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How to Use Sound money Management to Increase Fun

Let’s talk about the interesting connection between sound money management and fun.  As an online casino, Everygame Casino naturally sees the connection as it relates to playing online casino games.  However, the connection between good financial management and fun applies to many areas of life!

Let’s take a look.

Online Casino Gaming is Rooted in Fun

When a person travels to a land-based casino, they consider it an excursion.  Most people spend two or three days away from home at a land-based casino.  People on a three day trip to a casino might have a great time.  They might just as easily lose all of their bankroll early on.  Three days at a casino may be too long and they might get bored.  Finally, people at land-based casinos might play only a few games despite being in the casino for several hours every day.

At an online casino, no one thinks of “going to the casino” as an excursion.  People think of it as a pastime or as a diversion.  No one ever gets very bored while playing at an online casino since they can always stop and come back the next day, the next week, or whenever it suits their fancy.

Online casino gamers might lose their bankroll but their online gaming bankroll should naturally be smaller than the bankroll with which they come to a land-based casino.  For one thing, online gaming might take an hour or less of a busy person’s day.  Even people with a lot of time on their hands are unlikely to spend as much time at an online casino as they would spend at a land-based casino.

Online Gamers Play a Lot of Games

It is so much easier to play an assortment of games at an online casino.  All you have to do is go to that game and play!  Since play in any form is considered an essential part of fun, we can safely say that online casino gaming is normally more fun than playing at a land-based casino.

What Does This Have to Do with Good Money Management?

Managing one’s money is not such an easy thing to do.  Many people despair even of balancing their checkbook.  However, everyone agrees that for the most part, fun costs money.  The key is to decide how much money to spend on having fun and where the money will come from.

As you might have guessed the two most essential aspects of sound money management are budgeting wisely—that is, deciding how much to spend—and finding out where the money is coming from.

So, if you are pursuing fun, you will need to budget your money wisely and spend only money you have, money that is available for fun.

The flip side of this coin is that if you are budgeting your money wisely, you will be free of financial tension and anxiety and you will be left with many opportunities for fun!

Are There Really Life Hacks that Connect Fun to Good Money Management?

Indeed, there are!  Here are a few ways that good money management can lead directly to fun.


  1. Make a shopping list when you go to the supermarket and stick to it.  First of all, making the list can also be fun.  Sticking to the list gives you the satisfaction of staying the course.  Staying the course allows you to leave your concerns and live in the moment.  Living in the moment is one of the essential necessities for having fun!

  2. Save some money every day.  Saving money will allow you to splurge on something that your wouldn’t have been able to afford if you hadn’t saved the money.

  3. Have a few “savings” accounts.  One can be for splurges.  One can be for investment.  One can be for very long term planning. 

  4. If you save a little money every day, you will probably need to give something up that you spend money on now.  It might be an excursion to a land-based casino.  It might be a reduced budget for online gaming.  It might be an expensive bottle of wine.  The key is to not just accept spending less; it is to fully enjoy the things that you can still spend money on, to relish them and to revel in them!

  5. Play games.  This is obvious but it needs to be repeated.  People generally love playing games.  Everygame Casino Red also offers unlimited free play so you can play in the least costly manner.

Good Money Management Leads to Good Time Management

Let’s say that you budget $100 for online gaming.  You can make a single bet for the entire sum or you can make many smaller bets.  You can decide how many bets of a given amount you can make in the time you allot for gaming.  So, if you set aside both the one hundred dollars and, say, a half an hour, you might find that you can make $0.50 bets. 

Then, if you lower the bets to $0.25, you will stretch your bankroll even further with no decrease in the fun you’ll have gaming!

This is actually based on budgeting with an expectation of losing your entire bankroll!  But online gaming generally has a high return to player rate.  Some games, like blackjack and video poker, have the highest return to player rates if you play according to the best strategy.  If you set a good length of time for gaming, you might end the session with a small profit or just a small loss.

The point here is that setting a reasonable time budget, you can also set a good financial budget at the same time.

Online Gaming Leads to Spontaneity

For many people, being spontaneous is a big part of having fun.  By setting a good gaming budget, you will reduce any lingering doubts about gaming and that will open the way to increased spontaneity.

The gamer’s ability to play many different games in a single session is a big part of the spontaneous nature of online casino gaming.

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