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How to Get the Most Fun out of Your New Bucket List

With a sign-up bonus package that can be worth as much as $5555, Everygame Casino has become known as the sign up bonus casino!  A lot of gamers came to Everygame and other online casinos when the land-based casinos they liked to play at had to shut down because of the virus.

Many gamers have found out the many advantages of playing at an online casino.  This may cause some gamers to continue to play at online casinos exclusively, it may cause some gamers to drastically reduce the time they spend at land-based casinos, or it may have no effect on these gamers’ casino activities once land-based casinos reopen.

What Will Happen to People’s Bucket Lists?

Let’s paint a fascinating scenario.  Some people will stop frequenting land-based casinos entirely.  Some will play much less at land-based casinos than they did before the coronavirus crisis.  We can expect that this change will have a large effect on people’s bucket lists.

After all, if you give yourself the gift of time by traveling a lot less often to a land-based casino, you will have more time to fulfill the items on your bucket list.

What about Crowds?

However, many people, especially people over 60 who ironically are the people most likely to have a long bucket list and the time to fulfill it, will still be living with the specter of the corona virus on their minds.

How will the size of crowds affect people as they try to fulfill their bucket lists?

The Need for New Bucket Lists

Clearly, if people are going to want to go to less crowded places, it will naturally affect their bucket lists in a big way.  People are going to rewrite their bucket lists for the short term which could actually last a few years!

Our older bucket lists featured exotic adventures, travel, and activities such as sleeping in an ice hotel, taking a long ocean cruise, or going to the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Going forward, people will rewrite their bucket lists to avoid crowded places.  This will have very interesting consequences.

Are Land-based Casinos Worth the Risk?

Naturally, we will start here in our discussion.  What will happen to the craps and roulette tables at most land-based casinos where the average player is in the older age bracket that might still be at greatest risk even after everyone else has little to no risk?

When will the banks of slot machines be filled from end to end and will older slots players sit at these machines when that day cones?  We see a slow but steady decrease in traffic to land-based casinos as people come to realize that they can enjoy gaming even more at Everygame Casino and that by eliminating land-based casinos from their list of yearly travel excursions, they can experience a much broader range of travel.

Paris or Ljubljana?

France has long been the most popular country for travelers and Paris is of course the pulsating center of France.  But Paris is crowded, as are London, Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, and many other cities in Europe and around the world.

We can envision travelers googling for the least crowded European cities that are worth visiting.  We recommend Ljubljana, Slovenia even though we readily admit that there are many wonderful off the beaten path cities in Europe.

Ljubljana is clean, the older area is amazingly well-maintained, the people are just about the friendliest people in Europe, and it is never exceptionally crowded!  Slovenia is a small country a very short drive from Venice and the northern part of Italy that shocked the world when it was closed in the very first days of the virus crisis.

Top Sports Leagues or Minor Sports Leagues?

In addition to being extremely expensive, teams in the top sports leagues regularly play in front of very large crowds.  In many places, there are lesser leagues that, while they do attract crowds in the low thousands, don’t get crowds anywhere close to the high tens of thousands that the big league teams draw.

A traveler in North America who wants to watch baseball games can find many leagues where the average crowd is very manageable from the standpoint of staying away from crowded areas.

National Parks or Local Parks

Every country has some national parks.  These are usually the places with the most extraordinary scenery.  National parks are better maintained than local parks. 

Still, every state has dozens of excellently parks with small crowds if any where people can fish, hike, ride horses or bicycles, swim and in general enjoy the great outdoors.  Most Americans live less than an hour’s drive from a fine state park that they have never visited!

Going forward, we think that the national parks might get less traffic and some state parks will get a small increase in traffic.


Amusement Parks Will See a Lot Fewer Seniors

Amusement parks, local fairs, and many other seasonal or year-round destinations that draw massive crowds might see fewer seniors for a few years to come.  Seniors might put a local county fair on its bucket list and postpone the trip to Disney World where 50,000 people or more come every day.

A great bucket list idea might be to visit every county fair in one’s state in the next five years or so!  Seeing someone’s prize heifer might be the highlight of a trip to a county fair as opposed to riding on the scary roller coaster at a regional amusement park but the heifer is safer than the ride!

Along with its many other attractions, Manhattan for decades has welcomed hundreds of thousands of people every day.  Many people are no longer coming to New York City on a daily basis whether for work or play.  It seems sensible that even if going to Broadway shows was once a major entry on some people’s bucket list, it might no longer be as the crowds of New York City may simply be too great for many older people.

There are hundreds of excellent places outside of New York to see shows and concerts so New York will likely see a decrease in travelers, going forward.

Fill Your Bucket List with Stay at Home Projects

We can learn to paint, cook, make pastries, sew, crochet, learn to play, read, and compose music and probably hundreds of other things that we can do right at home!  So, why not fill the new bucket list with at home projects?  You might find that your less frequent travels are more exciting and fun and the things you do at home are as satisfying as anything that might have been on your bucket list before corona.

It All Starts with a Change of Gaming Approach

All of this talk about a new bucket list assumes that some people will not go back to the way we were even after countries reopen on a large scale.   Some will try to avoid big crowds and there are an innumerable number of great and exciting things you can do far from the madding crowd! 

Playing online casino games at Everygame Casino Red instead of going to a land-based casino is a major step in the direction of creating a new bucket list for the post-corona millennium.

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