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How to Have the Most Fun Gaming

Whether you are a long-time gamer here at Everygame Casino, or you have just signed up and are in the process of availing yourself of our massive Welcome Package worth up to $5555, the same question arises after you sit down, or curl up, and enter your Everygame login: Now what?

Here at Everygame Casino, we know that many gamers just like to play our large selection of online casino games.  Other gamers like to learn more about the games.   For our part, we love giving out good advice to gamers. 

As much as there is a place for the “come on down” kind of writing, there is also a place for sober yet humorous writing about the many aspects of gaming that many players may not know or may not give their proper attention.

So, here are a few bits of advice we deemed important to give our gamers.

Stay within a True and Fair Budget

We talk about the importance of setting wagering and time budgets.  Here we will talk about getting the most out of gaming on a small budget.

If the most important goal of online casino gaming is to have fun, then the size of one’s bets really does matter!  There is nothing at all wring with making low stakes bets.  In video poker, where you need to bet the maximum to collect the big return for a Royal Flush, you can play single hand video poker instead of multi-hand.

The betting range in slots may be quite broad.  Again, in progressive jackpot games, players have to bet the maximum to qualify for the progressive jackpot.  So for many players, the best way to play progressive jackpot slots is to decide in advance exactly how many spins to take on these slots and then to move to a different game.

You can play roulette for large suns or for small stakes.   A lot of the fun lies in the anticipation on every spin of the wheel.  So, for many players, it might be best to make even money bets.  By making these bets, you will be almost even with the house especially in European Roulette and it will take just a little bit of luck to put your gaming session in the black.


Enter Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments are just about the purest form of online gaming entertainment.  That’s because the buy-in fees are so low!  Some slots tournaments have no buy-in fee at all!  Of course, the low buy-in fees means that the prize money is also low.  There are no progressive jackpots in online slots tournaments!

What these tournaments do offer is a lot of gaming fun on a low budget.  Players love to see their names or monikers on the leaderboard!  We at Everygame Casino Red run so many slots tournaments that you can play in just the tournaments and have a great time gaming here.

Use Bonuses

A bonus is a chance to use the casino’s own money in your gaming!  This doesn’t sound like much but let’s look at it.  If you can deposit $500 and get a 100% bonus, now you have $1000 to play with.  It means that you can play for twice the amount of time by taking the bonus!  Half of the time you will be using the casino’s money to bet!

Try to Conserve Bonus Money

Some gamers feel that they can make the most gambling bets when they are using the casino’s money via a bonus.  In reality, once you take the bonus, the money is actually yours.  There are rules about wagering requirements you need to meet before you can withdraw money from a bonus but the money is still yours in the same way that a house that is heavily mortgaged is yours even though technically it belongs to the bank!

So, we tell gamers to use bonuses as much as they can.  It is even often desirable to wait a while before making a deposit until a bonus offer comes around instead of simply making another deposit without a bonus!

Stay Local

We have spoken many times about the many benefits of online gaming over gaming at a land-based casino.  Still, we understand that many gamers do like the atmosphere and amenities at land-based casinos.

Here we offer what we think is really good advice to gamers who just have to go to a land-based casino: stay local!  There are so many land-based casinos these days that there is no good reason to make a long weekend trip to a faraway casino rather than spending a few hours at most at a local casino.

Wherever you live, there is probably a casino within 100 mils of your home.  With high speed roads, it takes next to nothing timewise to travel 100 miles, spend a happy half day at the casino and drive back.

Everything you want from a land-based casino is available locally and you won’t be spending your hard-earned vacation money on a casino weekend.  We even suggest making a full day of it with a touristy stop on the way to the casino and another touristy stop on the way home!

Small towns have tremendous charm!  You can shop in local shops!  A lot depends on the local economy, of course, but many small towns have a quilt shop, a fudge emporium, a micro-brewery, a small winery, or a small distillery, and many other attractions that you will miss if you fly into a casino hub.

Learn the Basic Strategy for Every Game You Want to Play

Every blackjack variation, every video poker variation, even roulette each have basic strategies.  There aren’t any basic strategies in slots since slots are a game of pure chance.

When you play slots, you should pay attention to the story lines.  By doing so, you will discover one of the great advantages of online gaming here at Everygame Casino Red: that you can go from slot to slot easily and quickly and you can come back to any game whenever you want to.

As far as learning basic strategy is concerned, in video poker and in blackjack, there are computer-generated correct strategies for every possible hand!  We advise our gamers to always learn the basic strategy before playing for real money.  After all, we also offer unlimited free play while you get used to the differences between the game you are playing possibly for the first time and the similar yet different game of the same genre that you have played many times!

Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated, Eat Properly, Get Enough Sleep

In other words: have a life!  Gaming is a part of a well-rounded life!  Gaming is not the be all and end all of life!  It is far more important to stay healthy, and make sure about all of the other life-giving elements than it is to play casino games whether on land or online.

Play less if you have to but take care of yourself.  Now, more than ever, we are learning about the importance of having a strong immune system.

A little alcohol is okay but not the free alcohol they pour by the drinkful at land-based casinos and never while gaming.  Instead of alcohol, drink water or real fruit or vegetable juice.  The important thing is to stay hydrated, not to marinate your blood!

Pizza is fine of an evening with friends but it is not fine as the staple of any healthy diet.

Land-based casinos don’t have windows!  This encourages gamers to stay in the casino gaming away long after nightfall and long after they should have re-energized with a healthy meal and some relaxation before sleep.

Everygame Casino Welcomes New Gamers

We have many promotions that serve the needs of all of our gamers!  New gamers can get bonuses that reach the stratosphere at up to $5555!  After new players get their new player bonuses, they join the myriads of gamers who get bonuses, play in tournaments, surf the casino, play new games and old, and always have a great time!