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How to Enhance Your Online Gaming Experience

There is a lot to think about when you apply your Everygame casino login.  The first thing you will notice is that there are over 300 games to choose from!  This is a great thing and, still, it gives some gamers pause.  As George Carlin might have said: “Oh, Monty, Monty”.

With so many games to choose from, how can a gamer make a wise choice?  Well, in this article, we will talk about one fantastic way you can enhance your online casino gaming experience here at Everygame Casino.  By using this magic gaming elixir, not only will you be able to choose the games you want to play, you will enjoy playing them more.

Your Online Gaming Experience is about Having Fun More than about Winning

Fun over winning is the magic gaming elixir!  When you emphasize fun, a lot of things that intrude on the fun side of gaming fall aside.  For one, you will set a solid monetary and time budget for your gaming.  After all, online casino gaming at Everygame Casino is not the only thing you want to do, would like to do, or have to do!

Setting these two budgets is actually a first step in turning online casino gaming into a fun pastime rather than a winning-based pastime.  Gamers who emphasize winning usually have a lot less fun than gamers who emphasize fun.

Make a Formal Definition for Yourself as to what Constitutes Fun

It isn’t nearly as hard to make a formal definition of this sort as you might think.  Very few people can just sit down and knock off a definition of a relatively complex matter.  But everyone has a pretty good idea as to what they consider to be fun.

So, what is fun to some people?

  1. Playing games either alone or with friends.
  2. Watching television.
  3. Reading.
  4. Listening to music or playing a musical instrument.
  5. Exercising.
  6. Hiking.
  7. Swimming
  8. Having a picnic.
  9. Eating.
  10. Taking a road trip.
  11. Going to a museum.
  12. Going to the theater.
  13. Going to an amusement park.
  14. Going to a festival or a fair.
  15. Learning a simple art or craft.
  16. Making a video for YouTube.
  17. Apple or berry picking.
  18. Working in your garden.
  19. Making a Halloween costume.
  20. Playing online casino games at Everygame Casino.

We listed only twenty fun activities.  We are sure that you can make an even longer list!

What Stands out from This List?

Well, quite a few things stand out from this list!  One very obvious thing is that most if not all of these activities are fun for some people and not for others.

Simply by making a list of activities that some people consider fun, we can arrive at a list of the things that we don’t find fun but that other people do!  It is fine to acknowledge that you might not find an activity fun even though many people do find it fun!


None of the Items on the List is a Stand Alone Item

Playing games with friends produces the questions: which games, which, friends, when, and for how long?  The number of games on the market is so vast that most people have tried only a small sampling of them.  In contrast, although Everygame Casino carries over 300 great games, you can sample all of them!

You might like playing one type of game with a highly competitive friend and another type of game with a more laid back friend.  There are games to play in a small group and games to pay in a larger group.

Watching television brings about other questions: comedies or dramas, shows that we can stream or shows that we will watch once a week, shows that are still running or shows that finished their run, and so on.

Which books to read?  Maybe you prefer to read subscription magazines.  Do you like to read primarily fiction or non-fiction?  If fiction, which type?

If non-fiction, on which subjects?

What kind of music do you like?  Do you like to listen to music on the radio, on a stereophonic home system, or in a concert?

What type of exercise do you like?

Physical activities such as hiking and swimming can be reduced to smaller contexts.  If you want to go hiking, you will need good shoes.  How much can you afford for good hiking shoes?  As you can see, every activity we call fun has a price tag in both money and time.

What Does this Have to Do with Having Fun Playing Online Casino Games?

It has a great deal to do with it!

Just as we have to decide if we can afford hundreds of dollars for a concert ticket, we need to decide how much we can afford to set aside for casino gaming.  People who make large bets on every spin in slots, will need a very large budget for their casino gaming.  A person who plays slots purely for the fun of it, will have fun at pennies per spin or even in free play mode.

Just as we have to decide when we will go to a museum or an amusement park, we have to decide when we will play online casino games.

Just as we have to decide how long we will spend on a vacation or road trip, we have to decide how long we will play casino games for.

The answers to all of these perfectly fine and reasonable questions will go a long way to making every activity you do for fun better, including online casino gaming.

Preparing for an Activity Can Also Be Fun

Just because you have to go shopping for new hiking shoes doesn’t ipso facto mean that it’s boring!  Just because cooking takes a lot longer than eating out or bringing in take-out food doesn’t automatically make cooking boring!  Just because you have to plan a road trip doesn’t make the planning boring!

Online casino gaming also involves some planning.  This is true especially in the games of skill.  In order to achieve the big return to player rate in blackjack and video poker, you need to learn the best strategy for every variation of these games that you want to play.

Learning strategy takes time but that doesn’t make it boring!

Having Fun in Today’s World is a Kind of Art Form!

We live with pressures and tensions.  Many people have high-pressure jobs.  Many people worry about such things as global warming and climate change.  Of course, this past year and still as we are writing this, a nasty little virus has caused widespread tension.

We need a lot of fun!

Hopefully, this little excursion into fun has shown you that online casino gaming at Everygame Casino Red can be a lot of fun.  We hope that you have seen that casino gaming is just one of a very long list of fun activities that you can do for fun alone or with others.

As far as the question we asked at the beginning of the article— How can I choose between so many games at Everygame—we feel that the answer is quite simple: choose them all!  We feel that if you play the casino games here at Everygame, you can play all of them over time.

Recognizing that all of the games at Everygame are fun to play and also that you can play a few of them in any single gaming session so that you sample all of them over an extended period of time, that the activity of playing our games will make every gaming session more fun!

Welcome to Everygame Casino Online!