Everygame Casino explains the difference between a betting system and a betting strategy

Please, Do Not Play Casino Games According to a Betting System

There are many betting systems out there.  Even after so many casinos such as Everygame Casino and other online watchdog sites have warned players away from using betting systems, another one comes along telling players that this is a sure-fire system and that they can’t lose playing online casino games or games at land-based casinos if they just plunk down, say, $39.95 for this newfangled betting system.  Then the system does not work.  In fact, no betting system really works.

Aren’t There Many Betting Strategies that Do Work?

Yes, there are.

There is a world of difference between a betting system and a betting strategy.  A sound betting strategy has been analyzed by computers which actually take into account millions of hands or spins.  Most betting systems are pure inventions that have no basis in any kind of statistical analysis.  Betting strategies, on the other hand, are all about the results of statistical analysis.

Here are a few excellent examples of sound betting strategy:

  1. Always bet the maximum in progressive jackpot games.
  2. Always bet the maximum in video poker.
  3. Make sure that your bets in roulette don’t contradict each other.
  4. Never take insurance in blackjack.
  5. Always split pairs or double down in blackjack according to the best strategy for that specific hand.
  6. Always bet on the Banker in Baccarat.
  7. Make bets that align with your individual bankroll.
  8. Study the continuation bets in games like Pai Gow Poker and Three Card Rummy.

These are all examples of bets that gamers have to make either before the hand or spins starts or during the course of play.

What is Wrong with Betting Systems?

The single thing wrong with these systems is that they don’t work.  They may be simple or complicated but any complexities are there just to make players think that the system is great and is worth the money to buy it.

Let’s take a look at the Martingale system.  It has the advantage of being super easy to learn and use.  On the other hand, its disadvantage is so well hidden that many players simply believe that there are no disadvantages to it at all!

The Martingale System Works Best on Even Money Bets

This is because the basics of the system are simple: if you win, you continue with the same bet and if you lose, you double your bet the next time.  It should be obvious that this type of betting approach can’t work in slots since every spin is independent of the previous one.  Since there is no actual correlation between spins in slots, there can’t be any values in correlating bets from one spin to the next.

Even though there are no even money bets in blackjack or video poker, the Martingale system might have some workability in these games.  There are no even money bets in roulette even though many players simple ignore the 0 and 00 slots and believe that there are even money bets in the game.

We will now demonstrate the great weakness of the Martingale system.  The bottom line of this system is that it can only work in the long run for players with large bankrolls who bet small amounts on each hand or spin.  Even in those cases, the Martingale system has one very glaring flaw that makes it a lot less useful than real strategy which brings the return to player rate close to 100% in video poker and blackjack.

The Inevitable Losing Streak Makes the Martingale System Flawed in the Extreme


Let’s say that you are playing roulette, video poker, or blackjack and you start out betting $5.  If you lose, you double the bet the next time to $10.  At this point we have a chart that looks like this:

Money Bet                                       Money Lost

$5                                                       $5


The player loses again and the chart reads:

Money Bet                                       Money Lost

$5                                                       $5

$10                                                     $15

Now let’s see what the chart looks like after a losing streak of only five hands or spins:

Money Bet                                       Money Lost

$5                                                       $5

$10                                                     $15

$20                                                     $35

$40                                                     $75

$80                                                     $155

In the Martingale system, when you finally win a hand, you will have a profit of your original bet.  So, in the example we are in the process of giving, the player has to bet $160 in order to possibly win $5.  The poker term pot odds is useful here: no poker player would ever make a bet that would cost $160 for the chance to win $5!

This analysis in itself should but the kibosh on not only the Martingale system but on all betting systems.  Now let’s return to the betting strategies we listed above and see how they work.  Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many good betting strategies that gamers can and should employ when playing casino games here at Everygame Casino Red.

Bet the Maximum when that is the Best Betting Strategy

We advise gamers to bet the maximum in progressive jackpot games and in video poker.  You have to bet the maximum in order to qualify for the big jackpot.  You have to bet the maximum in video poker in order to receive the big extra payout for a Royal Flush.

The biggest problem with betting the maximum is being able to play at that monetary level.  A lot of gamers limit their progressive jackpot play to just a few spins.  This is eminently possible at Everygame Casino online since we are here around the clock every day while you have to travel to get to a land-based casino.  Once there it is very hard to limit gambling since you have already spent so much money just getting to the casino.

Roulette Offers a Lot of Bets

The point here is that roulette offers excellent winning chances for careful players who make sure that they don’t make overlapping or contradictory bets.  It requires just a little study to make sure that thus doesn’t happen.

Play Blackjack in Accordance with the Best Strategy

This may seem obvious but a lot of players still try to wing it when they play blackjack.  Insurance is a perfect example in that a lot of players take it when the dealer is showing an ace but it does not pay in the long run.  The dealer very often does not have a hidden blackjack!  Taking insurance in blackjack is a type of betting system that is belied by the best betting strategy!

In a similar fashion, doubling down and splitting are often obvious moves but not always.  Thus, studying blackjack strategy will help you win more at the game.

Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, and Three Card Rummy

We might have added the Caribbean poker games in this entry.  The point is that the games are great fun and they also have very statistically sound strategy.  Use the best strategy when you are playing these games!

Manage Your Bankroll Well

We alluded to this earlier.  Bankroll management is all about betting strategy not a betting system.  You should bet only what you can afford to bet.  You should determine your bets based on the return to player rate and the variance if you are playing slots.

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