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How to Get the Most Perks from Everygame Casino

One way of looking at online gaming is that gamers get more of some things and less of other things.  Everygame Casino gamers get more online games since online casinos have unlimited space and can add as many games as they want without needing to take a game out. 

At land-based casinos, you might want to play a very popular slot and, even though the casino has several terminals of that slot, they might all be occupied when you get to the casino and want to play it!

I’ve Been Given the Gift of Time

When you play at an online casino, you can budget your time to play a few times a week for short periods of time.  At land-based casinos, you go for a long weekend or a full day and you want to get as much gambling in as possible.

Thus, online gaming is a lot more amenable to people who have so many interests that there aren’t enough hours in the day for them!

Your Comp Points are Worth a Lot More Online

Both online and land-based casinos offer comp points programs.  The points accumulate quickly at both types of casinos.  There are two big differences between comp points programs at online and at land-based casinos.

First of all, many players come to a land-based casino only infrequently, possibly a couple of times a year.  Online gamers can play a little several times a week.  So, your comp points will grow faster at an online casino even if they grow at the same rate per spin or hand.

Secondly, your comp points are calculated automatically whenever you use the Everygame Casino login to access your account.  You can never lose comp points by forgetting your player card at home when you go to a land-based casino!

Everygame Casino Makes Many Bonus Offers

We can take a look at the Everygame Casino promotions and new player set of bonuses to see how much more of the casino’s money you can play with.  The new player bonuses are actually four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus to top it off.

  1. With your initial deposit you get a 125% bonus for up to $1000.
  2. With your second deposit, your bonus goes to 150% up to $1500.
  3. The third bonus is again 125% up to $1000.
  4. The fourth deposit bonus is for 150% up to $2000.
  5. Then Everygame Casino adds a cherry on top in the form of a $55 no deposit bonus.

It all adds up to a potential windfall of $5555 in casino bonuses.


Why is This Better at Everygame than at a Land-based Casino?

This series of bonuses and every deposit bonus we offer carries a wagering requirement.  This is necessary so that a few gamers won’t take a bonus and cash out immediately.  Any bonus you might get at a land-based casino will also have a wagering requirement.

The difference is that it takes some time to work off the wagering requirement.  Online gamers at Everygame Casino Red have as much time as they need to work off the wagering requirements since they don’t have to travel to the casino to play.

Anyone who gets a bonus at a land-based casino has to work off the wagering requirement in the short time they are there or they have to wait until they come back to the casino to be able to withdraw winnings.  Some people never come back to a land-based casino. 

What Do Land-based Casinos Give that Online Casinos Don’t Give?

  1. Land-based casinos give travel expenses.  This might be air fare and hotel accommodations or they might just be driving costs. 
  2. Land-based casinos give free alcoholic drinks so players can lose their inhibitions enough to lose control of their gambling.  Gamblers lose a lot more after getting a couple of drinks than the drinks cost the casino.
  3. Land-based casinos give gamers the opportunity to stay in one seta at one terminal for an interminable length of time.
  4. Land-based casinos make it easy for players to lose track of day and night by not having any windows.
  5. Land-based casinos give players the chance to spend more money gambling since they might have a couple of days left in the casino even after their first bankroll is gone.
  6. Land-based casinos do have an exciting atmosphere. 
  7. Land-based casinos have many more distractions than online casinos have.

In short, we feel that online gaming far outweighs any benefits players might have at a land-based casino.

Online Casinos Let You Try out Games for Free

Online casinos have unlimited free play.  Most gamers like the excitement of putting some money on the outcome of a game.  However, we always stress that since we have so many games on offer here at Everygame Casino, that it actually makes sense to pay any game that you aren’t familiar with in free play mode first.  Then when you are a lot more familiar with the game, you can play it for real money.

Online Casinos Offer Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is now more popular than desktop gaming.  Mobile is so popular that some land-based casinos now offer a mobile platform in the hotel.  So, people can travel to a land-based casino and play on the hotels mobile platform! 

Why not just stay at home?

Online Gaming Makes Money Management a Lot Easier

We touched on this a bit earlier.  When you play online, you can and should set a budget of time and money.  Then you can go on to any of the many other things you need to do or want t do.

Since Everygame Casino is always on call, as it were, you never have to invest many hours and a lot of money gaming.  Small sessions and small gaming bankrolls will often be enough to satisfy your gaming “sweet tooth”.

Online Gaming Encourages Gamers to Develop Interests

We spoke about gaming for a short time and then going on to the things you need to do or want to do.  Online gaming actually can help push gamers in the direction of hobbies or other interests.  Since most online gaming is done at home, you can use the time at home to learn how to cook exotic dishes that you can whip up after a session.

Invite friends over and show off you newly found culinary talents!

If cooking is the last thing you want to learn there are still thousands of other fine hobbies or interests you can develop in parallel and in a complementary way with gaming!


Land-based casino gambling is a single-minded activity while online casino gaming at Everygame Casino can be part of a well-rounded person’s daily and weekly activity!

We offer so much gaming fun and we invite everyone who is not yet a gamer here at Everygame to join NOW!