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What Do the Top Slots for September Have in Common?

The most popular slots at Everygame Casino for the month of September give us some insight as to what gamers find at an online casino that they can’t find at a land based casino.

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What Do Gamers Do with Their Bonus Money?

Well, they play 300 or more online casino games!  There are many advantages to gaming online and the ready availability of over 300 games at Everygame Casino is just one of those advantages.

This is the perfect segue into a short discussion of the five most popular slots at Everygame in September.

How Did Gamers Get to All of These Slots?

Online casino gamers learn to surf the casino looking for games they would like to try out or to play for a period of time.  The fact that the slots we will review here are the top five slots for September does not mean that all the other slots are unpopular!  It means, to a large degree, that when gamers were perusing our casino, they came across these slots and liked them so much that they spent a little extra time spinning those reels before possibly moving on to a different game or closing the gaming session.

Now we can learn a little about these slots and maybe we’ll see some good reasons why gamers liked them so much that they stayed playing them longer than they stayed at other slots or games.

Which Slots Led the “Leaderboard” of Slots in September?

Here is the happy list:

  1. Diamond Fiesta
  2. Achilles Deluxe
  3. Plentiful Treasure
  4. Cash Bandits 2
  5. Cash Bandits 3

Now let’s see what aspects of these games players’ liked the most—in September.

Slots Players Like Themes about Different Cultures

The first three slots on our list feature different cultures.  Plentiful Treasure has a Chinese theme and Achilles Deluxe takes us back to the renowned Trojan War in which Achilles led the Greek warriors in an astounding victory over the army of the King of Troy, who had taken the lovely Helen s his bride.

Diamond Fiesta is another in a long line of successful slots with a Mexican theme.

The two Cash Bandits slots are more about looking at serious matters with a humorous eye than they are about different cultures.


Slots Players Love Big Jackpots

Another area that these slots have in common is that they all feature big jackpots.  In a few of them, the jackpots are entirely random which means that you can win a jackpot at any time, even after a losing spin!

Usually a slot with random jackpots will have two such jackpots—generally called the Minor and the Major jackpots.  Plentiful Treasure has four random jackpots—Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand!

It could be that players with a lot of time on their hands in September because of the lack of indoor seating at restaurants and pubs took to jackpot slots especially hoping to hit one of the random jackpots.

Modern Video Slots Feature Amazing Creativity and Graphics

If a gamer were simply surfing our casino and they came across any of the five slots we are talking about, they would be very likely to linger at these slots before moving on to another game.  The graphics in these slots are simply awesome!

Diamond Fiesta is a slot that uses great graphics to “teach” non-Mexicans about the Day of the Dead celebration.

You might think: How could a Day of the Dead be a celebration?  The educational side of the game is that the Day of the Dead is a very strange—even macabre—way to celebrate one’s deceased ancestors!  The slot features skeletal renditions of faces in addition to many other icons of Mexican culture.

Diamond Fiesta

The Mexican people who celebrate this day wear ghoulish masks and have a feast in loving memory of their ancestors.  This might seem like a wild way to pay homage to ancestors!  As wild as that is, the wild symbol in Diamond Fiesta also doubles as the scatter.

In the free spins bonus round, the reels can expand from the basic 5 by 3 arrangement by as large as an 8 by 4 arrangement.  The diamonds are the main feature of the bonus rounds and the jackpot can get as high as 800x the wager.

In addition to the cultural traditions of the Mexican people, Diamond Fiesta also features the colorful traditional clothing of the Mexican people.  The indigenous culture in Mexico lives large and Diamond Fiesta is one way an online casino like Everygame Casino Red can bring the vibrant traditions of Mexico to people all over the world!

Plentiful Treasure

As we said earlier, Plentiful Treasure has four jackpots.  The game also has two wild symbols!  The first is called the Boa because the word boa means treasure in Chinese.  The second wild symbol is the pearl which carries a 5x multiplier.

When the boa and the pearl combine forces on the third reel, gamers go to the Gold Coin Feature.  Here twelve gold coins appear.  The gamer has to choose coins and if they get three that match, they win a jackpot!

A slot based on Chinese culture must have great graphics.  Graphics are one of the many top level hallmarks of Real Time Gaming, our single game provider, and Plentiful Treasure is simply another slot from RTG with amazing graphics!

Achilles Deluxe

Perhaps the most famous military story in all of history is the story of the Trojan Horse!  Achilles led a force of Greek soldiers to bring Helen back to her native land.

Achilles Deluxe is a recognition of the bravery of the soldiers who fought for Helen.

One of the enduringly popular features of Achilles Deluxe is that the scatter symbol acts as a wild symbol in the free spins bonus round.

Cash Bandits 2 and Cash Bandits 3

Now, you might ask: Where is Cash Bandits 1?  Well, gamers seem to really enjoy the second and third versions in the Cash Bandits series!  Cash Bandits 2 offers up to 190 free spins with a maximum multiplier of 17x.  Cash Bandits 2 also has two random jackpots.

Cash Bandits 3 takes these features far afield!  The number of free spins has grown to a potential 390 and the maximum multiplier grows to 23x!  In addition, the jackpot increases to potentially 115,000x the bet!

Everygame Casino Has 200 Great Slots

These may have been the top five slots in September in terms of number of spins.  October may feature Halloween themed slots, of which we have several.  November and December may feature Christmas and wintery slots.

The point is that Everygame Casino Red has slots for every season and taste!  Gamers love spreading their wings at our online casino instead of being rooted to one slot as happens so often in land-based casinos.

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