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How to Enjoy the Caribbean Poker Games

Everygame Casino has over 300 great online casino games from the creative game developers at Real Time Gaming.  We always encourage gamers to sample all of our games since it is so easy to return to any game you left for a break.  As we have said many times, this is one of the many ways that online casino gaming is more convenient than playing at a land-based casino.

Still, some of our 300 plus games do “fall between the cracks” so to speak.  In other words, while slots players will thoroughly enjoy Banana Jones and Fish Catch, they might bypass the Caribbean games as they wind their way through Everygame Casino.

So, let’s take a few minutes to learn what makes the Caribbean games so much fun to play.

Caribbean Holdem

This is Texas Holdem without all that nasty bluffing!  The reason it is called Caribbean Holdem is because this variation of Holdem, that is the same game but played against the dealer instead of against other players, was originally developed at Caribbean land-based casinos.

In addition to the regular game play, there are side bets you can make and an impressive progressive jackpot that some lucky players win!

In Caribbean Holdem Players Have to Know their Chances of Winning the Hand

Just as in so many other games of skill, where players have to weigh the odds and make correct plays based on those odds, in Caribbean Holdem, the player has to decide to continue or to fold after the flop.

The dealer deals two cards to the players face up.  Then she deals herself two cards face down.  The players are already in a quandary, exactly as they are in Texas Holdem.  They don’t know what the dealer has.

It doesn’t matter that the players see each other’s cards since they aren’t playing against the other players.

In the online version, you will be playing head to head with the dealer.  So, your cards are face up and the dealer’s cards are face down.


Along Comes the Flop

Unlike in Texas Holdem, where there may be exciting betting before the flop, in Caribbean Holdem, the flop comes flop flop flopping along.

Now there are three community cards and the two sets of hole cards.  The player has to decide now whether to continue the hand or fold.  If you fold, you lose your bet.  If you continue, you have to add another bet that is two times your original bet.

No More Betting!  On to the Showdown

If you choose to continue, you place the extra bet and the dealer deals the last two cards.  Then the computer checks the two hands and the better hand wins.

The dealer needs at least a pair of fours to “qualify”.  If she doesn’t have a pair of fours, you win the ante bet and the extra bet is a push.  If she does qualify, then either you win both of your bets or she wins both of your bets.

There is also a gradated scale of payouts for excellent hands.  A flush pays 2-1, a full house pays 3-1, four of a kind pays 10-1, a straight flush pays 20-1, and a Royal Flush pays 100-1.

The Progressive Jackpot

There is also a progressive jackpot in Caribbean Holdem that grows from bets on this game and on Caribbean Stud Poker.   To qualify for the progressive jackpot, you need to place a separate side bet.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This is a five card poker variation.  The betting premise is the same as in Caribbean Holdem in that you set your bet and then, after you have been dealt five cards, you have to decide whether to continue or to fold.  If you fold, you lose your bet.  If you continue, you have to add another bet that is twice your original bet.

There are a few big differences between Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Holdem. 

  1. In Holdem, there are five community cards while in Stud there are no community cards.
  2. In Holdem, you don’t see either of the dealer’s hole cards while in Caribbean Stud, you see one of the dealer’s cards.
  3. In Holdem, since there are altogether seven cards, the dealer needs a pair of fours at the very least to “qualify” while in Caribbean Stud the dealer needs “only” at least an Ace-King to qualify.

There is also a progressive jackpot in Caribbean Stud Poker.  in order to win a portion of the progressive jackpot or all of it, you need to make a side bet.

The Grand Challenge to Players in the Caribbean Poker Variations

In both games, you have to decide whether to forfeit your bet and fold or to double your bet and play on and you have to do this with very imperfect knowledge.  Poker is always a game of making big decisions with imperfect knowledge.

Let’s compare the kind of decisions you make in Caribbean Poker, standard poker, and blackjack.  In blackjack, you might have to decide whether to stand or hit with a borderline point count.  If you guess wrong, you lose your bet which may be for a few dollars.

In Caribbean poker, you have to double your bet and there is always the possibility that you will lose both your original bet and the doubled bet.  Still, if your original bet was for $5, you could lose up to $15 on the hand.

Now look at no limit Texas Holdem where a decision based on imperfect knowledge may be worth thousands of dollars!

So, there is a great challenge to players of Caribbean Poker but it is far less consequential than decisions players have to make in other games especially in poker played against real opponents!

In the Caribbean Poker variations, players have to know the odds of winning a hand based on their five cards in Holdem before the turn and the river are dealt and in Stud based on their five card holding.

In addition, players have to decide the chances that the dealer will not qualify which would result in a 1-1 win on the ante for the player.  This represents a great challenge to players.  It is one of the main attractions of the Caribbean poker variations. 

Another reason players are attracted to the Caribbean games is that there is a progressive jackpot in each.  In fact, they share the jackpot so it grows faster than some progressive jackpots.  The third attraction for gamers to the Caribbean Poker games is simply that there is no bluffing!

In that sense, Caribbean Poker at Everygame Casino Red is similar to video poker.  it is a great way to get all of the poker gaming fun you love without the need to determine, based on incomplete information, whether the bet by an opponent was on strength or a crass bluff!

Play Caribbean Poker at Everygame Casino

We offer a great Welcome Package to new players worth up to $5555.  Gamers have complete access to all of our games unlike what happens at land-based casinos where a few players hoard all of the best terminals.

We encourage all of our gamers to “travel” around the casino at your leisure, sampling all of our more than 300 games.  And please be sure to include the two Caribbean Poker variations in your casino travels!