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What Happens when You Enter Your Everygame Casino Login?

Any good online casino such as Everygame Casino has many thousands of gamers.  Since we are a totally digital casino, we also have all of the information we keep for our gamers on very powerful software.  Some gamers have actually wondered what really goes into effect the moment they enter their Everygame Casino login.

We Activate Your Casino Account

The most obvious effect of putting in your casino login is that we activate your account.  Now, really powerful software has to come into play here because your casino account is made up of real money! Our first and foremost responsibility is to protect your money!  Only after that will we offer bonuses, free spins, many other promotional offers, and more than 300 great games!

First of all, we protect your money!

Your casino login consists of a user name and a password.  We try to get gamers to use both user names and passwords that no one would associate with them.  So, we discourage using dates or addresses as passwords.  We also discourage all numerical sequences even if they are esoteric ones like pi.  We also think that using a variation of your name as your user name is not the best way to keep your money safe.

We suggest using a coded user name and a coded password that only you could remember.  We also suggest writing them down in a safe place so they can’t be found and used to access your money.  Finally, you can tell your spouse and children where they can find your code so in the event that they have to access the money in your account, they will know which account to go to.

We Make it Easy for You to Play on Your Desktop or on Your Mobile Device

It may seem obvious now, but there was once talk in online casino circles that there should be two accounts, one for the desktop casino which casinos wanted gamers to download and one for the mobile gaming platform.

Two major events happened along the way.  First, instant play became at least as popular as downloading the casino to your hard drive.  By downloading the casino to your hard drive, gamers took up space on their computers that they would rather use for movies, music, other games, and work product.

But in the “old days” of online casino gaming, the download version was so much better than the instant play version that almost all gamers chose to download the casino and upgrade their computer if need be.

Today, instant play is so good that most gamers choose to play in that format when they play at their desktop computer.

The Great Mobile Coming of Age

Mobile gaming and, in fact, everything mobile changed dramatically with the invention and marketing of the first generation of smartphones.  We are now in which generation of smartphones? 

The smartphone was quickly followed by the tablet.  Several generations of mobile software have transpired since that fateful moment!  Even though many billions of people around the world still do not have internet access and mobile communication connectivity, the world is quickly shrinking in terms of these technologies.

Combining the massive developments in digital software, the extraordinary improvements in instant play and mobile graphics, and the worldwide growth of internet and digital communication, your login to you casino account becomes much more important now than ever.

Your single casino login activates one casino account that you can apply to any game at the desktop platform or at the mobile platform.

We have to have computer software strong enough to cover all of the many millions of gamers who have come to Everygame Casino Red or will come to our gaming site in the future!


Is My Casino Account the Only Thing that is Turned on when I Enter the Login?

We actually activate several other data banks when you start a session.  We have your gaming history “on file”.  In that way, we can always go back to your gaming history as a means of resolving any conflicts you might have with the casino.

We have all of the paperwork you have supplied to us as means to correct identification later on.  It isn’t just that we ask for strong proof of identification once when a gamer joins Everygame Casino and that’s it!  No!  We keep all of the identifying materials and documents in a digital file so we can cross reference them with any other identifying document you or someone you don’t want t take your money might send.

This data bank rests dormant until you put in your casino login and then it is connected to your login for safe reference and identification.

We Activate Your Comp Points Account

Every time you place a bet, your comp points account records the bet.  Everyone who signs up to play at Everygame Casino is immediately and automatically signed up to their own comp points account.

Once again, our computer software has to be so state of the art that it doesn’t make any mistakes with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of comp points accounts! 

This is not the case at land-based casinos and it is one of the most important differences between online gaming at a reputable online casino and gaming at a land-based casino.  At a land-based casino, you have to ask for a player’s card.  Then, every time you come back to the casino, you have to remember to bring your card which, who know where you put it months before when you came back from a long weekend at a land-based casino?

At Everygame Casino, your so-called “player’s card” is always safely ensconced in “your drawer” at the casino waiting for you to activate it once again through your casino login.  Unlike land-based casino gamers, who go to a land-based casino perhaps twice a year, most online gamers at Everygame Casino and most other reputable online casinos, access the casino at least twice a week even if for just a few spins on a progressive slot while they are waiting in line somewhere or just taking a well-deserved break from their busy days!

Comp points are like a no deposit bonus in that they accumulate whenever you place a bet and then, when they have grown sufficiently large, you can redeem them for casino credits.

We Activate Your Play Through Account

Whenever a gamer takes a deposit bonus here at Everygame Casino Red, we put in place a play through requirement.  The play through requirement prevents the occasional gamer from taking the bonus and cashing out right away.  The play through requirement is a factor of the bonus.  

The upshot of the play through requirement is that land-based casinos cannot give a Welcome Package of four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus “cherry on top” worth up to $5555 as we do at Everygame Casino!  The play through requirement applies to the Welcome Package bonuses as well and very few players at a land-based casino can work through 30x the bonus. 

At Everygame Casino, you have as much time as you need to work through the play through requirement.  That’s why the bonuses at Everygame are for free money while the “bonuses” at most land-based casinos are for free whisky, free buffet meals, sometimes free rooms at the hotel, and irony of ironies, free access to the land-based casino’s mobile gaming platform so players can continue to exhaust themselves in bed after they have staggered away from the casino floor!

All in All, Your Everygame Casino Login Has Many Positive Functions

We suspect that all this time you thought that the login was just a code to get things started.  Well, it is a code to get things started.  And how many “things” does your simple login start!

Join Everygame Casino NOW and get set with your Welcome Package worth up to $5555 and your very own super-safe login code!