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How to Get the Most out of Everygame Casino’s Promotions

At Everygame Casino, we feel that having a large selection of great casino games is not enough!  We also run a large collection of promotions.  We can divide our Everygame Casino promotions into two basic categories: permanent promotions and non-permanent promotions.

What? Did You Say that Some Promotions End?

Well, yes. Some promotions end and are replaced by new promotions!  You see, we always have a large selection of promotions going so our gamers always have a lot to look forward to every time they curl up on the sofa to play!

Let’s Take a Look!

The first promotion new gamers enjoy is our unbelievable Welcome Package that includes four deposit bonuses and an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win maraschino cherry on the top!  The Welcome Package can be worth as much as $5555!  Here is how it works:

  1. The bonus for your first deposit at Everygame Casino is for 125% up to $1000.  Keep this in mind: there are three other deposit bonuses in the Welcome Package.  You only need to deposit $800 to get the $1000 bonus so wait until you make your next deposit to add to your $800 deposit!
  2. With your second deposit, you’ll get a 150% bonus up to $1500.
  3. For your third deposit, the bonus is again 125% up to $1000.
  4. The fourth deposit brings a whopping 150% bonus up to $2000!
  5. Finally, we finish it all off with a $55 no deposit bonus!

Now let’s take a look at the four promotions that will end at the end of December.  Even if you aren’t able to get in on the action with these four promotions, you can rest assured that we will replace them with equally exciting promotions!

Happy Holidays

This promotion celebrates the wonderful holiday season.  It is a series of deposit bonuses that can get as high as $3000 in total and is completed with a $100 no deposit bonus.

A lot of people have extra free time on their hands during the holiday season and this promotion gives gamers a lot of incentive to pad their casino account.


Xmas Fun

Everygame Casino ramps up the fun with this promotion that will end soon so hurry and get in on the action!  Of course, when this promotion ends, another will likely take its place.  The key here is that we add free spins to the amazing deposit bonuses!

The bonus rate goes up from 75% to 100% to 125% and the amount of the bonus goes up from $600 to $1000 with a short hiatus of $400 for the second deposit.  We also grow the free spins from 30 free spins on the Naughty List to 40 free spins on Rudolph and culminating with 50 free spins on Rudolph Awakens.

If you are a veteran slots gamers, you know that the free spins bonus rounds are where the big wins come and 15 free spins in any bonus round is considered quite a haul so 50 free spins on the third deposit in Xmas Fun is a phenomenal number of free spins!

Game of the Month Promotion

The game of the month for December is Naughty or Nice 3.  You might ask: why Naughty or Nice 3?  Well. We already have Naughty or Nice and Naughty or Nice 2.  Each Naughty or Nice slot has become an instant classic so it makes a lot of sense that Real Time gaming came out with Naughty or Nice 3 just in time for the Christmas season.

The Naughty or Nice series features Santa, Mrs. Santa, the reindeer and elves, and some of the most beautiful, voluptuous, and did we say beautiful heroines in any slot!

This promotion awards gamers a 100% deposit bonus for up to $600 and 50 free spins on Naughty or Nice 3.   Once you have played Naughty or Nice 3, you will want to play the other slots in the Naughty or Nice series.  You will also want to play every slot we have on offer!  Now, that’s a lot of slots.  It’s certainly a good thing that you can play for a long time with Everygame Casino’s money!

New Game IC Wins

This promotion also combines deposit bonuses with free spins.  There are three deposit bonuses for up to $1000 total.  The best part of the IC Wins promotion is the free spins.  The first bonus comes with 33 free spins, the second deposit comes with 44 free spins, and the third deposit comes with 55 free spins.  Then, gamers who have made it all the way to this point get another 60 free spins!

Casino on Ice

This promotion will last until February 1 so you have plenty of time to win!  Every week, on Monday, we will award prizes to the top 300 players on the leaderboard.  You get one point for every $100 you bet so the points will accumulate fast and the more you play the more you can win.  The top bonus for this promotion is $500.

In addition, for gamers who play between Monday and Wednesday, there will be a drawing on Thursday in which gamers can win up to $150.

At the end of the promotion, we will draw one name out of the “hat” and he or she will win $1000!

Wheel of Fortune

We spin the wheel every day and give away $1,000 to 20 lucky gamers each of whom win $50.  Every gamer who plays any game qualifies to spin the wheel.

Mobile Award

This is a promotion exclusively for gamers who play on our state of the art mobile platform.  In truth, that means almost every gamer at Everygame Casino Red!  Mobile has become the go to way to play!  It is simply a lot more comfortable to play curled up on the sofa or even in bed.

Mobile is a lot more conducive to some romantic gaming with your cuddliest friend!

Comp Points

These are points gamers earn for playing any game at Everygame Casino.  The points accumulate fast and after there are enough of them, you can convert them into casino credits.

Here is one of the biggest ways that online gaming at Everygame Casino is superior to land-based casino gaming.  At Everygame Casino, every gamer is automatically “enrolled” in the comp points promotion.  At land-based casinos, you have to request and remember to use a player’s card.

At Everygame, you can convert your comp points whenever they reach a large enough number. At a land-based casino, you might have to come back to the casino several times to reach the point at which you can convert comp points to casino credits.

You might have to wait until the next time you come to that land-based casino to use your casino credits and who knows if that day will ever come?  And what will you do if you plan another trip to a land-based casino and you forget your player’s card!  Oh me, oh my!

Everygame Casino will always be available on a 24/7 basis as long as cyberspace exists.  We suspect that cyberspace will never end!  So, all of our games and promotions will be there for you always.  Promotions might run their course but then a new promotion will take its place! 

We wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!  If you are a veteran gamer here at Everygame, we commit ourselves to always having the finest games and promotions for your gaming pleasure.

If you are new to Everygame, we hope that you join us NOW.  The same promise we just made to the veteran gamers can apply to you as well!