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How to Grow Your Account through Everygame Casino’s Promotions

It’s time to review the latest Everygame Casino promotions as well as our continuing promotions starting with the Welcome Package.  The Welcome Package is worth as much as $5555 and finishes with a no deposit bonus.  Gamers love receiving an online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win!

Three of the promotions we will talk about here expire on February 28th.  Is that a problem? Not at all!  As soon as one promotion expires, we replace it with another!

What’s the Big Deal about Online Casino Promotions?

Our promotions are truly a big deal!  The great bonuses you can receive from Everygame Casino go a long way to making casino gaming a lot more fun!  After all, what’s better than to play with the casino’s own money?

In this article, we will also contrast our many and varied promotions with the meager set of promotions one might receive from a land-based casino.

How Does the Welcome Package Work?

This package is actually a series of four amazing deposit bonuses and finishes with the aforementioned no deposit bonus.  Here are the happy details of the Everygame Casino Welcome Package bonuses:

  1. The first deposit you make as a new Everygame Casino gamer is good for a 125% bonus up to $1000.  That means that an $800 deposit earns a $1000 bonus and gives you fully $1800 to play with!
  2. The second deposit is good for a 150% bonus up to $1500!
  3. The third deposit is good for a 125% bonus for up to $1000!
  4. The fourth deposit is good for a 150% bonus up to $2000!
  5. The $55 no deposit bonus completes the giant Welcome Package here at Everygame Casino.

Don’t Land-based Casinos Give Big Deposit Bonuses, Too?

In a word, NO!

There are two main reasons why land-based casinos can’t give the large bonuses that Everygame Casino can give.  Keep in mind that the large deposit bonuses for new gamers are just the start, the veritable tip of the iceberg of deposit bonuses here at Everygame.

    1. Land-based casinos can’t afford to give such big bemuses to average players.  Land-based casinos have so much higher operating costs than online casinos do.  They can’t afford to thin out their already thin profit margins by giving away thousands of dollars in bonuses.
    2. Players at land-based casinos don’t stay long enough to fulfill the wagering requirement.  Every deposit bonus requires the garner to bet a factor of the bonus before he or she can withdraw winnings.  This prevents a gamer from cashing out immediately.  At an online casino, gamers have plenty of time to fulfill the wagering requirement while most players at a land-based casino stray for from one to three days.


The Slot of the Month Promotion

The promotion for February will end on February 28th and will be replaced by a new Slot of the Month promotion.  The slot of the month for February has been Cash Bandits 2.

This great slot points to two fantastic phenomena about online slots.  First, slots are the most popular game at most online casinos including Everygame.  The main reason is that gamers can go from slot to slot without giving up their seat at the previous terminal.

Imagine telling the player or players waiting for a chance to play the terminal you are at in a land-based casino: “I’m just going over there to try out that slot and I’ll be right back so I’m saving this terminal.”   Yeah, good luck with that!

The second phenomenon about slots is that when a slot is a big hit, the game provider, in our case Real Time Gaming, will come out with a sequel.  We made Cash Bandits 2 the Slot of the Month because it is a magnificent sequel to the original Cash Bandit.

The basic bonus for the Slot of the Month promotion is a 100% bonus up to $1000 plus 50 free spins on Cash Bandit 2.  In addition, gamers get double comp points when they play the slot of the month!

Comp Points? What are They?

Every spin or hand or casual game carries comp points.  The comp points program is one of our ongoing promotions.  Every new gamer is automatically registered in the comp points program.  When you have enough points, you can convert them into casino credits.

Now, it is true that land-based casinos also have a comp points program.  The big difference between these promotions at Everygame and other online casinos and any land-based casino is that every one of our gamers can avail themselves of the comp points they earn while a minority of players at land=-based casinos can do so.

The main reason is that online gamers can play every day.  We encourage short sessions since we know that our gamers can come back for a few spins or hands very often.  Land-based casinos don’t have a “permanent” clientele.  The result is that land-based casino players usually do not convert their comp points into casino credits.

New Game Promotion Puts Big Money in Your Account

The new game for February is Mardi Gras Magic.  We celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and many other cities around the world.  This year, because of the ongoing corona virus event, we have chosen to celebrate Mardi Gras virtually.

Here are the details of the Mardi Gras Magic promotion:

  1. The first deposit gives a 75% bonus for up to $600 plus 30 free spins on Mardi Gras Magic.
  2. The second deposit in this promotion carries a 100% bonus fro up to $400 and 40 free spins.
  3. The third deposit carries a 125% bonus for up to $1000 plus 50 free spins.
  4. The Mardi Gras Magic promotion culminates with 60 free spins.

How Does Everygame Keep Track of All the Promotions?

We do it with powerful computers!  We also ask gamers to use the correct bonus code for each bonus they request.  Our computers use your login code and the bonus code and are able to keep track of many thousands of accounts at the same time.

The computers are the unsung heroes of every promotion we run!

Valentine’s Day Runs Until the End of February

Our Valentine’s Day promotion also features three deposit bonuses.

  1. The first bonus is 100% up to $1000.
  2. The second bonus is 125% up to $1500.
  3. The third bonus is 150% up to $2500.
  4. This promotion finishes with a $50 no deposit bonus.

Crack the Safe

This promotion will run until March 8.  Remember, every promotion ends and a new one takes its place.  Crack the Safe is a weekly promotion in which 300 leaderboard leaders receive cash bonuses every Monday.  In addition, this promotion features a Thursday draw.  All in all, Everygame is distributing a cool $150,000 in this great promotion.

Mobile Award

We started this promotion a while back as a way of reintroducing out excellent mobile platform.  You see, mobile gaming platforms have gone through many reincarnations each one improving the game play and gamer experience.

Ironically, mobile gaming is so good these days, and getting even better as the technology keeps improving, that most online casino gaming is done on mobile platforms!

Everygame Remains a Great Leader in Online Gaming

Everygame Casino Red does everything we can to make your gaming experience great.  These articles are a simple case in point!  Not only can you enjoy gaming at Everygame Casino, you can also expand your intellectual horizons.

If you are new to our casino we urge you to join us NOW.

Over 300 great games and many promotions await you!