a chef cooking and playing Everygame Casino on his phone at the same time

How to Multitask by Gaming and Cooking at the Same Time

Online casino gaming offers so many opportunities to gamers that land-based casino gambling does not offer.  One of the many things gamers at Everygame EU can do is multitask. 

Everygame Casino sees online gaming as a fun activity or pastime.  Gaming should always be one of many activities a healthy gamer does in the course of a week or month.  It is sad that this is so different for gamblers at land-based casinos where people go for a few days and spend many hours literally gambling.

In this article, we will begin a tongue-in-cheek look at an Online Casino Cookbook.  We are having fun and we hope you have fun along with us.  We would also like to hear your responses to our effort at multitasking while gaming.

Multitasking Should be Fun

An English teacher once asked his class if anyone could explain what a chore is.  In the end, the teacher explained that a chore is a household activity that has to be done but that people don’t like doing.  If someone does like doing it, it isn’t a chore.

No one thinks that gaming is a chore.  We play online casino games specifically because they are fun.  Many people think that cooking is a chore.  There’s a lot of standing, stirring, waiting for the watched pot to boil, chopping, peeling, and a lot more!  It takes so long to make a meal and so little time to eat it!

Here we will make a wild assumption that either you like to cook or you would like to learn to like to cook!  We will start with some easy multitasking efforts that combine perfectly well with online casino gaming.

Why We Eat

This is as puh-huh a question as there is!  We eat because we get hungry, we need to nourish our bodies, and the kids scream if we don’t give them food!  All of these are not quite the correct answer. 

We do eat because we get hungry but we also eat a lot when we aren’t hungry.  We do eat to nourish our bodies but we have to admit that many people are over-nourished!  The kids do scream if we don’t give then food but they also scream if we give them broccoli.  Check out this hilarious bit from Michael McIntyre if you think kids revel at the sight of broccoli! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX61JSXLl_Q

Responsible eating and responsible gaming may come from the same source: the need to nourish and entertain and the need to do so within a specific healthy framework.  So, let’s see what we can produce while we play online casino games here at Everygame EU.

How to Make Perfect Spaghetti

You have to decide if you want the spaghetti to be a bit chewy or soft.  The chewy spaghetti is called al dente in Italian.  It does not mean that you’ll have to visit a dentist after eating it.  It simply means that the strands are a bit chewy.

You need to follow the instructions on the package carefully.  First, measure the right amount of water. Then set the pot to boil.  It will take a couple of minutes to boil, just enough time to play a few hands of video poker or blackjack.  We like to play multi-hand video poker when we are waiting for the pot to boil.  There’s nothing better than getting a good starting hand and watching the wins pile up before we go back to our pot of spaghetti to be.

After the water boils, put in the spaghetti.  Now set your timer for the exact number of minutes it will take to get the spaghetti to the consistency you want.  When your alarm clock goes “ding” shut off the flame, take the pot off the flame, and cool the spaghetti in cold water.


How to Make Perfect Spaghetti Sauce

There once was a cookbook of Cajun food that said that making a gumbo should be a “happy time”.  To that end, the cookbook recommended preparing all of the vegetables for the gumbo the day before because the actual cooking of the gumbo takes a lot of time and constant stirring.

Making a spaghetti sauce should also be a happy time.  You should prepare the vegetables in advance.  Then, when it is time to make the sauce, you heat up some oil, put in the onions and celery first, then any other veggies you want followed by the tomato sauce and then you leave it for quite some time on a very low flame. 

This will give you time to play a few spins on a selection of slots!  Some gamers like to select the slots they will play in advance while other gamers like to go with the flow.  In any case, set your timer for five minutes and go to the sauce pan and give the sauce a stir after five minutes.

Repeat the process after four more minutes, then after three minutes, and then as needed.  Each interval gives you a chance to catch up with the slots you like or with Banana Jones! 

If you are adding meat to the sauce, we suggest braising the meat in a separate pan until the outsides turn a bit darker than the insides and then spoon the beef into the sauce.

If the flame is low enough, you won’t have to check up on it every few minutes.  Let the meat simmer with the veggies and your nose will tell you when it is time to shut down the sauce.  Supper’s ready!

The Perfect Baked Salmon

This recipe is so easy we hesitated before deciding to finish this first entry in our gaming cookbook with the perfect salmon recipe.  You will need salmon filets.  It could be a large filet that fits in an oven pan or smaller filets.  Either way, the salmon should fit the pan perfectly.

Now season the salmon delicately.  You want some seasoning but not so much that the gentle flavor of the fish is over-run by herbs and spices.  There really is no limit to the kinds of herbs or spices you can use but it’s best to stick with one or two seasoning flavors.  You can experiment with rosemary next time!

By the way, rosemary works great!

Cover the fish with a little oil and possibly a very small amount of Himalayan salt.  Pre-heat the oven to 330 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 centigrade.  When the oven is ready, put the fish in uncovered.  Set your timer for exactly twenty minutes and let your mind be at peace as the fish will come out perfect every time without your fussing and fretting over it!

When the clock strikes twenty minutes, take the fish out no questions asked. It will be perfect.

And in the meantime, you have enjoyed a nice little gaming session with the aroma of slowly cooking fish in the air!

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We hope to add another few cooking items in an upcoming article. Perhaps next time we should go vegan!  In any case, making great meals is the perfect complement to having a great time gaming!