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How to Manage Food and Drink while Gaming Online

We have spoken more than a few times about the importance of time and money management while playing the large selection of great online games here at Everygame Casino.  By now, it should be obvious to every gamer that time and money management are extremely important in casino gaming as they are in so many aspects of everyday life.

Demonstrating the Value of Online Casino Gaming

Both time management and money management point to the advantages of online casino as opposed to land-based casino gaming.  At a land based casino, they have no windows on the walls of the casino.  This results in many players playing on long after they should have stopped to eat, get something to drink, rest, walk around outside, or any number of other things they would have done had they been at home.

In addition, land-based casinos, by getting players to come for a few days at a time, actually encourage excessive gambling.  Many players need to buy more chips after day one.  At home, since the casino is available around the clock every day, it is easy to budget both time and money for any given gaming session.

Food and Drink Management are Also Very Important

We all know about the weight people gain from snacking while watching television.  It is also possible to snack too much while playing casino games.  That, then, is the point of this article: to give gamers a few solid tips for how to manage food and drink as online casino gamers.

Let’s Put the Alcohol Away

It is a lot easier to manage drinking than it is to manage food.  So, let’s start here.  Rule number one: never drink anything alcoholic before or during a gaming session.  Even one beer will have some effect on a player’s cognition and that could result in poor choices in the games of skill such as blackjack and video poker or increasing bets for no logical reason.

Alcohol will make a player want to win back money that he or she has lost.  It might cause a player to make a very risky bet with winnings rather than take those winnings and buying something they really need.

Land-based casinos push free alcohol, especially whisky which has a much higher alcohol content than beer or wine and thus causes gambling mistakes by players much more quickly.  So, monitor your alcohol intake before and during gaming.  Then, after you have finished a session, you can go out for a few beers or a couple of cocktails with friends.

Don’t drive home!


Food Management Comes in Three Parts

  1. It all starts with correct shopping habits.
  2. Keeping food fresh is important.
  3. It is impossible to undervalue the importance of what you eat .

How to Go Food Shopping for Healthy Living

If you shop for health, you will be a lot less likely to eat unhealthy foods while gaming.

    1. Plan out the number of meals you will eat from the food you will buy in this supermarket shopping outing.  If you go to the supermarket twice a week, you will actually need to plan out from 10 to 15 meals roughly.  A lot of people do not like planning meals in advance.  “How can I know what I will want to eat in four days?”

      When you get used to planning meals, it will seem a lot easier to do.  You might plan to have spaghetti and change your mind to hamburgers.  That’s not a big deal.  The big deal is if you don’t plan anything and then eat a family size bag of potato chips while gaming!

    2. Make a shopping list.  This one has been around for at leats 50 years.  It is very good advice.  Most people go to the supermarket when they are hungry and, oh, the donuts are on sale!  Or the sourdough bread.  Or soft drinks filled with high fructose corn syrup. 

A large supermarket has literally tens of thousands of products.  They have them set out in the store to entice spur-of-the-moment or point-of-purchase buying.  A shopping list will keep your big eyes in check a lot better than no list at all.

    1. Check the supermarket’s website for sales you might want to buy rather than waiting until you are in the store to shop sales.  If you know beforehand what’s on sale, you can put those items that you want on your list and then you should stick to the list.

You should see the shopping list like you see the strategy chart for blackjack and video poker.  Some decisions in the games of skill may be counter-intuitive but we follow them since they are statistically the correct decision.  Similarly, if a food item is not on the list, you should avoid buying it.  If it is not on the list, there was a good reason why you kept that item off the list.

  1. Try to keep the amounts you buy to cover no more than a few days’ worth of meals.  Even if a food item that you like is on sale, it doesn’t mean that you should buy large quantities of it.  This rule applies more to perishables and outright junk food rather than to canned goods, fresh fish or meat that you can safely freeze.

How to Keep Food Fresh

Now that you have done some shopping, you want to be sure that the food you bought today will still be fresh in a few days.  This is a two-part question.

  1. Should we keep the food item in the refrigerator or outside?
  2. Should we keep the food in the plastic bag we put them in at the supermarket?

The answer is at once simple and complicated.  A lot depends on the climate you live in.  Some foods do not do well in damp environments.  While the refrigerator is a damp environment, the open air in summertime where you live may be worse.

So, a rule of thumb is that leafy vegetables like dry environments.  Tomatoes like to continue to ripen and therefore you should keep them out of the refrigerator.  The same applies to bananas and avocados.

Some food items should be cooked or eaten raw almost immediately such as eggplant, bell peepers, cauliflower, and broccoli.

For the most part, keeping food in plastic bags will make them go bad faster.  The key is always to buy what you need.

Most people love potatoes.  If you plan on baking a potato, you might need to buy only two or three.  If you plan on making home-made fries you might buy ten.  After a short time, potatoes start to sprout.  It’s best to eat them before they start to sprout.

Some say to avoid putting perishable dairy products in the refrigerator door.  This may be true depending on your refrigerator and the frequency with which the refrigerator gets opened.  If you live with kids, you should have most of these products inside the refrigerator!  Keep ketchup and mustard and the like in the refrigerator door.

What Should I Eat While Gaming?

The best rule of thumb here is that if you want to eat something that you know you should eat at the dining room table, you should not eat it while gaming!

The second best rule of thumb is to avoid oily and high calories snacks like potato or corn chips.

We feel that a simple fruit that you can hold in one hand while playing with the other hand is the best food to eat while gaming.

There will always be time to eat other foods after gaming!

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