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How to Manage Your Gaming Time and Money

We have said many times that it is a lot easier to manage one’s gaming budget in both time and money when you play at a casino online such as Everygame Casino.  We still receive inquiries as to how to best go about budgeting time and money for online casino gaming.  So, we are devoting this article to a few good tips for both managing your money and managing your time.

Look for Bonuses

Of all the online casino promotions—and online casinos offer many great promotions—deposit bonuses are probably the most cost effective promotions.  If you are interested in budgeting your money for gaming, accepting deposit bonuses is one of the best ways to do so.

Many bonuses are for 100% or more of your deposit.  This means that, to a certain extent, you are playing for free when you use the casino’s bonus money.

Have a Separate Gaming Fund

We could also say that you should have a separate entertainment fund since gaming should always be a form of entertainment.  Still, we feel that your gaming budget should be separate from your overall entertainment fund.

Casino gaming is different than going to a concert or a sporting event.  It is also quite a bit less expensive if you manage your gaming budget well.  And if you manage your gaming budget well, you will likely have some money left over for other forms of entertainment!

Prioritize Spending

One of the reasons we encourage gamers to set up a separate gaming fund is because true money management requires that you prioritize all of your spending.  Very few people like to do this!  But it is necessary to do it if you want to keep your finances in good shape.

It is also important to document where and when you spend money.  You might find that you spend too much on some groceries, on end of season clothing sales, or on any of the hundreds of things you buy either regularly or occasionally.

One of the secrets of “wealthy” people is that they give money the attention it deserves.  Many people find it hard to give money the attention it deserves.  If you teach yourself to do so, you will be well on your way to good money management.

Decide What you Can Live Without

When you prioritize spending, you decide what is a necessity and what is a luxury.  In short, making a priority list also forces players to choose what things they can do with either less of or without altogether.

This includes everything you spend money on.  For instance, if you feel that you are spending too much money on restaurants, you can not only cut down on restaurant eating but you can also start to spend more time cooking at home.

You will look through recipes.  You will experiment with herbs and spices. And you will invite your friends to have dinner at Restaurant Me instead of at Restaurant Too Expensive.

Your Investment Fund Requires Constant Feeding

In order to be secure financially over the long run, we need to save and invest money.  We encourage gamers to set up a separate investment fund.  Even if the fund starts out small, you can watch it grow bigger over time.

One way to manage your gaming budget and also to grow your investment fund is to put all winnings in your investment fund.  Never play casino games with last week’s winnings.  Your gaming budget should be responsible and take into account the need to add to it if you lose.

It is very tempting to increase one’s bets if you have been on a long winning streak.  Sound money management doesn’t allow for you to increase bet size when you are being lucky.  These winnings need to go to your savings or investment fund.


Play a Variety of Games

If you play the same game for a long stretch of time, you will tend to play too fast.  You know the age well so you play mindlessly.  We encourage gamers to roam about the casino.  You will discover games you have not played.  You will take an interest in learning about the game.

Slower play is a good way to stretch a gaming budget.  Playing in free play mode is also a good way to stretch your gaming budget.  We offer unlimited free play so you can use it to become familiar with a new game before you put real money on it.

Use Correct Strategy

It is extremely important to trust the results of millions of hands in blackjack and video poker.  Using the best strategy in the games of skill comes down to money management.   The cliché is to not “throw good money after bad”.  Using the best strategy in the games of skill is the opposite; it is throwing good money after good!

Never Use a Betting System

The internet is full of people selling a “guaranteed” betting system.  There are also many people on the internet explaining why betting systems don’t work.  Accept the reality that betting systems will not work in the long run.

Time is of the Essence

Managing money well may not be enough.  We need to budget and manage our time to get the most fun out of our gaming for the best length of time and at the most reasonable cost!

Audit Your Time

What do you spend time on and how much time do you spend on these things?

Take nothing for granted. Don’t say I’ll watch tv;  say I’ll watch one show, then I’ll read a chapter in my book,  then I’ll prepare a shopping list.

It doesn’t matter exactly what you do.  More important is to realize that you do it and perhaps you will want to do more of it and less gaming or less of it and more gaming.

By auditing your time, you will find out how long it really takes to do things.  It is important to know how long it takes to do things in order to prioritize your time for gaming or any other activity.

We also encourage gamers to adopt the mantra:  “The more you do the more you do”!  This alone might encourage gamers to find interesting activities as an addition to sound gaming time management.

Gaming is Not a Solution for Boredom

Don’t use gaming to fill time when you’re bored.   Gaming should be a fun time and bored people aren’t having fun.  If you’re bored, find out how you can get unbored.

As we just said, finding fun activities is a very good solution for boredom.  Gaming is just one of many activities you can adopt as fun and interesting things to do.  Put gaming on your to do list and check it off when the session is over.  Just as we all know taht we should stop eating before we are full, we should stop any activity before we are  “full”.

For any activity, it is often better to budget less time and work up to a longer session.

Eliminate Distractions

People can be a distraction but so can a dripping faucet or a ticking clock.  Any firm of worry is also a distraction.  Your time will be better spent when you fix the drip and take care of the things that are worrying you.

Tilt is a very damaging distraction.  Deal with tilt.   Tilt takes away from your time more than from your money.

Take Care of Number One

Take a break halfway through a session.  Drink a little water every few minutes

Don’t drink alcohol while gaming.   Get good exercise and sleep.  Take a real vacation.

This last piece of advice is our way of saying that if you play the casino games here at Everygame Casino Red, instead of at a land-based casino, you will probably find the money and time management tips we have given you here easier to follow.

And, you will be able to have  really great non-gaming vacation as well!