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How to Choose between Video Poker and Blackjack

Of all the online casino games we offer here at Everygame Casino, the two most popular games of skill are blackjack and video poker.  Actually, they may be the only true games of skill!  One might think that with so many games of chance most gamers would not play the games of skill.

That is clearly not the case!  While slots are still the most popular game category here at Everygame, the games of skill get lots of traffic.  Players who need a break from slots, roulette, or craps will often go to either video poker or blackjack if they don’t take their slots break with Banana Jones!

Are Blackjack and Video Poker One Size Fits All Games?

There is an interesting question that we will ask now and we will devote this article to trying to answer: Why do some players prefer video poker and other players prefer blackjack?

After all, if they are both games of skill wouldn’t they be somewhat interchangeable?  To some extent, they are interchangeable but there are some interesting differences between players who generally play video poker as opposed to those players who generally play blackjack.

Video Poker is Poker

There are many gamers who love to play poker for low stakes with their friends on a Friday night.  These games are a convivial way to spend an evening.  While we always tell gamers to avoid alcohol while gaming—unlike the practice of land-based casinos that encourage drinking during play—these friendly games for low stakes are the perfect conduit for some beer and pizza and friendly banter.

We know of poker players who have all-nighter games when the April showers come to Chicago.  The April showers off Lake Michigan can last for a couple of drizzly days and these pals have their own long poker games!  At the end of an 18 hour marathon of dealer’s choice poker, the winners buy breakfast!

What Does This Have to Do with Video Poker?

There are also many poker lovers who don’t particularly like playing poker with strangers.  Whether it is online poker that is truly anonymous or in-person poker at a land-based poker room, many players love poker but prefer it with friends or alone.

Video poker gives these players the poker experience they want without the need to interact or deal with real people they don’t know.

Tilt Can Be a Problem in Poker

One reason many poker players prefer playing with friends is that tilt is a lot less of a problem in friendly games that end up at an all-night diner for breakfast than it is when they are playing with strangers.  Even if the player himself or herself is not given to tilt, there is always the possibility that an opponent might tilt especially if they are playing at stakes that are objectively too high and they lose a big pot with money they can’t really afford to lose.

Friends don’t let friends bet money they need for their kid’s orthodontia!

In real poker games, someone might lose big and then everyone goes their own way and the losers are left to deal with their own disappointment.  After a low stakes friendly game, the players may go home but they will probably see each other again in a day or two!

Alcohol is also a problem in real poker especially at land-based poker rooms.  If one of your friends gets too drunk to play, you either restrict his or her drinking or you disinvite them from your friendly games.


Video Poker Offers a Big Payout for a Royal Flush

You won’t win a million dollar progressive jackpot playing video poker but you can win that big extra payout for a Royal Flush.  You might get one Royal Flush in your lifetime.  If you are playing with your pals, you might win a few dollars.  If you are playing multi-hand video poker and make a one dollar bet on each hand, you will win thousands of dollars if you get that elusive Royal Flush.

In fact, video poker strategy calls for players to always bet the maximum and to play for the Royal Flush in certain situations.

Why Does Anyone Play Blackjack?

Blackjack players love outsmarting the dealer!  They like being alert enough to always make the unusual decision such as hitting even with 13 or 14 points in some cases.  Blackjack players like being able to play for a very long time and end the session just a little ahead or a little behind.  The fun of the game, rather than winning big, is what attracts so many blackjack players.

Blackjack Strategy

In video poker, you play against the pay table.  The dealer has no role to play at all and actually there really isn’t a dealer; it’s just the random number generator deciding on the next card or cards.

In blackjack, there is a dealer.  In online blackjack, the dealer is the software but it is still a dealer who has to play her hand when you stop if you haven’t busted.  So, for players, there is a real challenge to outsmart the dealer.

Is Blackjack Better Online?

We certainly think it is!  And many of the gamers here at Everygame Casino Red who play blackjack above all other games, also prefer online blackjack.  In fact, even if they go to a land-based casino, they will play blackjack only if they are the only players at the table.

Real blackjack players who know what they are doing do not like other players blaming them for their losses when the real blackjack player played his or her hand right!

So, there are a large number of blackjack players who like playing the game almost exclusively online.  These players also like going from one variation of blackjack to another as long as they know the proper strategy for each one.

Don’t Video Poker and Blackjack Players Play Both Games?

Of course, most players who want to play a game of skill will enjoy both blackjack and video poker.  Still, there are players who enjoy one of these games for a few minutes and the other for a few hours!

Players also like the general convenience of Everygame Casino where they can go from game to game as they wish and they won’t ever lose their seat!

Everygame Casino has a gigantic Welcome Package which can reach as high as $5555 in deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus.  You can play a lot of blackjack, video poker, slots, and even Banana Jones with that kind of bonus money!

So, join us here at Everygame Casino Red NOW for great online casino gaming!