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How to Decide about Staying with Everygame or Going Back to Land-based Casinos

The virus crisis is slowly winding down and that means that a lot of land-based casinos that had been closed because of the virus will now be reopening.  This puts some gamers in a quandary of sorts: to stay gaming at their favorite online casino which in many cases is Everygame Casino or to venture forth to a land-based casino.

Let’s try to peel away the pros and cons of going back to a land-based casino.

Going or Going Back?

This may be the most basic misconception some gamers have.  Even if they played exclusively at land-based casinos in the past does not mean that they have to return to the status quo ante.  They can always do most of their gaming at Everygame Casino and go to a land-based casino just to check out the new situation on land.

In other words, gamers can go to a land-based casino without going back to one!

Remember All of the Advantages of Gaming Online

Online casinos have many advantages over land-based casinos:

  1. Online casinos offer more and better bonuses.
  2. Online casinos have more games.
  3. The return to player rate at online casinos is higher than at land-based casinos.
  4. Online casinos run many promotions that land-based casinos cannot run.
  5. Online casinos don’t try to trick you into playing longer.
  6. Online casinos don’t offer free whisky!

These are just a few of the main advantages of gaming online.  Everygame Casino has well-deserved reputation as the sign up bonus casino.  Our Welcome Package is actually four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus to top it all off and the total package is worth $5555!  The big bonuses gamers can enjoy from an online casino are a lot more worthwhile than any deposit bonus a player can get at a land-based casino.

A Stitch in Time Makes Online Gaming Sublime

Every deposit bonus you get at any casino has a play through requirement.  at an online casino, gamers can work off this requirement at their leisure.  There is no penalty for taking two weeks to do so.  Then you can withdraw winnings.

Very few players at any land-based casino can play for two weeks to fulfill the play through requirement.  That means that deposit bonuses at land-based casinos are almost non-existent.  The biggest bonus a player at a land-based casino might get is free booze and we all know that free booze returns to the casino a lot more than the cost of the booze.

What Happened to All the Windows/

This is one of the classic ways land-based casinos trick players into playing longer, even after the player is so tired that she or he cannot make sound decisions.  The free booze is another trick land-based casinos use.  Having cocktail waitresses in skimpy outfits is another trick that keeps some players on the casino floor.

In the next section, we will offer a few tips to gamers who are determined to at least go to a land-based casino now that they are open. 


How Should I Get Ready for a Return to a Land-based Casino?

The first thing to do is get your mind around the notion that this is a trip to a casino not a return to land-based casino gambling.  So the first tip is: Treat the trip to a land-based casino as a vacation, not as a gambling excursion.

In order to turn the trip to a land-based casino into a vacation, we suggest gong to a place where there are a number of casinos!  It might sound odd at first; Everygame Casino suggesting that gamers who want to play at a land-based casino go to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, South Mississippi or any other place with a number of casinos!

Actually, the more casinos there are, the less time you will spend at any single one!  Walk on the Strip in Las Vegas and go from casino to casino.  Each casino has a different theme and, since you are on vacation, you would like to “see the sights”!  In Atlantic City or South Mississippi, there are the two large bodies of water and the boardwalks to enjoy!  So, play a little in the casinos and enjoy the cities as cities with something to offer aside from casino gambling.

Set a Strict Budget for Gambling

There are actually two budgets you need to set.  The first is the obvious monetary budget.  It is important to be determined not to exceed this budget.  So, if you budget $300 for gambling and you will have three days in the casino, be sure to play with only $100 on each day.

Of course, if you win, you will go home with some money.  But do not use the money you win on Friday to increase your gambling on Saturday.  Pay yourself with your winnings! 

You can also decide in advance what you might buy if you do win some money!  Buying a gift for a special someone is a lot better than just gambling with your winnings.

Set a Time Budget

This is the second budget you really do need to set.  Let’s say that you want to play video poker.  Set a one hour time limit on playing video poker.  You don’t have to spend the entire hour at one video poker terminal in one casino.  You can spend 15 minutes at one casino and then walk to another casino where you spend another 15 minutes on a video poker machines and so on.

In a place like Las Vegas, where the casinos are a bit of a walk one from the other, the time you spend walking doesn’t count towards your gambling time; it does, however, count towards your vacation time!  The more you walk, the better your vacation will be!

We Think that Online Gaming is the Giant Wave of the Future

As long as there are investors ready to invest in land-based casinos and gamblers ready to visit these casinos, there will be land-based casinos.  But the corona virus has taught us many things and one of them is that at-home entertainment is pretty good!

Online gaming has so many plusses for it that even gamers who had never played a single online casino game before corona are probably going to stay with the online casino of their choice which we sincerely hope in Everygame Casino Red!

As the reopening of land-based casinos continues we might see some winnowing out as some casinos close for good due to an insufficient number of gamblers.  Online casino gaming will always be available on our desktop or, most often, on our excellent mobile platform.

For many gamers, curling up on the sofa with Everygame Casino on mobile and gaming with that special someone really is a lot more fun than gambling at a land-based casino.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and we sincerely hope that 2021 turns out to be a lot better than 2020 has been!