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How to Create Great and Entertaining Online Casino Games

Here at Everygame EU we bring out at least one new slot every month.  This puts a lot of creative pressure on our exclusive game provider, SpinLogic Gaming, and the great creative teams at SLG come through every month!

How Do They Do It?

That is a very good question!  Let’s look at some aspects of creativity to see how SLG produces a new slot every month and what the latest new slots might tell us about the way things are nowadays.

Emphasize Fun

There are many ways to prioritize fun!  The one thing all of these ways have in common is that some people find them fun!  Here at Everygame Casino and also at SLG we recognize that some slots will be more fun for some gamers and different slots will give other gamers a fun time.

That’s one of the reasons we come out with a new slot every month!

Everygame Casino Runs a Promotion in Honor of the New Slot Every Month

The idea that some slots make the world go round for some gamers and different slots rock other gamers’ world means that we have to draw everyone’s attention to the new slot of the month!  The best way to do that, in addition to simply offering the new slot and saying: “here ‘tis; come and play it”, is to run a promotion in which gamers can earn top bonuses.

Holidays and Celebrations are Perennial Attractions

Just in the last few months we have Mardi Gras Magic with emphasis on the week-long celebration just before Lent; Epic Holiday Party which turns Christmas into one epic happy time; and Witchy Wins which combines the witches of Halloween with the big wins that gamers can get by playing slots!

Even IC Wins celebrates the coming of winter and showcases winning top prizes playing slots.

Pay Attention

Simply watching, observing, and being involved with life all around is a major aspect of creativity.

One of the big elements that make life fun is color.  This is especially true of women as they express themselves through fashion and home décor.  Men also like color but are less expressive in this direction.

So, colorful slots have a built-in attractiveness for both women who relate to color on a very personal level and for men who like to be “pushed” toward an appreciation of color.

IC Wins, Mardi Gras Magic, Witchy Wins, and Epic Holiday Party feature color as a major element in the outward appearance of the slots.  We have many other slots that feature color in the same way such as Cubee, Wild Hog Luau, and Magic Mushroom to name only three!

Develop Powers of Concentration

As game providers, SLG has to be able to concentrate hard and deep in order to be able to produce a new slot every month.  Most people have average powers of concentration which are fine in normal circumstances.

However, in high powered jobs such as in business, we need even more developed powers of concentration in order to finish a project both on time and with superlative quality.  By playing the slots that SLG has developed, we might revel in the creativity of the characters, the graphics and even more so the animation, and the way in which the special symbols, primarily the wild symbol operate.

It was deep concertation that led SLG to develop expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and exploding wilds.


Observe the Way People Act

By watching people and determining what makes an average gamer act, SLG found that people generally like sales.  A lot of people will shop at two or even three supermarkets in order to avail themselves of great sales in food and other products.

From this simple observation, the concept of multipliers was born!

Curiosity: No Idea is Too Far Afield: Brainstorming

We asked how SLG comes up with so many entertaining ideas in slots.  One way is through team brainstorming.  Here SLG took a lesson from the world of business where teams might brainstorm for new product ideas, new advertising campaigns, or new twists on old ideas.

In corporate brainstorming, no idea is too odd.  The same applies to the creative process at SLG.

Think out of the Box

Brainstorming leads people to think outside of the box.  Some authors say that they didn’t know some elements of a character until they wrote it down the creative process.

Thinking out of the box also means embracing the idea that the best results might take some time to see and understand the significance of.

Develop Your Senses

This would seem like part of the thinking out of the box process.  It is.  But there is one aspect of our senses that we need to realize deeply.  Senses are our natural resources.  Thus, we need to find deep reserves of our natural resources just as countries dig deeper in the search for oil and natural gas.

Accept that Big Question Mark

When we propose marriage, try to decide whether to buy a specific house, look for as place to relocate, and many other life decisions, we have to accept the big question mark that it might not work out.

Along with the question mark we need to cultivate confidence that our decisions will work out.

The same applies to slots development. SLG never knows if their new slots will be a ho-hum slot in the long run or a great slots classic.

Turn Logic into Believable Fantasy

In many areas of life we focus on things as logically as we can.  In the creative process, we try to turn the logic of a situation into a kind of believable fantasy.

Every slot we carry, every book of fiction we read, every movie or television show we watch applies the same principle: we take logic and “improve” upon it by creating a believable fantasy.

In with the New

Innovation is the cornerstone of success in business and in slots.  We need to develop a deep sense of comfort with the new.  This is one area where SLG excels as the ongoing success of all SLG slots proves.

Step by Step Approach Combined with Inspiration

The act of creating almost anything comes through a step by step process.  This is at true of creating delicious recipes as it does for developing the next—or the original—Ford Mustang.  It is as true of writing a story as it is of writing the code for a new slots game!

Some people see the step by step approach is restrictive, dry, unemotional and boring.  In fact, this approach, when combined with an active imagination and an openness to inspiration is what creates both nuclear science and great slots games!

The creative process in slots is often quite open since we all see the final product and continue spinning for the entertainment value of playing a new production.

Interact with People

A creator may be a hermit!  It is, however, far more likely that a creative person has a vibrant social life.  Creative people enjoy friendships, membership in clubs like the bridge club or the chess club.  Some people enjoy other social interactions such as hiking, bird watching, ice fishing, storm chasing, or antique shopping.

Be Spontaneous

This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of creativity.  On the one hand, we have to be methodical.  But on the other hand—and this may be even more important—we have to be spontaneous.

In fact, a few moments of creative spontaneity followed by hours of more methodical activity is often the formula for creating great businesses and slots games

Find a Giant World of Creativity at Everygame Casino

At Everygame Casino Red, we offer over 300 games.  These include some classic games such as blackjack and roulette.  In these games, the creativity comes in the game play which involves state-of-the-art graphics and animation.

In slots, graphics and animation also play a primary role and they are joined by storytelling genius!  We urge everyone who is not yet a member of Everygame Casino to join NOW and discover our Universe of Creativity.