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Tips for Getting Better at Blackjack

In blackjack, you will come very close to a break even point in any session if you play with the best strategy on every hand.  There are winning streaks and losing streaks in blackjack as in any game.  Everyone feels great when they are in a winning streak.  A losing streak is a different animal altogether.  Many players abandon good strategy during a losing streak.  Everygame EU would like to share a few thoughts and insights on how best to handle the pressures of playing a game of skill.

Let’s take a closer look at a few difficult blackjack moments to see what players should do, what some do especially in a losing streak, and why they abandon the best strategy.

Set a Sensible Gaming Budget

Online casino gaming at Everygame Casino should always be a fun pastime above all else.  Sure, you might become a millionaire by winning a big progressive jackpot but most gamers spin away happily even when the jackpot winning combination does not appear.

The same holds true for every other game at Everygame Casino.  Especially in a game like blackjack where a gamer might play for a very long time and at the end of the session he or he is a little ahead of the house or a little behind.

The key is to have fun!

If you set out to play with a bankroll that is above your means, you will feel an added degree of pressure to win.  Winning is not everything; it is also not the only thing!  Fun is the only thing!  So, set out to play with a reasonable bankroll.

A corollary mistake some gamers make is to set out to play with a fair and reasonable bankroll but they make bets that are not fair and reasonable.  Once again, if you bet too high for your means it will add a large element of pressure to your gaming and will detract from any fun you might have hoped to have.

Study the Basic Strategy Chart for the Blackjack Variation You Decide to Play

It takes a bit of time to memorize the strategy chart.  You can play using the chart in front of you and referring to it on every hand.  Still, part of the fun of blackjack is knowing the best move to make without having to consult the strategy card.

Furthermore, when you know the chart inside and out, you will understand the subtle betting decisions you have to make and why you have to make them!  In other words, it is more fun to play blackjack knowing why we make the decisions we make.


Know the Basic Rules of Blackjack

There aren’t all that many rules to this exciting game:

  1. The idea for both the gamer and the dealer is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over 21.
  2. The gamer plays first.
  3. If the player goes over 21 points, he or she “busts” and loses automatically.  It often happens at land-based casinos that at a blackjack table with several players, a player will bust while the others stand and then the dealer busts.  Even if the dealer’s point count is higher than the point count of the player who busted, the player loses because players lose automatically if they go over 21 points.
  4. All of blackjack strategy is based on the rule that the gamer goes first and loses automatically if he or she busts.
  5. The player can double down.  In that case she gets one more card only.  It is important to double down courageously.
  6. The player can split pairs.  In some games, the player can split again if they get another pair.  In some variations, the player can double down after splitting.  These rules benefit the player!
  7. The dealer cannot double down and the dealer cannot split pairs.
  8. Blackjack wins automatically for the player and pays 3-2.  Many land-based casinos now offer blackjack in which a blackjack pays 6-5.  This slight change in payout will almost always cause the player to finish a session in the red!  Only play 3-2 blackjack!
  9. Some games allow insurance.  This is a bet that the dealer has 21 when she is showing an ace.  It is statistically proven that insurance is a bad bet over time. 
  10.  Some games allow the player to surrender.  Whenever you can, play a blackjack game that allows you to surrender.  It reduces the house edge.

That’s it: ten basic rules.

What Does it Mean to Double Down Courageously?

This strategy is a big plus for players.  In some situations, you can double your win with this tactic.  Now we have to look at a strategy card to see the benefit of this tactic.  There are many strategy cards on the internet - just Google it. 

The strategy card is divided into three sections: when you have hard count, a soft count, and a pair.  Doubling down is obvious of you have 11 points.  However, there are some situations where doubling down depends as much or more on the dealer’s up card.  If you have soft 13 or 14 and the dealer has a 5 or a 6 showing, it pays off in the long run to double down!

This is just one example.  The point is that many gamers get cold feet when they are in a losing streak.  You should always double down when it is to your advantage to do so.  Streaks do happen but at Everygame Casino Red, where every outcome in blackjack is determined by the random number generator (RNG), there aren’t any real winning or losing streaks.  The RNG doesn’t know what happened in the previous hand!  It doesn’t record the outcomes of hands.

Thus, any so-called losing streak can end in the blink of an eye.  Double down, split, and surrender when these strategy moves are appropriate!

Don’t Make Excuses

This last tip really refers more to blackjack at a land-based casino than at Everygame Casino online.  At land-based casinos, you will usually be playing at a table with other players.  Very few players will be following basic strategy.  In fact, at any land-based casino, almost no players are following the best strategy.  They are playing by hunch.

If you do follow basic strategy, some of the other players may start to make excuses for their losses.  This is one thing but when they start to blame you for their losses, because you hit with 12 points or even more then the game enters a phase where fun goes out the window (which there aren’t any of at land-based casinos!).

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