woman thinking deeply about her New Year's resolutions on a pink background

How to Make Early New Year’s Resolutions

Wow!  2020 has certainly been a wild roller coaster ride so far!  And we haven’t even endured Halloween, the United States elections, and the mad dash to start Christmas shopping.  We have endured heavy early snows in October, the endless debate over face masks: They help, they don’t help, they help, they don’t help!  We have endured closures and quarantines, ant-social distancing that the media and politicians called social distancing, schools open and schools closed, empty stadiums, and shopping like no factory would ever produce toilet paper again!

We deserve to make the last couple of months of 2020 a memorable time despite the challenges that still lie ahead.  So, we at Everygame EU decided to present an early list of New Year’s resolutions!  We may be forgiven for jumping all the way to December 31 while we are writing this in the last week of October. 

We are sooooo looking forward to 2021!

I Will Continue to Do Most of My Gaming Online

There are so many advantages to gaming at an online casino such as Everygame EU over gaming at a land-based casino.  The most obvious are no travel costs, higher return to player rates because of lower overhead, more games, no waiting for any game, a lot more convenience, and large bonuses.

One other advantage of gaming online is that a trip to a land-based casino does not become your vacation.  This leads us to our next New Year’s resolution.

I Will Take More Real Vacations in 2021

It isn’t just that the covid 19 pandemic put the kibosh on so many people’s travel plans.  It is also that so many gamers, before corona, spent many days every year at land-based casinos. 

If you can reduce your land-based casino gaming, it will lead to many opportunities to take a real vacation.  Then a little research will open up a world of real vacations you can take in the post-corona world!


I Will Try New Things

There are as many “new” things to do as there are real vacation possibilities.  All you have to do is want to try out new things.  Online casinos are designed so gamers can try out all of our games from the comfort of their sofa or soft computer chair.

A lot of gamers who came from the shuttered world of land-based casinos had to learn that they could go from game to game as they wished.  If you are still a gamer who stays with one game when the chance to spread your gaming wings is so profoundly available, we hope that you resolve for 2021 to try out all of the more than 300 games we have on offer!

Trying out new things also involves trying out new cuisines, new styles of music, new genres of television shows or movies and so much more!  If you succeed in trying out new things, you will find that you enjoy online gaming even more even if you play for more frequent yet shorter sessions.

I Will Give My Family a Lot of Hugs

A lot of people have stopped hugging family members, not to mention friends, because of the fear of corona virus.  We need to reacquaint ourselves with the many benefits of hugging the people close to us.

Hugging friends is different than hugging family members.  We might need an extra push to go back to friendly hugging of friends but the New Year’s resolution might be that gentle push we need to go back to friendly hugging.

I Will Drink Less Alcohol

Let’s assume that you consume an average amount of alcohol.  You could do a simple evaluation and we believe that you will discover that you can cut down on alcohol consumption dramatically.

First, never drink and play casino games.  For many people, no alcohol while playing takes away the main reason they go to a land-based casino in the first place!

We have said many times that even a small amount of alcohol will reduce your ability to make good decisions.  For that reason, land-based casinos make free alcohol a priority; they feel that in the long run it brings in more money than it costs!

We also tell our gamers to wait until after gaming at Everygame Casino Red before going out to a pub with friends.  Even then, you can reduce your alcohol intake by a full third if you have only two beers as opposed to the three you might normally have!

I Will Be Happy

Everyone has their own way to be happy.  The purpose of this resolution is to move people to do those things that they may find hard to do but that they know will make them happy.  Quitting cigarettes is a classic example of this.  Millions of people have successfully quit cigarettes even some with three packs a day habits.

We know of one man who couldn’t go a full hour without going out to buy cigarettes after saying that he was determined to quit.  He was also a bachelor in his late 30’s.  Then he met the woman of his dreams who told him that she was interested in going out with him again if he were to stop smoking.  And he did!

The same applies to losing weight.  Many people try a fad diet as a way to lose weight.  There is also a lot of contradictory information out there about the best diet, the best eating program, and the healthiest lifestyle.  We are all just different enough that what works for one person may not work at all for another person.

I Will Determine What Diet is Best for Me

This will involve some experimentation but we all thrive on a diet and eating plan.  It’s just that we don’t know which one is best for us!  So resolve to use the year finding out.

I Resolve to Laugh More

One of the best ways to laugh is to look up funny New Year’s resolutions.  Here are just a few of our favorites:

  1. Change your name to Simon and speak in the third person.
  2. Put vanilla pudding in an empty mayo jar and eat it at the park.
  3. Make shopping lists before going to the supermarket and remember to take the list with you.
  4. Start rooting for the Mets to win instead of rooting for the Yankees to lose.
  5. To not answer my phone when I’m on a date.
  6. Change all of my passwords, write them all down in a notebook, hide the notebook so no one can steal my passwords, and remember where I hid the book.

Everygame EU wishes everyone a speedy recovery from 2020 and a very healthy 2021 and every year thereafter!