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How to Understand the Purpose behind Online Casino Promotions

There are a number of excellent Everygame Casino promotions.  One of the best is the no deposit bonus that finishes the Welcome Package.  This bonus is for $55 which, when compared to the up to $5500 you can get for four deposit bonuses that are all part of the Welcome Package, may not seem like much.  But, first of all Everygame is an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win kinda place.  That means that $55 in a no deposit bonus can go a long way!

The second, and possibly more important aspect of the no deposit bonus and all of the Everygame Casino promotions, is that people like to receive gifts from businesses.  Online casinos call these gifts promotions.  A land-based casino might call them free alcohol and free meals at the casino buffet.  A retail store might call the gift a sale.

Why Do Businesses Offer Promotions?

There are many reasons why businesses offer promotions.  One is that the business wants to set itself apart from its competitors.  So a furniture store might run a raffle with a large television as the big prize.  A promotion like this gets people in the store where even if they don’t win the television, they might buy a new sofa or mattress.

In the week before Thanksgiving in the United States, many supermarkets will sell turkeys for less than they paid for them.  This type of sale or promotion is called a loss leader.  The store is hoping to make more money by selling other grocery items to customers who were drawn to the store by the extraordinarily low price for turkey.

A no deposit bonus at an online casino such as Everygame Casino can also be seen as a loss leader since a lucky gamer can win a substantial sum from a lucky spin with the no deposit bonus.

What if Every Business Offers a Similar Promotion

End of season clothing sales are a perfect example of the phenomenon of every business in a sector offering the same sale.  In this case, the promotion doesn’t set one store apart from all the others unless it doesn’t offer the sale!

The real key to end of season sales is when the end of the season begins.  Many clothing stores will start their end of season summer sale during the dog days of August when summer is still in full control of most of the Northern Hemisphere!

They will start their end of season winter sales when there is still snow on the ground and Jack Frost is still nipping at your nose.

What Do Customers say about Promotions?

Another reason any business might run a promotion is to find new customers and to hear their feedback.  Businesses can never sit on their past laurels; they have to develop new “laurels” all the time!  One of the benefits of reaching out to new customers is that a percentage of new customers will actually contact the company with feedback.

Many people will not contact the company but will tell the story of the good (or bad) treatment they got from the business.  Word of mouth is more important to some businesses than newspaper reviews.  A newspaper review of a restaurant is more of a reading entertainment than a true description of the quality of the restaurant.

When Cousin Mary tells you to check out the new restaurant, she is telling you that she was there and the food and the service were worth your while.  This has long been the power of word of mouth reviews.  In addition, especially in this digital age, every business has to do everything it can to get as much positive response on social media.


The Difference between a Fee Sample and a Buy One Get One Free Offer

When a business offers to give a customer one free product if he or she buys one, they get fewer takers than if they simply give a product or service away.  However, no business can possibly give products or services away without the hope or promise of compensation.

It could be that a soft drink company might set up somewhere offering free cans of their newest soda.  More likely, a food manufacture will set up a stand in a supermarket offering free samples to all comers.  Giving away free soft drinks in this way may or may not be a fruitful promotion for the soda company but as long as it stays on a relatively small scale and otherwise relies on word of mouth to tell many others that the new soda is pretty good, the promotion is likely to be a success.

Everygame Casino Also “Gives away Money”

We give away money in bonus offers such as deposit bonuses or free spins and in the comp points promotion.  However, we, like so many other businesses, cannot just give money away.  We have a play through requirement for deposit bonuses.  We do this so no gamer might take a bonus and cash out right away.

Everygame Runs a New Game Promotion Every Month

We are very lucky to be associated with Real Time Gaming as our game provider.  RTG, as they are called in the industry, comes out with a new slot every month!  This is no small feat and RTG has teams working on several months’ worth of new slots all the time!

By having a prolific game provider, we know what the next new slot will be well in advance of its launch date.  As a result, we can put together a new game promotion that usually consists of a combination of a deposit bonus and free spins.

The Purpose of Online Casino Promotions

There are two main purposes to online casino promotions.  One is to attract new gamers and the other is to retain veteran gamers.  The online casino market has tremendous competition.  There are many billions of potential gamers out there.  Some still live in places with no digital footprint at all!  But they will get internet, smartphones, and all of the modern technology that most people already take for granted.

The online casino market is huge. We need to run promotions in order to attract and retain gamers.  We try to run great promotions all the time because word of mouth in the era of social media moves very fast! 

We expect our promotions to reflect new realities going forward as the world becomes more affluent and as many gamers who, before the corona virus crisis,  never played a single online casino game have discovered the enormous benefit of gaming online from convenience to higher return to player rates and much, much more.

Join Everygame Casino Red NOW and you will get in on our Welcome Package worth up to $5555 and all of our other great promotions.