two hands holding a electronic sense of the world indicating the future

How to Imagine the Future of Slots

This year is the 125th anniversary of Charles Fey’s gimmicky contraption that we have come to know as the slot machine.  So much has changed in these 125 years!  The most important thing, perhaps, is that for the most part, slots are no longer physical machines with an arm you have to pull.  Instead, they are digital renditions of a machine.  You press spin and it spins for you and, if you’re lucky, you win a big prize!

Digital Has Brought about Massive Innovation

We said that the fact that slots are digital these days may be the most important new wrinkle in slots since Charles Fey introduced his “toy” because so much of what we expect from a slots game today comes from the modern digital nature of slots.

Story Lines Galore

The original slot machines were all basically the same since it would have been far too difficult to produce a multitude of slots with different story lines.  Today, especially at online casinos such as Everygame Casino, gamers can play hundreds of exciting slots each with its own unique wrinkle.

Our game provider, Real Time Gaming, has many teams working on the next couple of month’s new slots.  Our gamers expect RTG to come out with a new slot every month!  Imagine the employment level at RTG and other game providers—people whose single task is to create yet another great and entertaining slot!

The story lines in modern video slots cover every nook and cranny of everyday life, go back in time to the most famous cultures in history and set out on interstellar adventures that might boggle the imagination today but will probably seem ho hum, passé, and de rigueur to the slots players of the future!

Wild and Scatter Symbols

It isn’t enough that every new slot has to have a wealth of imaginative imagery.  Players expect to get a free spins bonus round replete with special features to help them score more wins!  These free spins bonus rounds come about when players get three or more scatter symbols.  Some slots even send gamers to the free spins round with a mere two scatters!

The extra ways to win in the bonus rounds can include stacked reels, multipliers, expanding reels, retriggering the free spins, and many more innovative ways to win!

The wild symbols keep getting wilder and wilder!  They stack three high or cover an entire reel!  They expand outward to cover most or all of two or more reels!  They can stick to a landing spot and stay there for several spins to come!  They often carry multipliers which makes getting a win with a wild even more lucrative than getting one with just the basic symbols!

So, What is the Future Going to be Like?

Yes, enough about slots in the modern era!  Let’s look at the happy future we can expect from the slots of the future!

Slots May Become Games of Skill

What if you could win more at slots if you could remember certain “facts” that were presented before?  What if the game stopped to “ask” you a question based on your ability to observe and retain what you see?

There will be future slots that actually allow gamers to solve mysteries or crimes based on patterns of clues that show up as the reels spins and stop.

There are many ways that slots can become games of skill. The element of chance might well be blended in with the element of skill to create a truly inter-active casino game!


Change History

If slots can be programmed to allow gamers to solve mysteries, it stands to reason that slots can be programmed to change history.  There are so many historical events that had long =range consequences.  What if any of these events were to transpire differently?

In fact, a slot that is so well designed that it can incorporate changes in historical outcomes might also allow for several changes.  In that way, you could play the slot to have one outcome and then play it again to create a different outcome.

The wealth of possibilities truly boggles the imagination!

3-D Will Become a Force to Reckon With

We already have some 3-D slots.  But like all new technologies, we are just now scraping the surface of the possibilities that 3-D technology might bring to slots.  What if the 3-D element were to grow to the point that a slots game was in reality a kind of movie?  What if you were the director of that movie?

Taking this idea to its fullest extent, you could have casting calls for actors for the movie!  These auditions could be integral parts of the slot!  You could choose all of the actors.  You might help compose the musical score.  You can locate the set in any of several locations!

If we are taking 3-D to its fullest realization, we might be able to “travel” to interesting places and have a vicarious vacation while we play the game!

Voice is the New Graphic

We have great graphics and animation today.  These have gotten exponentially better in the last decade or so and will continue to improve going forward.  The new frontier, so to speak, might be voice. Not only will you be able to give commands to the actors as the director, you will be able to compose the script as you go along.  You will be able to change dialogues as you see the need.

As artificial intelligence gets more and more like actual intelligence, we can expect the characters in our slots movies to improvise lines.  As the director, you can yell at the actors to follow the written script or you can incorporate ad libs into the framework of the story!

How Many Reels Can There Be?

We now have many five reel and six reel slots.  We have slots with expanding reels.  The only thing that inhibits further growth in reel size is the technology of the screens themselves.  While mobile screens will likely never get into the range of size that television screens are reaching, we can easily expect further growth in television screens.  As screens get bigger, the number of reels can increase as well!

As the number of reels gets bigger, the ways to win will also get bigger.  Who thought just a few years ago about 243 ways to win?  Now we have slots with 1000 ways to win!  Are we ready for slots with 10,000 ways to win?  We are sure that such slots will be upon us within the next 100 years!

Progressive Jackpots

We now regularly see million dollar progressive jackpots.  As populations grow and become more affluent, there will be many more gamers than today!  Progressive jackpots will eventually reach eight figures!

The Wonderful World of Slots

In truth, this little discourse on what may happen in slots in the future is probably woefully short of the mark!  The innovations we can expect to see relatively soon are more than likely so out of the box that very few people can imagine them much less articulate what they can imagine.

What we are certain of is that Everygame Casino Red will be on hand to bring every new nuance, every innovative invention, every change in slots to our casino and to you, our loyal gamers!