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How to Enjoy Gaming to the Max

From time to time, we try to give tips to gamers to help them and you get the most fun out of playing the more than 300 games we offer at Everygame Casino.  We are still getting new gamers who used to play at land-based casinos and have slowly made the transition to online casino gaming.   One of the reasons so many new gamers are coming to Everygame is because we have a large Welcome Package.

This is the first tip for today:

Join an Online Casino with a Big Welcome Package

The Welcome Package here at Everygame Casino can reach as much as $5555.  It comes in five parts.  The first four are deposit bonuses with high bonus percentages and high maximum bonuses.  The fifth part of our Welcome Package is a $55 no deposit bonus.

Here are the details of the Welcome Package at Everygame Casino:

  1. For your first deposit, we offer a 125% bonus good for up to $1000.
  2. For your second deposit, the bonus is for 150% up to $1500.
  3. The third deposit bonus is 100% up to $1000.
  4. The fourth deposit bonus is 150% up to $2000.
  5. Finally, as a bonus upon the bonuses you will receive your no deposit bonus!

Now, there are a few rules that pertain to this package of bonuses, all of our great promotions, and even the games we offer.  These rules, so to speak, are what we call “terms and conditions”.

This leads us directly to tip number two:

Always Look for a Casino with Easy to Understand Terms and Conditions

There are a lot of casinos that write their terms and conditions in highly technical language.  A lot of gamers never even read the terms and conditions for the casino they are playing at and then are surprised when one of the terms and conditions jumps up and bites them in the ass.

At Everygame Casino, we are proud of the fact that our terms and conditions are easy to read and understand.  It does take some time to read through all of the t and c, as they are called.  We recommend reading through them as you take a bonus or take part in a promotion.

Now, since you are not only playing but reading as well, we can go directly to tip number three:


Always Play at an Online Casino that Has at Least a Blog or an Articles Section

As it happens, we have both!

Our blog is a kind of in-house newsletter with information about ongoing or future promotions and games.  The articles section has hundreds of articles on all kinds of subjects.  Tips on how to get the most out of online casino gaming is just one of a very large number of themes that we cover in the articles section.

We try to publish at least three new articles every week.  Please, take the time to read though a few pages of articles.  It will be both an education and an indication of how much we want our gamers to get the most out of gaming here at Everygame Casino Red.

Of course, we are sure that you will benefit both in your gaming and in life in general by reading through all of the articles!  We recommend reading one or two every day for a good education on many subjects helpful to gamers and people in general.

Contact the Customer Service Office

Most casinos now have customer service offices that they say are open 24/7.  Some of these service centers are hard to reach.  So, give the casino a test and contact the service center.  Try to find a casino that retunes your contact quickly, answers all of your questions, and solves all of your casino gaming problems.

Have Fun

This is kind of a mantra to us!  We repeat it in many of our articles.  At Everygame Casino, a few very lucky gamers win really big progressive jackpots.  For the average gamer, fun should be the main goal.  Our return to player rates are higher than at land-based casinos since our operating costs are so much lower.

Blackjack and video poker are two strategy games that gamers can play and enjoy a nearly 100% return to player rate.

We also offer multi-hand video poker for players who like to see the wins pile up when they start with a good hand.  Multi-hand video poker does require a somewhat large bet to start since you will be betting on many hands.

This leads us to our next big tip:

Always Set Good Budgets that Reflect Your Reality

Budgets include both money and time.  We encourage everyone to look on the internet for a good site that teaches people how to evaluate their time, money, interests, responsibilities and so on to set good time and money budgets.

One of the big advantages gamers at Everygame Casino have over gamers at any land-based casino is that at Everygame, you can play for just a few minutes and come back the next day, week, or month!  Land-based casinos depend on players who come for a couple or three days and spend endless hours on the casino floor gambling and drinking free alcohol spend the rest of their time at the buffet.

The idea of free alcohol leads us to the next tip:

Don’t Drink Alcohol while You Play Casino Games

There will always be time for a drink or two after the gaming session is over.  Every drop of alcohol you drink while gaming will loosen your sound betting habits and you will start to make unfavorable bets.  In addition, it makes it harder to make the right decisions in the games of skill.

Go out with friends and have a few but not while gaming!

Play a Lot of Games

Since at an online casino, you don’t actually have a seat, you will never have to give your seat up!  Land-based casino players tend to spend all or most of their time at one game!  We offer over 300 games.  These games are available to you at the click of your mouse or the swipe of your finger.

Play all of our games and you will truly come to realize how much fun you can have playing at an online casino such as Everygame Casino!

Play on Our Mobile Platform

We have a great mobile gaming platform that is light years better than the first mobile platform from a couple of decades ago.

Most online gaming is now done on mobile platforms and ours is second to none!

We hope these tips will make your gaming better than ever!  If you have not joined Everygame Casino Red yet, we urge you to join NOW.  Gaming has never been better!