lucky big betting gamers.

The biggest win in Achilles Deluxe, aside from the random jackpots, is 40,000x the bet.  Now a $5 bet looks very good indeed!

Join Everygame Casino and Enjoy Achilles Deluxe

Everygame Casino Red has a gigantic welcome package for new players.  It can get all the way up to bonuses totaling $5555 if you take the maximum of the four deposit bonuses and then receive the no deposit bonus from Everygame Casino Red as the finishing bonbon.   

If you are a new gamer at Everygame Casino, you will discover in Achilles Deluxe the high level of imagination that goes into every new slot we run from Real Time Gaming.  You will come to look forward to each month’s new game.  What will RTG do with the wild symbol this month?  What will the free spins bonus round be like this month? 

In Achilles Deluxe, RTG has the wild symbol act like the wild symbol it is and also as a scatter, bringing you to one of the two free spins bonus rounds!  The scatters also take on the role of a wild symbol in one of the bonus rounds!  This month, next month, and every month, RTG will find a new way to both entertain gamers and to increase gamers’ chances of winning!

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