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How to Tell if an Online Casino is Trustworthy

There is a big difference between online casinos such as Everygame EU and any land-based casino.  The main difference is that many of the games at a land-based casino are physical games.  That means that a real person deals the cards, a real person spins a real roulette wheel and a real ball spins around and ultimately falls into a real slot.

Wherever possible, a land-based casino will use actual physical props, tables, and chips.

At an online casino, everything is digital.  The slots at a land-based casino are also digitally wired but the terminal is real.  The video poker terminals are real even as the software that runs these games is digital.  At an online casino, even the terminals are digital but, far more importantly, every game is run by computer software.

In this article, we will talk about the things online casinos do to maximize their trustworthiness even if gamers don’t always understand that a given practice is based on the desire to maximize trustworthiness.

We Ask for Confirmation before We Release Money on Withdrawal

This is one of the most misunderstood areas of online casino gaming.  Many gamers will want their withdrawals immediately.  After all, at a land-based casino, when you turn in your chips, you get real money.

It is always a lot easier to deposit money into your online casino account than it is to withdraw money.  No one is going to steal your money and put money into your account!  But cyberspace, unfortunately, does have a number of hackers and identity thieves who are only too happy to steal the money you want to withdraw from your casino account.

So, we ask you to send us the kind of confirmation that a computer hacker wouldn’t have as a way of verifying that the “you” who is asking for the money is really you!

How are the Games Decided?

At a land-based casino, the dealer deals a card and that card determines whether the player or the dealer is still in the hand with 21 or fewer points or has busted.  It is all visible to the naked eye.  There is no sleight of hand involved in land-based blackjack.

The same applies to roulette, craps, and any other game that involves fully physical people to run the game and materials such as cards and dice.

Online casino games are entirely digital.  We use a random number generator to determine the next card or where the reels will stop on a slot.

In order for online casino gamers to trust any online casino, the casino has to have its random number generator checked often.  We have ours checked every three months and we publish the results of many of these tests.

At the bottom of the home page, there is a small round icon at the far right.  That is the icon for iTech Labs which checks the random number generators of many online casinos.

We publish the results of these tests going back to June 2017.  This gives any interested gamer a long period of results.  In addition to simply certifying that the RNG is in good working order, the test also publishes the return to player rate for many games for the previous three month period.  The return to player rate varies from quarter to quarter because it reflects real world outcomes, not theoretical outcomes.

Some games at Everygame EU have a return to player rate for all of the games played in a three month period of slightly higher than 100%!

Who Certifies the Casino?

Once again, we refer you to the bottom of the home page where we have icons for CDS.  This is a company that resolves differences between a casino and a gamer.

The CDS page describes Everygame as a casino generally under the jurisdiction of Curacao.  In addition to following the rules established by the Gaming Commission of Curacao, Everygame follows all local laws of every country from which we accept gamers.


How Does the Casino Support Gamers?

This question actually has a three sided answer.  We help gamers by publishing articles that are designed to help them get the most enjoyment out of online casino gaming and also to give themselves the best chance to win money!

The link to our extensive archive of articles is also at the bottom of the home page.  At this moment, we have 23 pages of archived articles with about 230 unique articles.  Most gamers read the articles from the first page.  We invite you to read as many of the articles as you can over time.  We are sure that the advice we give in these articles will enhance your gaming immensely.

The second way Everygame supports gamers is through our customer service office.  We never close the office!  In the early days of online gaming, many casinos closed their customer service office for major holidays.  We never did!  Other casinos also closed the office for the weekend.  We never did!

Our representatives are well-trained to help you with ant question you might have.

The final part of the support we give to gamers is through the Terms and Conditions that run the casino on a moment to moment basis.  We have written our Terms and Conditions in everyday language and not in the turbid legalese that many other online casinos use.

Can You Tell us a Few of the Most Important Bits of Advice in the Article Archive?

Yes, indeed!  Here are a few:

  1. Casino gaming should be considered as part of your overall entertainment budget.
  2. Online casino gaming should be fun above all else.
  3. Players should budget not just money but time as well.
  4. We recommend playing frequent short sessions instead of the marathons so many people have at land-based casinos.
  5. We encourage gamers to participate in our many promotions.
  6. We suggest that online gaming is so good that by not going to land-based casinos many gamers can free up some time for real vacations.
  7. We can offer unlimited free play so a gamer never has to bet on a game he or she doesn’t know well.
  8. Unlike at land-based casinos, where you give up your seat if you go to a different game, at Everygame EU, you can play all of our games from the comfort of your home.
  9. By trying out all of our games, many gamers find that they enjoy both the games of chance and the games of skill.
  10. We encourage gamers to stand and stretch very often.  We also suggest waiting until later to drink alcohol as even one drink will lower your ability to make sound decisions.

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We hope that we have enriched your knowledge of what online casinos and online gaming are all about.  We offer a great Welcome Package to new gamers, over 300 games, and a wealth of promotions.

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