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How to Gain the Benefits of Meditation in Gaming and in Many other Ways

We have been told for generations that meditation can help people get calm and stay calm.  Meditation works on the chemistry of the brain and has many benefits.  Thus, it is surprising that it seems to catch many online casino gamers here at Everygame Casino and other gaming sites by surprise that meditation when combined with playing online games has many benefits!

Meditation Calms the Nerves

It is impossible to go into tilt when you are meditating.  Tilt is the single most dangerous emotion any gamer can exhibit.  We know of tilt in everyday life as well where we call it rage.  For gamers, whether playing games of skill or games of chance, tilt may arise from a prolonged losing streak. 

As much as we know that the best strategic players will have a losing streak from time to time, any losing streak opens up the possibility of tilt.  Even world famous poker players are susceptible to tilt, one in particular more than most.  The fact that he is one of the best players in the world doesn’t prevent him from going into tilt. 

He would certainly benefit from going into a short meditative state after a bad beat especially a bad beat from an amateur who got lucky while playing a hand very poorly!

Meditation Gives You a Break

Everyone knows that simply taking a break from whatever you’re doing, including working overtime on that work project, in fact, especially when you’re working on that soon to be due work project, allows the mind to focus better.

This is one of the odd qualities of taking a break: even though you take time away from the task at hand, when you return to it you are able to focus better and produce better quality work.

Meditation can enhance gaming as well in the same way.  Even the most vibrant online casino game will wear thin over time.  For some people it takes more than an hour to wear thin and for some it takes just a few minutes.  But, if you want to continue playing since your time budget has not yet expired, by meditating for just five minutes you will come back to gaming mentally and physically refreshed.

Then the gaming will take over and assuming that you are wagering well within your means, the gaming will benefit you as a form of entertainment.


Meditation Increases People’s Patience

Meditation is a powerful force that we do in silence and in a simple physical position.  The most advanced form of meditation, which we admit very few people in Western societies can achieve, is a form of mental relaxation in which we don’t focus on anything!

Some people understand that a state of repose is often necessary for one’s creativity to come to the fore.   In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig talks about calmly looking at a problem in order to see a way to solving it.

Meditation Can Also be a Form of Exercise

There is an ancient Chinese form of exercise called Standing Like a Tree or Zhan Zhuang.  It literally calls for the practitioner to stand tall like a tree.  At its most advanced state the practitioner will think of nothing.

Even though so few people reach this state of mental blankness, we can reach the point where we are thinking only positive thoughts.  We can slow down the thinking process so that our minds are not racing forward. 

Meditation Slows us Down so We Can be Creative

In games of skill such as video poker and blackjack and especially in live poker against real opponents, our minds do race ahead.  The meditation we get from standard Indian meditation or from even five minutes of Zhan Zhuang will effectively slow down our mental processes so that we are racing ahead just a little bit slower.

Slowing down in this way eliminates many unforced mistakes.  It makes all of the games of skill a lot more accessible to average people.

Meditation Increases Self-confidence

This is one of the magical aspects of meditation.  By simply slowing down, quieting ourselves down, and allowing ourselves to become immersed in the present moment, we are creating a mood that elevates self-esteem and self-confidence.

Meditation is not the only way we can achieve this state.  People say that cooking puts them in a calm state of mind in which they feel especially good about themselves.  Joggers often talk about the self-esteem they feel in the middle of a long jog.  Muslims who fast during the month of Ramadan talk about the first three days being very difficult and thereafter fasting becomes much easier as people feel good during the day as they are fasting!

Gaming is Also a Form of Meditation

We think of meditation as an Eastern practice in which we sit in a lotus position with our fingertips touching as we say OMMMM!  Meditation is really a mental cleansing device that Eastern people developed.

In the West, this mental cleansing is usually done by exercise or by playing games.  Unless someone is totally immersed in a competitive spirit at all times, game playing is a way to say that we can’t win every time so let’s relax and have a good time.

We love playing games with our small children or grandchildren even when they play the games according to their set of rules which are no rules at all!  There is nothing more fun than playing checkers by Tommy’s Rules!  It’s amazing how our minds relax and get into a creative mood when we play by Tommy’s Rules!

Meditation Helps People Sleep

If we have a hard time falling asleep or getting back to sleep after a nocturnal trek to the bathroom, meditation is invaluable.  We can meditate while lying in bed.  It simply involves trying to erase everyday thought for quiet awareness.

Sleep makes everything we do better.  A lack of sleep puts people in a grumpy state of mind which often cannot be relieved by gaming or any other activity.  However, playing games can have the same effect as sleep if we play for the fun of it.  If we play strictly to win, we cannot get the same benefit as we can when we play to have fun and be entertained and maybe to get lucky enough to win!

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