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How to Find Your Way in the New Normal

We seem to be entering a new era in the way most people live.  Some have already begun calling it the New Normal.  We at Everygame Casino are always on top of new developments in everything to do with casino gaming from technology to lifestyle developments.  So, we ask: What role will online casino games play in the New Normal?

Will Things Get Back to “Normal”?

This question really asks: When the corona virus has run its course, won’t we all just go back to way things were way back in January 2020?  The answer comes in two parts.

First, we don’t yet know that the corona virus will ever run its course so the “when” in the question needs to be changed to an “if” and a big if it is!  Already they are talking about a much more contagious variant of this virus that started in Great Britain and is fast spreading throughout the developed world.

So, the corona virus may be with us for many years and if it is with us for many years, we will inevitably have to adjust to a new normal.  Thus, the question remains: What role will online casino games play in the New Normal?

Changes in the Way People Work and Play

The second part of the answer to the question of whether we won’t all go back to the way things were at the start of 2020 is that a genie has been let out of the bottle.  The information age means that millions of people can effectively work from home.

That means that even were the virus to be declared conquered tomorrow, we wouldn’t go back to the way things were before the virus hit.  For many people, there is simply no reason to commute to work in a tall office building when we can work as well or better from home.


If we are already at home working, what role will the easy availability of online casino games have on our lifestyle going forward?

Do So Many People Really Work from Home?

Yes they do!  And the corona virus has increased the number of remote workers by a very large factor!

About 30 million people now work from home in the United States.  This is an increase of three times the number that worked from home before the corona virus lockdowns began.  Even more importantly, the demographic that now works from home in such large numbers is the 25-50 year old demographic.

Why is that Demographic So Important?

A lot of businesses depend on this demographic for their survival.  First of all, these people are less likely to be worried about saving now for retirement so restaurants enjoy a large crowd from this demographic at lunch time.  If these people are working from home, that means that the number of people who might go out to a restaurant for lunch will be spread out over a vastly greater geographical area.

In other words, a local restaurant may not find enough people in the square mile area it had counted on before the virus to provide patrons for lunch.

How will Remote Work Affect Online Casino Gaming?

Let’s first look at how remote work will affect land-based casino gaming.  Before corona, people felt that they needed an escape from their daily commutes.  While some lucky people lived a few minutes by foot from their office, most people who commuted to work drove about an hour or sat on a commuter train for as many as two hours.

In each direction!

So, as a way of blowing off steam, many people chose a long weekend or longer at a land-based casino.  Now we need to blow off steam from the rigors of being at home an extra two hours a day!  Many people who work at home find that they can take a short break to go out for a walk, to the corner grocery store, or to any other nearby store.

Many people are finding that a few minutes flopped comfortably on the sofa and playing some casino games at Everygame Casino Red is a great way to take a break.  These people will probably not choose to go to a land-based casino to play more casino games!  Instead, if they feel the need to get away from their home slash office, they will go out into nature.

Believe it or not, nature has a lot to offer the weekend vacationer!

What Does a Short Online Casino Gaming Break Look Like?

It is easily the most relaxing kind of break you can take.  The two things that bring this type of break together are the quick and easy availability of online casino games and the magnificent mobile platform we at Everygame Casino can now provide our gamers!

Mobile gaming started out as a poor step-child to desktop gaming.  Now, several generations of improved technology later, we can say that we have a cutting edge mobile gaming platform.  So, when you are working from home, and you want to take ten minutes to unwind a bit, curling up on the sofa with our mobile casino is a great way to spend those ten minutes.

People used to use our great Everygame Casino platforms to unwind after a long day at the office sandwiched in between two long commutes.  After all that time, many gamers looked forward to just relaxing with a few online casino games before possibly getting together with friends for a late dinner or just a few beers at a local pub.

Now, Everygame Casino still provides that ability to help people unwind and there are still a lot of people who work away from home.  But for those 30 million people who now work at home and who might very well continue to work at home, the several breaks they take during the day to play online casino games may satisfy their general need to wind down.

In other words, the easy availability of Everygame Casino may allow our gamers to spend more time on their hobbies, household chores, or getting together with friends!

Is Everygame Casino Part of the New Normal?

As we have shown here, Everygame Casino Red is definitely a big part of the new normal.  However, we also have to keep in mind that Everygame Casino, from its start in 1996 was from the outset part of a new normal of sorts.  That new normal was the online casino explosion.

Everygame Casino has won over large numbers of gamers every year for over twenty years.  What we have learned from the corona virus crisis is that the population of potential Everygame gamers is a lot larger than we had thought and that the new work normal will inevitably create a new play normal!

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