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How to Get the Most Fun from Online Casino Gaming

If you read all of the advice readily available on the internet, you might think that online casino gaming is all about easy banking, frequent certification, regulations, and other mundane business activities.  In reality, while all of this legalistic stuff is extremely important, and online casinos such as Everygame Casino could not be thriving as they are without such regulatory oversight, the essence of online casino gaming is….gaming!  That means games!

So, in this article, we will talk about the games we have on offer at Everygame Casino and we will show how online gaming has advantages that land-based casino gaming does not.

Let’s Start with Slots

We carry about 200 slots.  Some are retro or classic slots but most are modern video slots with five reels.  The key aspect of video slots is that each game plays a little differently and each slot tells a different “story”.  The game play may include many different ways that the wild symbol creates wins.  There are expanding wilds, sticky wilds, stacked wilds, and many different multipliers associated with wins generated by the wilds.

The scatter symbols align anywhere on the reels to send you to the free spins bonus rounds.  In these rounds, you can score some top level wins!  In many slots, you can also retrigger the free spins so they can go on ad infinitum if you get lucky!  The classic slots didn’t have such largesse; it is truly the quality of modern slots that the wild and scatter symbols present such potential for big wins!

Travel from Home!

Video slots can take you on a journey through time and space!  You can go back to ancient civilizations.  In fact, we have a few slots based on ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome.  You can visit the Native American cultures of the Aztecs, the Incas, and the Mayas.  These tribes created some of the most vibrant cultures humans have ever created and many gamers become inspired to learn more about them after playing the slots based on these societies.

Don’t Land-based Casinos Have a Lot of Video Slots, Too?

Yes they do; land-based casinos also have a large number of slots.  There are three basic problems associated with slots at a land based casino.  The first is that the casino may have several terminals of the same slot because many players want to play just that slot.  In cyberspace, where Everygame Casino resides, we need only one virtual terminal to accommodate as many gamers as want to play any single slot at any one time!

The second problem associated with slots in a land-based casino is that the casino has to take out a terminal to make way for any new terminals it puts in.  So, land-based casinos have fewer classic slots as they have, over time, taken the classics out to make room for the many terminals of the new slots they bring in.

The third problem gamers at land-based casinos experience is that they tend to stay at one terminal for an interminable length of time!  That’s because each terminal has a seat and if you leave a terminal, you give up your seat. 

You don’t need a seat at Everygame Casino!  You can never “lose” your non-existent “seat”.  So, slots gaming at Everygame Casino allows players to go from slot to slot enjoying more different story lines in one short gaming session than a player at a land-based casino plays in a long weekend at the casino!


Does Everygame Casino Have Any Other Games?

Well, of course we do!  Let’s go on to blackjack.  We carry three variations of blackjack.  Unlike slots, which are games of pure chance, blackjack is a game of skill mixed with chance.  If you play the variation you like using the best strategy, your chance of ending a session in the black or very close to even is very high!

As a result, blackjack players tend to be players who play for the fun of it without looking to score big wins which does motivate some slots players.

We Hear that Everygame Casino Has a Few Video Poker Variations

Yes, indeed, we do!  We carry Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Joker Poker.  You can play as many as 100 hands in each of these variations.  Keep in mind that the best strategy for each is different since in Deuces wild and Joker Poker, there are wild cards while Jacks or Better is more straightforward.

Also, in video poker, if you bet the maximum on every hand, you qualify for the big payout for a Royal Flush.  The strategy for players who are betting the maximum is different than the strategy for players who are betting less than the maximum.

Video poker also has some unusual strategy moves.  For instance, if you have a winning pair but also the chance for a much better hand by jettisoning the pair, it is often the best strategy to do so!  This is the case when you keep high cards that you might pair for a win but you reserve the chance to score a much bigger win by improving the hand into a flush or a straight.

Many video poker players love watching the wins pile up in multi-hand games when they start out with a powerful hand!  As you can see video poker gives players a different gaming experience than either blackjack or slots!  Such is the great flexibility of online casino gaming!

What about Roulette and Craps?

These are the noisiest games in a land-based casino as players exhort the wheel or the dice to come up big for them.  The kind of yelling and screaming that goes on at the roulette and craps tables in a land-based casino would not be tolerated at a poke table or a blackjack table!

At Everygame Casino Red, we run American and European Roulette and Craps.  Any yelling and screaming will have to come from you or your significant other!  These games are perfect for an interlude with that special someone!

Caribbean Poker

We offer Caribbean Holdem and Caribbean Stud Poker.  In these games, the strategy is to decide if you want to double your bet and play on or sacrifice your bet.  Keep in mind that the dealer has to qualify with a minimum hand for the house to win.  So, it can be a winning move to stay in a hand even with a poor hand yourself!

The Caribbean poker games also have a progressive jackpot that you can win by making a side bet.  You get a share of the jackpot for a flush or better and the entire jackpot comes your way if you get a Royal Flush.

Who is Banana Jones?

This intrepid little fellow runs the specialty game that bears his name.  Along with Fish Catch, these are specialty games that most gamers go to for a short break from canvassing the more commonly-played games.  Still, Banana Jones and Fish Catch along with Keno are great games in their own right.  We suggest that you look them up!

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