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How to Use Cooking to Time You Gaming Sessions

Everygame Casno is the most established casino online!  We offer you over 300 great games and a long list of online casino promotions in which we give you money and free spins.  We also give out free advice on a regular basis.  To that end, we will use the excellent activity of home cooking to demonstrate how simple it is not only to cook for yourself, your family, and your friends but to time your gaming along with your cooking.

Why Should I Cook for Myself?

There are main reasons:

  1. Home cooked food tastes better.
  2. Home cooked food is healthier.
  3. Home cooking is cheaper.
  4. Cooking at home can become a hobby or at least a pleasant pastime rather than a chore.

Why Does Home Cooked Food Taste Better?

Well, to tell the truth, it doesn’t always taste better!  But when you get the hang of cooking a few dishes at home, and you get the equipment you need to make great dishes at home, and you practice the right techniques for good cooking, and you learn about the enormously vast world of herbs and spices, and you buy fresh ingredients, then everything you make at home will taste better than the same item from a restaurant, the supermarket frozen food section, or any other prepared food you buy ready to eat!

Is Home Cooking Like Playing Blackjack?

It almost sounds like becoming a good cook is like becoming a better player at the games of skill at Everygame Casino!  When many gamers start out playing blackjack and video poker, they play by hunch.  The fact is that the correct strategy in these great games is often counter-intuitive.  When gamers learn to be one with the odd strategies they become much better players and can end as many sessions in the black as not.

Something as simple as the proper technique for cutting vegetables is for most people a learned action.  The correct way to hold an onion is for many people counter-intuitive but how we place our non-cutting fingers is very important for safe food preparation!

Do You Mean that Salt and Pepper aren’t Enough?

Indeed, not!

Learning to cook at home and to really enjoy it involves experimenting with different cuisines.  We know, for instance, that there is a big difference between Northern Italian and Southern Italian cuisine.

We know that the cuisines of Yemen and Mexico are very spicy.  John Pinette has a hilarious comic riff on the spiciness of Indian food.

If you have a collection of cookbooks, you might look through them for interesting cooking ideas.  Herbs and spices are a major element in most if not all cuisines.  After all, what would gumbo be like without file?  To some extent, the flexibility you will have in home cooking will depend on where you live.  If you live in a cosmopolitan area, you can surely find many varieties of herbs and spices that go perfectly well in various dishes.

If you live in smaller communities, you can order herbs and spices online.

We can’t go into depth here on the many different types of herbs and spices but we conducted a simple Google search for herbs and spices and we got a massive number of hits with all kinds of information.

How is Home Cooking Healthier?

This one is easy: when you cook at home, you don’t need to add chemicals to preserve the food!  You don’t need artificial flavoring or color.  You cook with nature’s best ingredients and you get the health benefits such cooking entails.

When you cook at home, you can use whole grains, dry beans that you’ve soaked overnight instead of canned beans, and so on.  Almost anything you can eat in a restaurant you can also prepare at home.  Even homemade pizza is great! 


How is Home Cooking Cheaper?

For the most part, home cooking involves taking out the cost of having someone else prepare the food for you.  If you eat in a restaurant, your cost includes all of the secondary expenses the restaurant incurs.  Now, we are not suggesting giving up on restaurant eating.  We like a good restaurant as much as anyone!  But the theme here is combining home cooking with online casino gaming to get the most fun out of each activity!

Use a Kitchen Timer or Your Smartphone

Smartphones are so smart!  You can even use it as a kitchen timer!  Now, let’s take a look at a few foods that you can cook at home that you can time with your smartphone.  You can decide in advance that the length of time it takes to cook whichever food you are preparing will determine the length of your gaming session.

You probably remember from previous articles that we consider setting a time budget to be as important as setting a monetary budget.  What better way to set a time budget than to be able to smell the food cooking as you play!  When the smartphone timer rings, you know that it is suppertime!

  1. Fresh salmon takes exactly 20 minutes to cook!  Never overcook salmon or any other fish; when the cooking time is up, take the salmon out of the oven no questions asked.
  2. Crackers are a great snack.  We know of several cracker recipes that use nuts and seeds, plus tahini, flour, and a little salt and pepper.  We spread the mixture on a cooking pan and set the clock for 45 minutes.  We never second guess the cooking and the crackers always come out delicious.
  3. Depending on what you want to use a tomato sauce for, it might takes 20-30 minutes simmering at low heat.  We like to use old tomatoes that are just a little bit overripe.  There are probably hundreds of dishes that are based on a tomato sauce!
  4. Some soups require about two hours cooking time while others require much less.  Soup is a staple in every cuisine but the variety of soups is mind-boggling.  Even very small countries like Slovenia and Slovakia have unique ethnic soups.
  5. It is possible to cure beef into homemade corned beef.  Adding the herbs and spices to the meat is simple and then the hunk of beef sits in a pan for a couple of hours.  The result is excellent homemade corned beef!
  6. If you want hard boiled eggs for egg salad or deviled eggs or jut to eat as they are, put them up for about 20 minutes at low heat and your gaming session will end when the eggs are ready!
  7. Do you like the smell of homemade bread?  It’s a lot easier than you think to prepare the dough for great homemade bread.  In addition, the smell of the bread baking wafting through the house will make your gaming session more enjoyable!
  8. The same idea applies to cake! But not to cookies!

The Joy that Cooking Brings

We have found that when we cook at home, we enjoy the process and the smell of the food as it’s cooking.  After the preparation, you put the food on the stove or in the oven and time it exactly.  Gaming as your meal is cooking adds an amazing dimension to online casino gaming.

Everygame Casino Welcomes You

Everygame Casino Red is just an online casino after all.   We like to leave the expertise for cooking to professional cooks and bakers whose recipes and techniques are widely available online.  We leave game development to the wonderful people at Real Time Gaming who bring out a new slot every month and are as good at creating slots as the great cooks are at creating delicious food.

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