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How to Get the Most out of Everygame Casino’s Promotions

Along with more than 300 great games, players can enjoy our long line of Everygame Casino promotions.  The promotions at Everygame Casino can easily be divided into two main categories: promotions that never end and promotions that run for a while and then end.

We will go over all of the promotions in this article.  Keep in mind that when we end a promotion we always start another one!  In that way, gamers can have the fun of both playing our many games and of participating in our many promotions.

Is a No Deposit Bonus a Type of Promotion?

It most certainly is!  We have a no deposit bonus to top off our welcome package for new players.  We also at times add a no deposit bonus to other promotions as you shall see.  In fact, many gamers look for an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win.  Some casinos allow gamers to keep everything they win while playing with a no deposit bonus.

Everygame Casino Welcome Package

As we said, we give a no deposit bonus to top off our Welcome Package.  The full details of the Welcome Package are a list of truly amazing deposit bonus offers to new Everygame gamers.  Here are the details:

    1. When you sign up, you can then get a 125% deposit bonus for up to $1000.
    2. With your next deposit, the bonus goes up to 150% for up to $1500.
    3. The third time you deposit while you are still under the rules that govern the Welcome Package, the bonus is for 125% up to $1000.
    4. The Welcome Package then ends with a final deposit bonus followed by a no deposit bonus.  The deposit bonus is for 150% for up to $2000 and the no deposit bonus is for $55.


The total of our astonishing Welcome Package is a potential $5555 windfall!

We Have Two Promotions that will End on November 8th

There is still time to get in on all of the action with these two promotions.  Of course, as soon as they finish, a couple of new promotions will begin!  At Everygame Casino, you are never far away from a chance to earn a solid deposit bonus, get some free spins, or earn comp points.  We will talk about comp points a little later in this article.

Happy Halloween and Beyond....

This year trick or treat is highly restricted in many places.  Trick or Treat is alive and well at Everygame Casino and, in fact, our Happy Halloween promotion that runs until November 8th is all about the Treat side of Trick or Treat.  In celebration of the ghoulish day of Halloween, we have sweetened the cauldron, so to speak!

The Happy Halloween promotion is a series of deposit bonuses, accompanied by some valuable free spins, and followed by a big no deposit bonus.  Here are the details:

  1. This is no time to shiver in your boots!  Make a deposit and you’ll get a 75% bonus for up to $600 and 30 free spins on Witchy Wins.  Remember to use the code: Halloween1.
  2. The next deposit brings a 100% bonus for up to $400 and 40 free spins on I, Zombie.  After all those free spins on I, Zombie you might want to sleep with the lights on!  Ooooooooh!  Also remember to use the code: Halloween2.
  3. You’ve experienced the witches and the I, Zombie crew and now you are ready to sample some of the witch’s brew!  The cauldron is certainly bubbling!  Make a deposit and you can get a 125% bonus for up to $2000 plus 50 free spins on Bubble Bubble 2.  Remeber to use the code: Halloween3.  By the way, the bubbles in Bubble Bubble 2 are not the kind that accompany rubber ducky in the tub!  They are a witch’s brew to be sure!
  4. After all of these deposit bonuses, Everygame Casino Red will give you a $100 no deposit bonus.  The code for this bonus is Halloween4.

Ribbit, Ribbit

You won’t want to eat these frog’s legs as long as the local restaurant has a nice supply of those tasty morsels.  In the new game at Everygame Casino, Frog Fortunes, you can enjoy the largesse of Real Time Gaming’s newest slots wrinkle: an exploding feature that replaces both the wild symbol and the scatter but all for the good!

The promotion for Frog Fortunes is another series of deposit bonuses and free spins.

  1. The first deposit brings a 75% bonus for up to $300 and 30 free spins on Frog’s Fortunes.  The code is FROG1.
  2. The next bonus is for 100% up to $200 and 40 free spins.  The code is FROG2.
  3. We’re not done yet!  The next bonus is for 125% up to $500 and 50 free spins.  The code is FROG3.
  4. Then we top it all off with 50 more free spins.  The code for the last round of free spins is FROG4.

Every Spin Counts as Comp Points

This is one of the most popular promotions at Everygame Casino.  It is so popular that we will probably never replace it!  The basic idea is that every bet you make gets converted into comp points.  It doesn’t matter if the bet was on a winning spin or hand or on a losing one!

All gamers are automatically “enrolled” in the comp points club as it were!  You don’t have to ask!  Also, whenever you log in to start a session, your comp points account is automatically opened!  From your first bet, the comp points pile up!  When they reach a critical mass, you can redeem them for casino credits and the beat goes on!

$30,000 Wheel of Fortune

This is another mega-popular promotion that will go on forever!  Every day, 20 lucky gamers make a deposit and qualify for a $50 prize!  If your name comes up, you spin the Wheel of Fortune to find out what you have won!

Mobile Award

Everyone is gaming on mobile these days.  Everygame Casino Red and all of our stalwart gamers are enjoying a great moment in time in which mobile technology and gaming technology have advanced to such an extent that mobile gaming is everyone’s go to way to play!

We jumped on this bandwagon early on with the Mobile Award promotion.  This promo, too, might last until mobile is replaced by who knows what! 

Every Wednesday, twenty gamers receive a $100 prize for depositing a small amount and playing a normal amount on their mobile device.

So Many Games—So Many Promotions

At Everygame Casino the byword is gaming fun!  We carry 300 of the finest games produced by Real Time Gaming.  We are open for play every moment of every day.  We welcome all gamers and we can accommodate a million players at the same time! Actually, more!

We run so many promotions that we become giddy and dizzy just thinking about them.  The bottom line on Everygame Casino promotions is that the promotions satisfy a need for both the casino and our gamers: our promotions attract gamers and they provide giant bonuses and free spins for them.

Come join Everygame Casino NOW and discover the grand world of outstanding online gaming and super-outstanding online casino promotions!