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Being a New Gamer at Everygame Casino is a Wonderful Experience

If you are new to the world of casino gaming, and even if you aren’t, there are a few things you should think about as you embark on your wonderful Everygame Casino journey!  We have over 300 great online casino games from the brilliant minds at Real Time Gaming.

The things you should think about involve playing the games, money management, time management, understanding how an online casino such as Everygame works, and the big differences between online casino gaming and playing at a land-based casino.

What is Time Management at a Casino?

We have had a big influx of gamers this year because of the virus and the lockdowns of so many land-based casinos.  Many new gamers are surprised that we recommend several short gaming sessions per week instead of long marathon gaming sessions like the ones they were used to when they travelled to a land-based casino.

One of the biggest differences between online casino gaming and land-based casino gaming revolves around time management.

Is There a Number One Time Management Tip for Online Casino Gamers?

Yes, there is!  Online casino gaming is a lot different than working on a project for your business!  The most important time management tip for online gamers is actually the number one tip for online gaming in general: emphasize fun!

When you view time management from the prism of having the most fun, it becomes easier to set aside a specific number of gaming sessions per week and the specific number of minutes you will spend gaming!

After all, when gaming starts out as fun, it is important to keep it fun!  If you know that you need to spend a couple of hours on an important work project, you might schedule half an hour for gaming.  You could schedule 15 minutes as a break halfway through the work you are doing on the project and the second 15 minutes as a kind of reward to yourself for prioritizing working on that project over gaming without giving up on the gaming altogether!


New Gamers Should Check up on Themselves

This is a kind of self-audit.  Ask yourself if you played for just the designated length of time.  Ask yourself if you tried new games, games that you aren’t so familiar with.  Did you avail yourself of the unlimited free play policy at Everygame to get to know a game?  Did you feel that you wanted to increase your bets in order to get back the money you might have lost?

A self-audit of your gaming decisions, if it becomes your normal way of assessing your gaming, will point you in the direction of playing almost exclusively for fun.  For example, you can budget ten spins for a progressive jackpot.  That means ten spins, not eleven.  The reason to limit spins on a progressive jackpot slot is that you have to bet the maximum to be able to win the big jackpot.  Progressive games call for serious money and time management!

If one day you take that eleventh spin, you should understand that by doing so, your gaming has just become just a little less fun.

Always look for the fun side of gaming!

Plan Ahead

A lot of people don’t like to plan ahead in day to day activities.  Even when they are on a road trip, a lot of people like to “play it by ear”.  They feel that when they do decide to stop for the night, they will easily find accommodations.  Usually that is correct and it adds to the fun to “wing it”.

Gaming is both the same and different.  Once you are playing, we recommend “winging it”.  Play a number of games.  Try to avoid getting into a rut of playing just one or two games.  The games will always be there for you the next time you curl up to play!

Playing a variety of games is the “winging it” side of gaming.  On the other hand, the planning ahead side, we suggest that you put your gaming session on your to do list!  It doesn’t make it a chore or an errand to put gaming on your to do list.  It simply means that you are managing your time and making having fun so important that you put it on your daily calendar just in case you forget to have fun!

How Can I Avoid Distractions?

First of all, why do you want to avoid distractions?  At a land-based casino, the distractions you do want to avoid are the loud, drunk or semi-drunk guy who is just bothering people.  This is the guy who makes uncalled for comments to women on the casino floor.

Another distraction to avoid is the blackjack player who blames you for his losses.  He is probably playing incorrectly and you might be following the best strategy for that game.  In blackjack, the house edge for players following the best strategy is much less than 1%!  So, a player telling you that you are costing him wins is a serious distraction, indeed!

Two other very important distractions are the rumbling in your stomach as you forge ahead playing despite being very hungry and the yawning you might do if you continue playing long after sleep is the called-for “strategy”.

These kinds of distractions are common to players at land-based casinos but they will never happen when you play online at Everygame Casino Red!

Are There Distractions that We Should Welcome?

Yes, indeed!

A distraction that involves your significant other is often a very good distraction!  This is another of the reasons why gaming online at Everygame Casino is better for most gamers than gaming at a land-based casino.  Most people would prefer not to “flirt” with their lover in public on the casino floor with inebriated people present!

Flirting and much more with your lover at home is a great way to enjoy gaming and allow a very good “distraction” to add to the fun of gaming!

Is Looking at the Big Picture a Good Way to Enhance Fun?

This is one of those time management “rules” that often work in a business environment but that don’t work well in a gaming situation.  Especially when you play the games of skill, looking at the little details is the best way to win in these games and winning is always fun!                                   

In slots, looking at the big picture might mean going from game to game to enrich the gaming experience.

Develop a Hobby for Gaming Fun!

Now that is a little odd: encouraging gamers to develop a hobby as a way of enhancing gaming fun!  A hobby is a type of pastime.  Gaming is also a type of pastime.  A hobby will make it easier to budget your gaming time!  It adds to your gaming enjoyment even though having a fun hobby might take away some time from gaming.  In other words, a hobby might create the formula that less gaming equals more fun!

Some gamers have adopted the “hobby” of mastering the best strategy for every variation in the primary games of skill, video poker and blackjack!

Taking Care of Yourself Enhances Fun!

As we have said, eating properly, sleeping well, and getting enough exercise are important for being healthier and healthy gamers are happy gamers!

It is also important to schedule time to relax.  Online gaming at Everygame Casino is a great way to relax!

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