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How to Get a Lot More Fun from Slots

Our game provider, Real Time Gaming, sends us a new slot every month!  At this point, we have over 200 slots on offer with one added every month!  Clearly, slots are the most popular game for online casino gamers. 

We at Everygame Casino feel that one of the reasons we are seen as a top casino online is that we do as much as we can to help our gamers get the most entertainment and fun from online gaming.  So, in this article, we will talk about maximizing fun with slots play.

Slots are a Pure Game of Chance

As a game of chance, there isn’t any strategy you can use to win more at slots.  However, there is a strategy of sorts for how to have more fun playing slots.  The key here is to assume that every slots game will play differently.

What that means is that just because the random number generator makes all the “decisions” in slots doesn’t mean that you should play mindlessly.  Maximizing fun at slots means actively playing the slots that are simply more fun for you to play.

For example, some slots are very colorful and bright while others are quite dark and have a foreboding story line.  Well, the brightly colored slot might be the perfect way to play when you and your favorite person curl up together to play.  The dark slot might be best as a Halloween game but not necessarily as a summertime fun game!

Every slot has a different set of symbols and characters.  We submit that the fun you have at any slot is a function of how you relate to the symbols.  Cubee is a slot with cubes as symbols.  A lot of gamers really get off on the colorful cubes.  If you don’t, go to a different slot.  We offer many colorful slots so you don’t have to play a game that is less appealing to you.

Make Every Bet Count

This is an indirect way of saying that some slots have more paylines than others.  That means that it might strain your bankroll to play a slot with, say, 50 paylines.  If you do want to play that game, you might choose, for the sake of maintaining your bankroll, to bet a single cent on each payline.

If you do, the payouts will naturally be small but the fun factor might be very high as the overall “cost” of playing will below.


Play with Clear Understanding of the Return to Player Rate

The return to player rate might be the same for two slots.  However, the number of winners in one slot might be few while the number of winners in another slot might be many.  This is often the case in slots with very big jackpots.  Someone has to win the jackpot and someone does which means that many gamers might end up in the red as a result.

A lot of gamers love playing for the big progressive jackpots.  We feel that every player should calculate how much fun they will have playing a few minutes of a progressive jackpot slots as opposed to playing many more minutes of a slot with low variance.

Low variance means that you can expect to win often for small amounts.

Playing Online is Often More Fun than Playing on Land

One of the main reasons that playing at an online casino such as Everygame Casino Red is that the casino is available to you on a 24/7/365 basis!  No land-based casino can be as available to a player unless that player literally lives in the hotel of the casino!

We suspect that that number is quite small!

The advantage of having the casino so very available to you is that gamers feel no pressure to play on and on squeezing every ounce of gaming out of their land—based casino venture.  The fun side of gaming and of playing slots is simply to play as long as the fun lasts.  Then go on to a different activity.

Pay Yourself

One of the most fun aspects of playing slots is that players can actually pay themselves with their winnings.  This means that if you score a nice win in a slot game, you set that sum aside as your “payment” to yourself.  Doing this does, in fact, reduce your bankroll for that session.  Let’s say that you score a $100 win on a single spin.  The win includes the bet you made.  So, by paying yourself $100, you reduce your bankroll slightly.

Many gamers have told us that this small “trick” has allowed them to spend the self-payment on another fun activity such as a good meal at a restaurant, a nice hotel when they are on vacation, or a ticket to a ball game or show.  In other words, the fun of playing the game is accompanied by the fun of using the winnings on another activity!

Use Slots to Expand Your Knowledge

A slot based in ancient Greece may have 12 characters.  It might play very nicely but we all know that it represents just a small slice of the life of average people in ancient Greece.  Even a small amount of research into life in ancient Greece can add a great deal to your overall enjoyment of playing that slot.

We offer so many slots in so many categories that gamers can use slots as a springboard for a lot of self-teaching!

Get Maximum Comp Points from Slots

Comp points grow fast whichever game you are playing but they grow even faster when you play slots.  In multi-hand video poker, you have to wait for all of the hands to play out before making your next bet.  In blackjack, players often have to think about their next move.  In slots, you simply play and enjoy.  You can go from slot to slot at the touch of your finger.

At the end of a slots session, you can look at how much your comp points have grown!  That will simply add to the fun you had playing!

Everygame Casino Offers a Great Welcome Package

All of the veteran gamers at Everygame remember receiving a boatload of bonus money when they signed up.  If you are new to our casino, you can get in on the bonus action to the tune of up to $5555 in new player bonus money!  That can translate into a lot of fun playing slots and all of the other gamines we carry here at Everygame Casino!