Everygame Casino offers tips to slots players

How to Best Enjoy Slots

Slots are the most popular game at any casino online.  Since you and millions (billions?) of players like you prefer to play slots over all of online casinos’ many other games, we thought it a good idea to give you a few tips for playing slots.

Tip #1: Use Everygame Casino’s Free Spins

Online casino promotions tend to be fuller and more accessible than promotions at land-based casinos.  Online gamers may play several times a week for short sessions which are also perfect for exciting slots play as we shall soon see in more detail.

Land-based casino players go to their favorite casino perhaps once a year or perhaps twice.  Online gamers have a lot more fun playing slots and other casino games in frequent, short sessions.

Tip #2: Use the Free Spins We Offer in Many of our Promotions

Tip #1 spoke about online slots as being more fun since you can play all 200+ slots on offer here at Everygame Casino without switching terminals.  Thus, online slots are more varied and variety is said to be the spice of life.  At the very least, variety is the spice of casino gaming!

Tip #2 speaks about getting as many free spins as you can.  In most slots, when you get three or more scatters, you go to the free spins bonus round.  This is excellent and a way to enhance your slots playing fun.

Still, we also run many promotions that include free spins and it is those free spins that Tip #2 talks about.  In other words, even before you make a single bet, you get some free spins!  Let’s look at these promotions in more detail.

New Game-Spring Wilds

This promotion offers three deposit bonuses each of which come with some free spins.  The free spins are all on Spring Wilds which is a great game for gamers who just love the end of winter and the onset of spring!

  1. With your first deposit in this promotion, you get a 75% bonus for up to $600 and 30 free spins.
  2. The second deposit awards a 100% bonus to you up to $1000 plus 40 free spins.
  3. The third deposit carries a 125% bonus for up to $1400 plus 50 free spins.
  4. At the end, you get 60 free spins.

Slot of the Month-Frog Fortunes

This is a very straightforward promotion.  If you deposit after April 11, you will be able to use the next Slot of the Month and its free spins.  Until April 11, Frog Fortunes gives you a 100% deposit bonus for up to $1000 and 50 free spins.  Since the free spins in the bonus rounds generally top off at 20 free spins, getting 50 free spins is a great way to enjoy our Slot of the Month.

Tip #3: Play in Slots Tournaments

We run many tournaments at all times.  Some are daily, some are weekly, and some run for an entire month.  Some gamers look down on slots tournaments since you can’t win a big progressive jackpot playing in them.  Most gamers who try out tournament life just once understand the excellent entertainment value inherent in slots tournaments!

Many are called free roll tournaments since you don’t have to pay to play; entry to the tournament is free!  In other tournaments, you might have to pony up a buy-in fee of about $20!


Naturally, with such low buy-in fees and so many free roll tournaments, the prize pool is also quite small.  Players who love slots tournaments understand that playing and having fun in a slots tournament is a great way to relax,  let your imagine wander across time and space, and keep the notion of winning big bucks at a casino in its proper perspective.

This leads to our next tip.

Tip #4: Always Play within Your Means

This tip is both obvious and not so obvious.  The obvious part is that everyone from Donald Trump on down stays within their financial limits whether they are buying a house, going on vacation, or playing slots at an online casino.

The not so obvious part is that slots can play very fast.  That means that you might get close to 50 spins per minute.  It is always a good idea to calculate how much you want to play with when you start the gaming session and using that figure calculate how much you can bet on a single spin.

You can still play all of our slots but some have fixed paylines while others have high variance.  If you want to play a slot with fixed paylines, you might lower your bet to just a few pennies per payline.  Similarly, if you want to play slots with high variance, keep your bets relatively low and play a maximum number of spins on those slots.

Tip #5: Pay Yourself as You Go

Many gamers set out a gaming budget for each session and record wins in a ledger of sorts.  In that way, they are always sure to end the session with some money in the bank.  This is really easy to do.  It also means that you will never go way over budget on a day when luck is shining upon you!

Tip #6: Check out Each Slot before You Play for Real Money

We offer unlimited free play so every gamer can play a few spins on a slot they haven’t tried before to get a feel for how the slot plays and whether they would find it fun to play that slot for an extended period of time.

Even if you decide to play a given slot for just a few spins, that slot has the ability to send your imagination soaring to heights you never experienced before!

Tip #7: Always Play In a Comfortable Position

Every so often we hear horror stories out of land-based casinos about gamers who sat for so long they got spasms in their legs and…..well, let’s not pursue this line any further.

When you play at Everygame Casino Red, you can stand and stretch every few minutes.  You won’t lose your seat!  In addition, since our mobile gaming platform became so much better than it had been twenty years ago, most gamers play in the most comfortable positions imaginable: either on the sofa or in bed.

Gamers tell us that the mobile platform is so good that they play almost exclusively on their mobile device and it is quite romantic to play slots all intertwined with one’s most significant other!

Tip #8: Use Slots as a Way to Unwind

The point here is that if gaming increases your tension, then it is probably time to do something else.  Slots are a game of pure imagination.  When gamers allow slots to take their minds off the here and now even for a few minutes they can unwind fairly quickly.  Slots are a kind of relaxation elixir.  Let them do their wondrous work and you will get far more than just entertainment from them!

Everygame Casino is Always Ready to Entertain You

We have over 300 games.  Slots are the majority of the games we offer.  We also have a full complement of table games such as many variations of blackjack plus roulette and craps and the Caribbean poker games.  We also offer many variations of video poker in single and multi-hand formats.

We also carry two of the most fun casual games: Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  They will put a broad smile on your face!

If you have not yet signed up at Everygame Casino, we urge you to do so NOW!  Online casino gaming has never been better!

You might say that joining Everygame Casino Red is Tip #9!