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How to Turn Video Poker into Your Go To Game

Everygame Casino is a great online site for playing casino games.  it is just like playing at a land-based casino except that at an online casino you have no travel costs, you won’t get stuck for three days when a few hours would have been enough to satisfy you, there won’t be any waitresses coming around often offering you free drinks that the casino knows will ultimately cause you to make poor bets, and you won’t be accosted by a player who has clearly had too much to drink.

From One Many

Online gamers also often forget that they can go from game to game as they wish!  Players who have played at land-based casinos for many years and found them closed by the corona virus, came to online casinos such as Everygame Casino and often, especially at first, played one game exclusively.

In the 2000 presidential election in the United States vice president Al Gore made a funny mistake in which he mistranslated the US motto, E Pluribus Unum, as “from one many” when the correct translation is From Many One.  However, in online casino gaming the experience of online gamers, especially refugees from land-based casinos that were closed during the health crisis, a motto From One Many is quite appropriate!

Probably because in so many of our articles we frequently point out that online casinos provide absolute flexibility, many gamers here at Everygame have finally come around to trying out as many of our games as they can in a short gaming session.

A Long Weekend or a Long Forever: It’s Your Choice

Short sessions at frequent intervals is another of the unsung advantages of online casino gaming.  So, in this article, we will talk up video poker.  You have probably tried video poker and found it a bit confusing.  Actually, the game play is as simple as can be but strategy may be a bit confusing to some.

So, let’s take a look at video poker and see how we can make it one of our favorite games if not our absolute go to game going forward.


Basic Strategy is Accessible to Everyone

There are two basic bets in video poker.  You can bet the maximum which qualifies you for the big extra win if you get a Royal Flush and every other bet!  The basic strategy in the situation where you bet the maximum is different than the basic strategy when you are not betting the max.

Most Hands are Simple

Whether you bet the max or not, a few general hands will come up a lot more often than a killer hand.  You will get one pair or no pairs most of the time.  Here are a few highlights of basic video poker strategy.

  1. If you get two high cards and three poor cards, keep only one of the high cards.  You will win a little more often by pairing off the remaining high card than you would win by trying to get a pair from two high cards.
  2. If you have a very strong hand and have the chance to go for a Royal Flush, namely four cards to a Royal Flush, it is better to try for the Royal Flush even if it means giving up a high pair.  You might still win a small payout by pairing one of the high cats you kept but the chance to get a Royal Flush doesn’t come all that often.
  3. Suited cards are good but they aren’t always all that good.  A ten suited with a high card gives you a very outside chance at a Royal Flush.  The chance is so outside that it is virtually impossible.  Still, you keep the two suited cards if they are the best you have.  This is weaker than two suited royal cards because a pair of tens is not a winning hand.
  4. Unconnected low cards that are nevertheless suited are not a good hand.  But three to a flush might be better than exchanging all five cards.

Make Sure That You Know the Video Poker Variation You are Playing

At Everygame Casino Red, we offer free play in all of our games so you can play any variation of video poker that is new to you without risking any money.

It is so important to know the variation you are playing well.  We cannot underestimate the importance of knowing the game.  You can always stick with one variation as your default video poker game until you are expert enough in another.

Video Poker Offers Multi-hand Game Play

There is really nothing like getting a powerful hand in video poker and watching the wins pile up as the hands are played by the random number generator.  Any hand that has four cards to a higher paying win is a powerful hand.  So, two pairs by itself, for example, is a relatively low paying hand but if you are playing 100 hands and you get two pair, you will win a lot of money by getting full houses.

Here is How That Works

There are 52 cards in the deck and the dealer gave you five.  You kept four—the two pair—and will now take one card 100 times.  There are four cards that can give you a full house.  That means that in about 4 out of every 47 hands, you will get a full house.  So, you can expect to get 8 full houses in the 100 hands and you will win all of the others with the two pair.

Multi-hand video poker brings a lot of joy to gamers!

What about Three of a Kind?

You keep the three cards trying for four of a kind instead of keeping four cards and trying for a full house and four of a kind at the same time.  In other words, when you get a very powerful hand in video poker, it is best strategy to try to make the hand as powerful as possible.

The Many Variations of Video Poker

Most gamers who come to love video poker eventually play every variation we offer.  The strategy is different in each one so you need to get a good strategy card for every variation.  You should also be wary of sites that try to “cheat” on the pay table.

This happens a lot more often at land-based casinos which have such high overhead that they need a couple of extra percentage points of edge in some games.  At Everygame Casino Red, we provide the best pay table for every variation we offer.

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There is a wide wide world of fun and exciting online gaming at Everygame Casino.  As we said earlier, there is nothing quite like playing multi-hand video poker and getting a good starting hand.  Then the wins keep coming.

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