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How to Enjoy Gaming More through Promotions

This has certainly been a difficult year!   Still in all, millions—probably billions—of people all over the world have discovered the value of playing games!  We all knew that games were an essentially important part of a happy life but until the corona virus sent us indoors for long starches of time we didn’t realize just how important gaming was.

Gaming at a casino online such as Everygame Casino is one of many ways to use games to pass the time and add an element of mirth to the lockdowns. 

One of the ways we at Everygame Casino work hard to make casino gaming more fun is through our many exciting online casino promotions!  So, in this article, we would like to talk about the importance of promotions for any business and the great differences between promotions at Everygame Casino online and a land-based casino.

How Long Does a Gamer Spend at a Land-based Casino?

It takes a person pretty good in arithmetic to figure this one out!  If you calculate the time it takes to book a room at the hotel, book a flight to the place where the land-based casino is located, pack a suitcase, double and triple check all of the important documents, get to the airport, wait in interminable lines at the airport, get from the airport to the casino, or drive for hours instead of flying, the ratio of time spent preparing for an excursion to a land-based casino and the time actually spent at the casino is very high!

It’s no wonder that people spend way too much time on the casino floor at a land-based casino versus the amount of time they spend at a casino online in any given gaming session!  “I have to get my money’s worth” is a kind of land-based casino gamer’s mantra!

How Long Does a Gamer Spend at an Online Casino?

First of all, the time it takes to get to Everygame Casino is about two minutes, three minutes max!  That’s about how long it takes to get a soft drink out of the refrigerator (no alcohol while gaming!) or make a cup of coffee or tea.  Then a quick trip to sofa, log into our excellent mobile gaming platform, and you’re there!

If you want to play at the desktop, you might have to add a few seconds to your preparation time!  Hoo boy!  It sure beats driving for hours or spending giant chunks of time at one of the world’s most beautiful airports!

In one of his laugh a minute novels, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, Douglas Adams began: “It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced the expression ‘as pretty as an airport’.”

Everygame Casino is always at your fingertips so you never have to spend hours upon hours playing as players do at land-based casinos despite great hunger and massive exhaustion.  Thirty to sixty minute gaming sessions are perfecxt for busy people who have a casino at the ready all the time!


Everygame Casino Wants to Give You Money!

As you can see, just getting to a land-based casino takes a lot of time and money!  On the other hand, getting to Everygame Casino takes next to no time and no money.  In addition, you can take part in one of our promotions and we will give you money!

How Does Everygame Casino Give Gamers Money?

We offer deposit bonuses.  We also have a no deposit bonus that gamers can access at the end of the Welcome Package.  By the way, the Welcome Package is worth as much as $5555!

Everygame Casino also runs weekly and monthly promotions that combine deposit bonuses and free spins!  Free spins are in essence a potential giveaway since you can win a lot of money spinning slots for free!

Isn’t There a Play-through Requirement for Deposit Bonuses?

Yes, there is and it is one of the main reasons why land-based casinos give away free alcohol and buffet meals while Everygame Casino gives away free money!

The play-through requirement is fair since without it a few gamers would cash out their account immediately after a deposit bonus was registered.  The play-through requirement means that gamers have to play a factor of the bonus before they can withdraw money from their account.

A land-based casino cannot offer large deposit bonuses since most gamers are there for only three days at the most and may not come back for a year or….ever!

So, land-based casinos offer free booze, food, and sometimes free rooms at the inn! 

Is the Mobile Gaming Platform a Kind of Promotion, Too?

In a sense it is.  Actually, as a novelty, the mobile gaming platform was a promotion of sorts when we first introduced it.  We promoted the fact that gamers had one account that covered both the desktop platform and the mobile platform.

That meant that gamers could work off their play through requirement playing at either platform and the wagers would register sequentially. 

It also meant that gamers accumulated comp points from both platforms making online gaming at Everygame Casino Red doubly exciting!

Actually, land-based casinos also have a comp points promotion….if the gamers remember to take their player’s card with them the next time they go to that casino!  “Where did I put that darned player’s card last year?”

Getting Back to the Mobile Platform as a Type of Casino Promotion….

We knew, however, that the mobile platform was not all that good at first!  We have worked very hard with the tech companies to constantly improve our mobile gaming platform and it has paid off!  Today, the mobile platform is their go-to platform for a majority of gamers!

Do All Businesses Offer Promotions?

We can’t say “all” but we can say that promotions are a very important part of any business’s repertoire of offers to customers. 

  1. A business promotion might be a sale.  The day after Thanksgiving in the United States is a promotional bonanza for shoppers!
  2. In the week or so before Thanksgiving, many supermarkets offer frozen turkey at rock bottom prices to get customers into the store where they will spend a couple of hundred dollars on other food items for the holiday meals and beyond.
  3. Some supermarkets stay open 24 hours a day.  They don’t get a lot of shoppers from midnight to 6:00 am but the promotion is worth it to them anyway.
  4. Airlines and hotel chains have comp points promotions called frequent flyer and the like.
  5. At the end of a season, many clothing stores will have very low prices or a buy one get one free deal.
  6. Restaurants offer coupons for a reduced price on certain meals.
  7. Amusement parks might have a deal worked out where they offer tickets to the park along with reduced prices on flights, car rentals, and motels.
  8. A large pharmacy might have toothpaste or hair dye on sale even though pharmacy customers used to come just to fill prescriptions.
  9. A delivery company might offer a rebate if the package you absolutely must have delivered overnight gets to its destination a few hours late.
  10.  A bookstore chain will run a promotion in which the second book you buy might be half priced or even less!

Promotions are the Life Blood of Any Business

Customers are attracted to businesses in several ways.  Word of mouth works for restaurants and movies.  Sales work in the retail business.  Deposit bonuses and other promotions that put money in gamers’ hands is the way that online casinos attract players.  It is a lot harder for a land-based casino to offer free money so they offer free alcohol which actually brings more money back to the casino!

Come to Everygame Casino

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