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How to Get the Most from Deposit Bonuses

There are many differences between gaming at an online casino and gaming at a land-based casino.  This subject gets a lot of attention in our blog.  In this article, we would like to talk about bonuses and how they affect your gaming experience.

Everygame Casino Welcomes New Players in a Grand Way

There is a good reason why Everygame Casino is known colloquially as THE sign up bonus casino.  Look at the following details of our Welcome Package for new gamers and you will understand why.

How High is $5555?

The Welcome Package is actually five bonuses.  The first four are deposit bonuses and the fifth is a no deposit bonus.  Here are the details:

  1. After you sign up, you will want to make your first deposit.  Everygame Casino gives new gamers a 125% bonus up to $1000 for their first deposit.
  2. The second deposit brings a 150% bonus for up to $1500.
  3. The third deposit is once again for 125% up to $1000.
  4. The fourth deposit is for 150% up to $2000.
  5. The fifth bonus does not require a deposit.  It rounds out the Welcome Package with a $55 no deposit bonus.

What Does All of this Mean?

There are a few interesting lessons and facts that such a high set of bonuses teaches us. 

The first and most significant insight is that for new players there is really no incentive to deposit more than $800.  A deposit of $800 will give gamers the $1000 bonus which is the maximum bonus for a first deposit.  Similarly, if you want to make another deposit during the Welcome Package window, you should deposit no more than $1000 which would bring the maximum bonus for a second deposit of $1500.

The same idea applies to both the third and the fourth deposits.

In fact, the same idea applies to all deposits that can be accompanied by a deposit bonus!  If a gamer wants to make a deposit and there is an offer on the table of a 100% bonus up to $1000, then the gamer should deposit no more than $1000 bringing the maximum bonus.

How Can Everygame Casino Make So Many High Bonus Offers?

That is exactly the theme of this article: How online casino bonuses compare to bonuses offered by land-based casinos.

The Cost of Operating a Land-based Casino is Sky High

Actually, there are basically two types of land-based casinos.  The first is a casino in a place with a lot of casinos.  Atlantic City and Las Vegas come to mind.  Many such casinos are gigantic emporiums that have extra attractions to draw in the people who have come to town for a gambling, eating, drinking, show stopping, and carousing vacation.

Everything these casinos do to compete for the elusive gambling dollar costs massive amounts of money.  The cost of staying in business is enormous and precludes giving away a thousand dollars or more!

The second type of land-based casino is a stand-alone casino.  Often we find these casinos on Native American land where they are the only casino for many miles around.  These casinos have much lower operating expenses.  In fact, some close overnight!

As much as the operating costs for these casinos is much lower than the cost of running a casino in Las Vegas, they also draw from a much, much smaller base of clientele. The relatively small number of people who might ever come to a stand-alone casino is so small that it too precludes giving away as much as $1000 or more of the casino’s money.


Land-based Casino Players Come for a Few Days

Deposit bonuses work only with gamers who can work through the wagering requirement.  This is an amount that the gamer has to bet before he or she can cash out any winnings or principal.

The wagering requirement may be as low as 15x the bonus for special bonus promotions; it May more generally be in the 30x to 50x range; it may also get as high as 60x.  Very few players at a land-based casino would be able to fulfill the wagering requirement even in a long weekend of endless gambling.  Furthermore, we have often said that the endless gaming sessions at land-based casinos that so many players fall into are one of the reasons why gaming at Everygame Casino Red is better than going to a land-based casino to play!       

High Rollers to the Rescue

At land-based casinos, the only group of gamblers who can actually fulfill the wagering requirement in a three day stay at the casino are the high rollers.  Land-based casinos actively seek most high rollers.  As much as land-based casinos need high rollers, a person can go into a casino and bet high on slots or video poker and they wouldn’t necessarily be noticed by the casino.

These games are more anonymous than table games.  A player who bets high at roulette, blackjack, or craps will immediately draw the casino’s attention.  Now the casino has a double-edged sword with regard to such players.  One lucky spin of the roulette wheel might cost the casino six or seven figures!  On the other hand, high rollers bet high, play when they have had a lot of whisky, and generally do not know any strategy for blackjack or video poker.

High rollers get great benefits from land-based casinos including gambling bonuses!  The average player at a land-based casino will get “bonuses” of free alcohol which causes most players to bet less carefully, free food at the buffet which has a negligible effect on the casino’s bottom line, and possibly free accommodations in the hotel which serves to bring money from the player back to the casino, to the bar, to the gift shop, or to the shows.

Average Gamers Enjoy Great Benefits at Everygame Casino

The average gamer at Everygame Casino can enjoy many deposit bonuses all the time!  We offer both cash bonuses and free spins in many promotions.  There is also a wagering requirement on cash bonuses here at Everygame.  The big difference is that the people who play at Everygame can play every day if they choose to do so.

In fact, a large percentage of gamers do play almost every day at Everygame!  But they play generally for much shorter sessions.  There is no incentive nor is there any pressure to play our 300 and more games for long sessions.  Everygame Casino will still be open tomorrow!

As a result, our gamers generally play for fun, to relax and calm down after a busy day, and as a simple entertainment.  Since our gamers are usually at home when they play, they can also do any of a number of other things either before or after gaming.

Some of the things gamers do can be chores such as folding laundry, cooking dinner, and cleaning up.  Some other things gamers do before or after gaming are:

  1. Walking in nature.
  2. Reading.
  3. Listening to or playing music.
  4. Playing bridge, hearts, spades or other card games with friends.
  5. Bird watching.
  6. Working out.
  7. Zhan Zhuang.   If you haven’t ever tried this Eastern form of exercise, you should look it up on YouTube.  Many people benefit from this seemingly easy exercise!
  8. Blogging.
  9. Cooking exotic dishes from many different cuisines.
  10.  Physical activities such as bicycling, swimming, hang gliding, and so on!

The list is really endless! 

Online Casinos Provide Simple Enjoyment

Online casino gaming is, then, one of many activities people enjoy after work.  Land-based casino gambling, in comparison, is like an obsession!  People travel to a land-based casino, incurring high travel costs, with one purpose in mind: to gamble for hours at a time!

In a real sense, land-based casinos have no incentive to offer bonuses even if they could since most players at these casinos are there with a single goal: to gamble. 

Online casinos like Everygame Casino do have an incentive to offer bonuses, we do have the financial means to offer bonuses, and giving away money is one of the most important ways we attract gamers.

The Bottom Line on Bonuses

The absolute bottom line on bonuses is that they are a great way for online casino gamers to add a massive sum of money to their bankrolls.  This influx of money serves to increase the pleasure and fun of gaming at no cost to the players!    

Join Everygame Casino and discover the fun of gaming with the casino’s own money!