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How Online Gaming at Everygame Casino Can Reduce Stress

One of the biggest results of the corona virus crisis is that people are becoming even more health conscious than they were before.  We talk about wearing masks, social distancing, and protecting our elder family members.  YouTube is full of advice on healthy diets and eating programs for a long and healthy life.

It is ironic that a lot of the information in these YouTube clips is contradicts the information in other clips.  Some talk about the benefits of a high fat diet while others talk about the benefits of a low fat diet.  The same is true of high protein or high carbs versus low protein and low carbs.  The one item that all of the people giving advice agree on is that reducing stress is a must for long term health!

The Role of Online Casino Gaming in Reducing Stress

Here is exactly where Everygame Casino has a major role to play!  Playing games is a great way to reduce stress and playing the online games we offer here at Everygame Casino is a great way to get the health benefits of playing games!  The key for us here is to find out exactly how gaming at an online casino can be a healthy activity for us over the long haul.

Why People Have Stress

This seems too obvious even for words!  Yet, when we try to explain the causes of stress we can only come up with clichés like “everyday life”.  In fact, it is everyday life taken as a whole that causes a lot of stress.  Playing games has been shown for millennia to be a way to relieve stress.

The Ancients Played Games

As much stress as we may feel in the modern world, the ancients must have felt even more stress.  They didn’t always know if they would eat in the next 24 hours or where the food might be coming from.  They didn’t have the kind of shelter from the elements that we have today.  They suffered more form high heat or deep cold than we do.  Their life expectancy was less than half ours!

And through it all the ancients played games!  Chess, checkers, GO, even card games like poker had origins in the distant past.  There is a game we can buy today at the local toy store that uses small plastic balls.  This game is based on a game that people played thousands of years ago using small pebbles instead of the little balls we make today in a factory.

In other words, people have always known that games are a good way to get one’s mind off of our daily pressures.


Pay Attention to the News

We hear that many people are so upset by the tension-causing news every day that they have sworn off of watching the news!  This actually increases tension for a very large number of people!  We should budget the amount of time we will spend “paying attention” to the news but we have to give the news some of our attention.  Otherwise we will spend even more time worrying about things we don’t know anything about!

Decide What You Will Pay Attention To

A key part of reducing stress is to make a conscious decision as to what we will pay attention to.  This is just as important in our everyday lives as it is in a game of poker, blackjack, or video poker.  Even when we play slots, which don’t have an element of skill, we benefit by paying attention to the story line and to the characters. 

Slots are highly creative games that our game provider, Real Time Gaming, works hard to perfect every month.  They have teams working on the next wave of new slots and we as gamers benefit from paying attention to the creative process as it is manifested by the finished game itself!

Slots play can get our own creative juices going as we try to emulate the obviously creative elements in the games we play.  In a very real sense, creativity begets creativity!

Stay in the Present Moment

No one can completely stay in the present moment.  We have all kinds of thoughts relating to our many other responsibilities and activities that inevitably intrude on our desire to stay in the moment. 

Two aspects of staying in the present moment relate directly to gaming as a practical way to do so to the fullest extent possible.  The first element is fun.  When we are having fun, we tend to block out extraneous thoughts for the present moment.  This happens when we go to a good standup comedy show or watch it on YouTube or television.  It happens in every other form of entertainment as well.

Sports Can be Pure Entertainment

Sports present an interesting side to the use of fun as a way of staying in the moment.  When two teams are competing for a championship, the fans who are watching just for fun but don't really care who wins have more “fun” than fans of the teams who do very much care who wins!

Online casino gaming at its best is a fun activity.  While you do care who “wins” namely that you prefer that you win, if you are managing your money and your time well, you will still have fun even if luck eludes you this time!  Fun at online casino gaming has to be the first priority.

Setting Budgets Reduces Stress

That’s why we talk often about setting financial and time budgets for gaming.  Gaming has a very important place but we fully acknowledge that it doesn’t have the exclusive place for how you spend your time.  Online gaming at Everygame Casino Red has many advantages over gaming at a land-based casino and one of the biggest advantages is that you can far more easily budget time and money for online gaming.

Budgeting time and money for land-based casino gaming is a lot harder as your travel schedule might have a lot to say about the time side of your gaming and the luck or lack thereof in the opening hour of what you had hoped might be 48 or so hours of gaming might cut into your monetary resolve!

In this very real way, online casino gaming can be very helpful in reducing stress while land-based casino gambling often increases stress.

Relieve Stress by Avoiding Distractions

We have long contended that gaming at a land-based casino has many more distractions than gaming online.  Before we get into that, we should talk about why avoiding distractions helps keep our minds in the moment.

By definition, a distraction is something that takes our minds out of the moment and places it on something else.  In a sense, a distraction exchanges one moment for another.  The difference is that so many distractions are undesired distractions.

Desire and Gaming

A distraction can be desired or undesired.  Anyone who lives close to an airport or train tracks knows that the noise from airplanes and trains is an undesired distraction.  Seeing sexy women in skimpy clothing, as is so common in land-based casinos, is a welcome distraction to many people. 

Distractions can cause stress either by intruding in the case of an undesired distraction or by making us aware of our own limits.  The women in short skirts at a land-based casino are nothing more than food for thought.  The thoughts we should be having are on the games themselves.

There is, then, some tension between the thoughts the distractions cause and the thoughts we wish to have.  This causes stress.  When you play at Everygame Casino online, you can eliminate all outside distractions.  If your significant other wishes to get your attention away from the games, you can easily give in to the “distraction” and turn it into a desire.  After all, Everygame Casino will be there whenever you want to play our games!

Everygame Casino Says Welcome

We have a great package of deposit and no deposit bonuses for new players.  The total of all the bonuses can get up as high as $5555!  After the welcome bonuses, we continue to offer many bonuses, great games, a new slot every month, and much more.

The flexibility inherent in online gaming makes it very easy to use gaming as a healthy way to relieve stress and have a lot of fun at the same time!